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#4522692 No flame ofc

Posted Knaittiz on 17 October 2015 - 04:43 PM

To Brolle with love from a kickbotting retard

sryy we are even now :)

#4512372 DK Skill cap

Posted Jim_Jim on 03 October 2015 - 12:33 PM

Blizzard completly broke the DK class for years since the end of Wotlk. They lost all the special spells which make them interesting and atttractive in arena. Unholy frenzy, AMZ, ghoul explosion, desecration, necrotic strike for example, even the double grip for MoP, while other classes gains lots of cool spells and abilities.
Unholy is still more difficult (in my opinion) to play than frost, but compared to frost, and the other melees, you can only feel "meh".
Now, DK are just a huge damage bot, with a retarded self-healing, and a pityful mobility which even a crippled guy can laugh at.

You can still do good thing as a dk, you can clearly tell the differences between 2 dks (Compared to mage who are more scripted), but it's not as fabulous as before.

Poor DKs :(

#4514955 Season 15, A new frontier?

Posted BalanceRexxar on 06 October 2015 - 06:00 AM

i miss the days of being able to watch jahmilli abn and shwayzee play enh arcane holy priest and WIN

i miss the days of watching sodapoppin do 1v3s against RETARDS

i miss watching thugonomix lob throbbing fat chaos bolts in peoples EYES

i miss unscripted PVP

i miss the days where the biggest problem of pvp was a goat fucking MAGES

i miss the days of qing into or with all of my friends who are GONE

i miss the days where i could que more than one comp and not lose to WODGODS

i miss the days where i could attack a druid or hunter for more than 3 seconds at a TIME

i miss the days where i could go into mitch jones stream and see him doing something other than run around DALARAN

i miss the days where i could watch cdews stream without watching him watch his own VODS

i miss the days where reckful would dance to the farmer SONG

i miss the days where durotar was full of LIFE

i miss the days where people would enjoy the GAME

i miss not MOP

i miss the WOW factor

i miss wow

#4333404 So, where are the Forum Admins?

Posted neoooooo on 05 January 2015 - 02:01 PM

View PostYubel, on 05 January 2015 - 05:57 AM, said:

You're literally the worst Death Knight I have ever laid eyes upon. To see you have a 2500 tabard makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I honestly believe you bought your account.

And let me take a wild fucking guess as to what you're currently playing in 2s. Reminds me of that double blood DK team comprised of two 1500 Death Knights about 2 seasons ago that was top of the ladder above 2500 because of how ridiculous blood was. I believe it was during the introduction of "The Crowd Chooses You". Not sure, don't really remember.

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#4300854 Horosho's Resto Shaman Comprehensive 2s Guide. Updated 21.09.2015

Posted Horosho on 15 December 2014 - 09:38 PM


07.01.2014 - video Warrior/Shaman vs Hunter/Priest 2500 MMR added. (with skype).
14.01.2015 - twitch.tv added, my stream: twitch.tv/1nfest.
22.01.2015 - video Warrior/Shaman vs Mirror 2800MMR added. (with comments).
21.09.2015 video Warrior/Shaman vs Rogue/Priest 2500MMR added. (with skype).

Hello to everyone! My name is Horosho.
This guide will cover 2s bracket Death Knight/Resto Shaman and some very useful tips/tricks how to become a decent super-pro best shaman in the world. If you don’t play 2s, you might still learn a lot of new things here. I hope so.

Playing since TBC I am a fan of 2s bracket. In MOP I started to play 2s with my IRL friend DK. We faced lots of difficulties playing against certain comps, I have spent hours looking for some guides or videos, but I failed to find some. With 1500 games played we achieved rather high MMR. I suggest we were one of the highest rated Death Knight/Resto Shaman 2s team in Europe, as we were playing hundreds of games and rarely met a mirror.
Draenor has come and we continued playing. I decided to make this guide to share my humble experience, so that people who play any 2s comp with a shaman could find some use in it.

Structure of the guide:
  • General information

  • Shaman build

  • Strategy and videos

  • Tips and tricks
   Section 1. General Information.

  Death Knight / Restoration Shaman in 2s is a really strong and interesting comp with a huge skillcap. It might be a little bit more difficult to play in comparison with other 2s setups, but if played perfectly you can beat almost any comp.
The obvious and the biggest weakness of this setup is the lack of CC: 2 (3 if unholy) stuns with the same diminishing and hex, which is sometimes dispellable. This fact determines the playstyle of the comp: you should do constant damage to whatever is close to DK and play defensive when shaman is CCed. The strong side is titanic DK damage and its survivability, which in assistance with the aggressive play of a shaman can make any team play defensive.

   Section 2. Shaman build

  Shaman build is different from 3s and is adjustable against every comp (up to 3 glyphs).
Tier 1: Nature’s Guardian
Tip: Track the cooldown of the Nature’s Guardian. If you have 40% HP and get a full stun, but you know that Nature’s Guardian will proc, sometimes it could save you a trinket or a defensive cooldown.
Tier 2: Windwalk Totem/Earthgrab Totem
In 90% arenas I suggest taking windwalk totem, as your DK doesn’t have “sprint” and is often kited, especially at the time when it is ready to land a kill.
I suggest using Earthgrab Totem only against rogues if you like it.
Tier 3: Totemic Projection!/Call of Elements
Most of the Shamans got used to play with Call of Elements, as this talent was very strong in MOP – double tremor, which could break fear, strong healing stream totem, double grounding, capacitor and double freedom is a really good buff. But in Draenor you should take into consideration that Tremor and Healing stream are not that gamechanging now, double freedom is good, but it can be cast only every 3 minutes, that’s why I suggest you try the synergy of Totemic Projection/Capacitor as if is used properly, it can result in a kill/use of trinket/defensive cooldown every 45 seconds.
Tier 4: Echo of elements
I used to play with NS, but after the recent update double link in conjunction with double unleash/riptide/lava burst is much better.
Tier 5: Rushing Streams
Tier 6: Unleashed Fury
Tier 7: Cloudburst Totem

As it was discussed on forums already the CB totem is extremely weak atm, but it has a 30 sec cooldown, that’s why I suggest using it exactly when healing stream is off just to get some extra healing. You should get used to it. Healing stream/Cloudburst/Healing stream/Cloudburst, develop an internal timer and it will increase you overall healing.
P.S. I’m 100% sure that it will be buffed in the next patch.

   Section 3. Strategy:

Feral/Priest Difficulty: 8/10 (No hex, Feral’s uptime on a Shaman 100%, additional buffs to purge from priest)

Glyphs: Purge/Wolf/Spiritwalker's Aegis

This is one of the most difficult comps you can meet. Even if DK plays Feral, druid’s uptime on a shaman will be very high, that’s why DK should go priest and kill him before Shaman goes oom and dies. If DK fails to kill the priest and the shaman is dying he should peel for shaman and kill the druid. So: you can kill both targets here.
At the beginning of the game try to use water shield instead of earth shield to save your mana, at least when the Battle Fatigue (healing debuff) is low. Sometimes I feel that the damage is so huge, that I use earth shield almost all the time. You should know that DK will never kill the target if there is a priest who is spamming shields. You should assist him, that’s why you should try to play aggressive against every comp with priest. This means that you should be always near your DK. You should learn how to “prepurge”: when a priest casts a shield, there is debuff called “weakened soul” on the target”, there is a 90% probability that when the debuff expires, priest’s next GCD will be a shield, you should purge it immediately. This will put huge pressure on a priest. (a good feral will always use HOTs on a priest, that’s why it will be more difficult to dispel the shield. if you purged, but the shield is still up, DK will purge it).
When feral pops his cooldowns, use earth shield, drop healing stream and move around the pillar. Feral might not kill the totem and follow you (in high rated games all your healing streams will be very likely destroyed). Try to los the priest, so he can’t dispel you or give u silence. Until the feral has kick, he won’t stun you, that’s why you should either fake him and heal yourself or don’t fake at all.
Good ferals (and other classes of ‘course) with iron balls will be very difficult to fake. If you see that feral doesn’t buy into your fakes, I suggest begin casting when u are even at  full health, get a kick and then try to heal yourself with casts. Feral will then use Typhoon when you’ll finish your next cast and stun at the end of the second, that’s why do it only when feral has not his cooldowns popped. (or at least drop a healing tide before doing it).
How to los feral:
  • When you feel that feral’s pressure is too high, move to the corner of the pillar and wait until your DK will be ready to grip him, when he does, move round the corner, so feral can’t jump - you have a free cast. If you don’t want to cast, you can drop earth binding totem, use wolf and cast unleash (in wolf form), this will give you the speed and you can los feral for 5-6 seconds or even more. Doing it as many times as possible during the arena will save you a lot of health and mana.

  • (if you play with totemic projection) Cast capacitor and run in wolf, if you move, feral might not kill the totem as there is no point of doing it. Cast totemic projection and drop the totem beneath - feral will get a full stun. (stun him behind the pillar so priest can’t dispel), you can cast wolf+unleash and try to run around the pillar again.

  • Ask DK to slow the feral, cast earth binding, then windwalk totem, then wolf then unleash and run.
Repeat these 3 actions every time you can. Don’t forget to purge. If you have 20% HP and priest is low on HP too, cast purge. You should put constant pressure on a priest even if you’re in danger.
If you have your purge on cooldown, try to stay away from the priest, so he can’t dispel your riptides and shields, because he will certainly try to.
How to kill the priest or force him trinket: DK should start his combo with a kick in cast, count to four in your mind and stun him with asphyx. If you can land a capacitor after that, it will also help. After stuns priest will cast shield, which should be instapurged. Afterwards, if DK doesn’t have kick, you should kick priest’s next cast. Get used to saying aloud that you will kick the next cast, so you won’t lose 2 kicks at the same time, which may happen. If the priest is 15% hp, you don’t have stuns/kicks and and he begins to cast, you can turn master aura on and cast a hex to interrupt him. This is a good trick to use.
Your rating will in many respects depend on your ability to kick. When you learn how to kick at the end of the cast and not be faked (both you and DK), you will feel how your pressure increases. Sometimes you should kick at the beginning of the cast in case if the healer gets used to your kicks at the end of the cast. Change you style, try to improvise.
Dispel fairy fire from yourself; this will give you 780 versatility. Drop groundings at the end of the cast of the cyclone instead of wasting your wind shears, which should be used on priest (feral will most likely try to cyclone your DK when he pops his cooldowns and goes for the priest. Try to save the kick for priest’s casts).
Always alert the DK that you will ground the cyclone, so he can save his AMS. Try to pretremor when you kill the priest, sometimes you will stay close to purge and might get a fear.
If feral goes for DK, it is an easy game. Stun feral with asphyx and hex the priest, this will give u 5 seconds. Continue with a stun on a priest with your capacitor. Don’t forget to fake your casts if feral is far away from you, keep in mind that he will most likely jump and kick you.

Video with comments how to play against Feral/Priest (2500 MMR):

Retribution Paladin/Priest: Difficulty 8/10 (lot’s of saves, paladin’s healing assist, “Allahu Akbar Wrath”)

Glyphs: Hex/Purge/Wolf or Capacitor or Shocks

There will be lots of retribution paladin/priest teams in 2s, that’s why you should learn how to play against this comp. You can kill either paladin or priest. They will try to go aggressively for a shaman with priest dispelling you.
As your enemies have sprints and freedom it will be difficult to run away from the paladin, especially with the seal of justice, which you should dispel. The idea of the DK grip when you stay at the corner works here too. If paladin uses “Allahu Akbar Wrath”, I use freedom and try to get my ass away from him with the help of wolf/unleashing sprint combo.
If paladin goes for DK and priest dispels all your shields and riptides, drop a capacitor, use totemic projection to stun the priest and hex him. Do it every 35 seconds either with the help of capacitor or asphyx. After the hex the next priest’s cast will be a shield (99%), you should be ready to purge it. The next cast will be penance (98%), which should be interrupted immediately at the first tick. Be ready to click the button and be in range. You can stun/hex paladin too if you want and go for the priest. You should analyze the situation, look who has defensive cooldowns and try to kill the target which has no trinket.
The very important thing is to ground (use grounding totem) fist of justices. You should foster your intuition skills and carefully watch the paladin. When he has his hammer off cooldown, stay at 40 range from you DK to land heals, don’t come close. When you need to purge, run closer to paladin from behind (or left/right) and watch his character model, the range of fist of justice is 20 yards, while purge’s range is 30 yards, you should stay at max purge range and be ready, if paladin turns to you and makes 1-2 steps, you can either cast grounding or ran away from him. If paladin is on you, cast grounding when the stun is off cooldown and try to run away.
You should always cast frost shocks, slowing the priest. You need to control the range, so you always have time to pretremor. Frost shock’s mana cost in Draenor is very low, you should get into a habit using it more frequently.
Always drink if you have time for that even if you have 90% mana.

Hunter/Priest (MM:7/10;Survival:8/10)(too much CC bro)

Glyphs: Hex, Purge, Capacitor

This might be very difficult if they play well. You should pay attention to your position. It is the most important thing here. DK should go for a Hunter. You should stay behind the pillar, drop streams, go out for a riptide and shields, which will be most likely instadispelled by the priest. I’m not purging a lot at the beginning of the arena, since I know that we won’t be able to land a kill until fatigue debuff will be around 50%. I am trying to keep my DK alive since I’ll be chain controlled very hard here.
You don’t need to do a lot of constant damage at the beginning. You need to survive to kill them in the late game.
If it is MM hunter (lucky yo):
Hunter will come to you for a trap. You should run around the pillar to make it as hard as possible for him to trap you. Try to ground the trap. If the hunter catches you on a move with binding shot he will easily trap you after the stun, so you won’t be able to ground it. If DK has asphyx and he is low hp, he should stun the hunter so the hunter won’t be able to trap.
After the trap you will get a full fear from the priest. After the fear you will get the silence. After the silence you should fake the hunter’s countershot and only then you will be able to heal.  When you are CCed DK should run around the pillars and do whatever he can do to survive. MM should cast aimed shots to do big damage, that’s why it’s easy to avoid being killed if DK is running around the pillars.
After the chain of CC ends if my DK is about 40-50% HP I’ll try to land a hex instead of healing him. It can be done with the help of asphyx if the priest runs away. You still have the capacitor if DK has no stun. At this time DK can put a lot of pressure on hunter popping his cooldowns.
You should begin making pressure too, otherwise your game will be like “Chain CC- Healing DK up to 100%” and then you will be CCed again.
Enemy team will definitely use some defensives after DK’s burst damage.
If the priest casts invisibility, use tremor, so the priest will have to destroy it and your DK could try to steal the fear from the priest as the fear won’t be cast out of “stealth”.
If the hunter goes hard for DK you can trinket the trap. Next time you when u don’t have trinket you can stoneform (dwarf ability) the silence, next time you can pretremor, if you don’t have any of these, try to cast healing tide before the trap. If you get the full chain DK can heal himself up too. Don’t use your trinket if DK can survive without your heals.
First 10 minutes you should play passively avoiding damage and doing short burst with hex, waiting until the healing debuff becomes stronger. DK’s burst is much stronger and conversion’s heal is not affected by the debuff.
As time goes up, it will be more difficult for a priest to heal the hunter, u can easily switch for a priest with freedom. It depends on who has the trinket off cooldown at that time.
If it is survival hunter (gg bro):
If you play against survival hunter the chain control will be even more long, as the cooldown on the trap is 12 second instead of 30. They will try to do like this: Trap, Fear, Trap, Silence, Binding shot + explosive trap, and finally Freezing Trap for 2 seconds if the DK is very low. You will also have to fake hunter’s countershot after that. This chain is crazy, if you didn’t ground the first trap, you can do anything to avoid the others, and don’t even have the window to cast heals or drop totems.
Against Survival it is very important to watch out your position. If you need to heal your DK, drop grounding as far as possible, so the grounding buff doesn’t apply to the DK. Hunter will have to waste more time to kill grounding and trap you(or just do it with his pet). Survival is also more difficult to run away from, so DK will take more damage.
The main idea how to win is the same.

Video with comments how to play against Hunter/Priest (Hydra) (2500 MMR):

Warrior/Priest Difficulty 6/10

Glyphs: Purge/ Wolf/ Spiritwalker's Aegis

The ways of playing:
  • If the warrior goes for the shaman, the DK goes for the priest, if the warrior switches for the DK, the DK goes of the warrior. The idea is the same as with the retribution paladin + priest.

  • DK trains the warrior 100% of the time. Why? As DK doesn’t have sprint, if priest is low hp, warrior can save him charging, slowing and stunning the DK.
If you want to hex the warrior, first of all you should fake the kick, then you should fake spell reflection. Good warrior won’t let you do it easily and will try to stun you when you cast the hex 3d time after the spell reflection expires. Then the kick will be off cooldown and you will have to fake again. If you waste too much time on hexing, you might lose too much health, warrior can pop his cooldowns and this will force you to use several defensive cooldowns, which is very dangerous, that’s why it is better to hex the healer.
You can also try to use capacitor, run away from it, and move it near you at the end of its cast and hex the warrior after the stun.
If the warrior casts bladestorm it doesn’t mean he can’t kick you. Good warriors have /cancelaura bladestorm macro combined with the pummel (kick). Always fake the cast. Your DK can also grip the warrior while he is bladestorming.
The idea how to kill them is the same as versus all priest-healer teams.

Rogue/Priest Difficulty 5/10 if Subtlety or 8/10 if Combat.

Glyphs: Purge/Wolf/ Spiritwalker's Aegis +2 stamina trinkets.

This difficulty of this comp depends on the spec of rogue.
Arena starts with the sap of DK and open of rogue. Cast healing rain, have you shield and riptide up on yourself and try to land a healing stream or capacitor after the sap. You shouldn’t trinket the first open even if it is a combat rogue with the 8s kindey.
DK should play rogue until priest trinkets. Priest won’t have additional dispellable buffs from rogue, that’s why shields are very easy to purge. All asphyxiates should be given to rogue. When rogue is stunned, cast capacitor and stun the priest, following with hex. This will force him to trinket, because DK will do constant big damage to rogue. After priest trinkets, DK can do a full burst with a stun to a priest and begin pressuring him or you can continue hexing priest and kill the rogue.
The rogue/priest’s pressure is tremendous; you need to play perfectly to heal yourself up. At the beginning of the arena, rogue will have all his cooldowns. If it’s combat, don’t trinket the first stun even if you are very low. After the first 8s kidney with adrenaline rush you have 2 choice: either to spirit link or to click your aura mastery in order not to get garrote.  If the rogue used his garrote before the kidney shot finished, so you don’t have the window to cast a spell and you are extremely low, use trinket-link. You must have a macro for this.
Don’t use several defensives at the same time thinking that the pressure will sooner or later finish. Cast the healing tide before the next kidney shot. (There is some bug with the healing tide atm, as it heals for extremely low amount, I hope that it will be fixed in future). Try to either fake rogue if you’re good at it or just simply not fake at all. If you cast your aura mastery, run away from rogue, because he will try to gouge you. Purge the shields when you have spare GCD.
You MUST hex the priest. If you don’t – you lose. If you force priest to use trinket, it’s a half win. Next time rogue can simply die from DK if DK decides to continue pushing the yellow guy.
If the rogue is subtlety, it’s much easier for you. DK should stun him every time he uses shadow dance.

P.S. Youtube says to me that the video might be unavailable in some countries due to the fact that there is a song on the background. Here is the link to the same video on twitch: Warrior/Shaman vs Rogue/Priest 2500 MMR

DK/Priest Difficulty: 7/10

Glyphs: Purge/Wolf/ Spiritwalker's Aegis

It is very likely that enemy DK will go for your DK and will switch for you with the bursts. It is difficult to survive from the double purge from the Priest and DK as a Shaman, but it’s easy to run away from the DK.
Arena usually starts with 2 DKs going for each other in the beginning. The next healer who is going to come out from the pillar will very likely get grip+stun combo and the full burst. I suggest placing a grounding behind, so the DK can’t simply grip you, sometimes I can even force the enemy DK pop his cooldowns and go for my DK as I play very passive, hiding behind the pillar and coming out only to riptide and earthshield. Ask your DK to stay in the range of the healing stream.
When your DK is going to burst the enemy priest, you should assist him with purges after the stun. Immediately announce who is going to kick the next cast: you or DK. Try to land a capacitor after the stun. Ask the DK announce when he needs freedom. Keep pushing the priest. Enemy DK might switch to your DK to save his healer. Try to hex him. Fake the hex, because the DK will use AMS. I suggest faking hex 2 times in order to also fake the dark simulacrum at high rating. (After hexing DK 2-3 times I simply don’t fake, because DK might think that I am going to fake and he doesn’t use AMS and gets full a hex, master your intuition!)
Keep in mind that you can use grounding at DK’s mind freeze. Sometimes I just put grounding and begin the cast. Don’t do it too often, this trick can be used 1-2 times during the arena.
Always drink if you have time, because if enemy DK will have 100% uptime focusing your DK, you can lose the mana fight, since it will be difficult to heal your DK as both enemies have purge.
If DK goes for you really hard, you can run away from him:
  • If your DK has a grip: cast windwalk totem, run away. Enemy DK will grip you. Ask your DK to grip enemy DK. Without the grip it will be difficult for him to closer the distance.

  • If your DK doesn’t have grip. Cast windwalk totem, run 5-7 yards away and cast grounding. Enemy DK will most likely grip you, so grounding his grip will give you opportunity to run away.

WW Monk/Priest Difficulty: 7/10

Purge/Wolf/ Spiritwalker's Aegis

This comp is easy to beat if DK plays without mistakes and peels for you. There are several things which must be done without mistakes:
  • DK should grip monk every time he uses Fists of Fury as both spells have 25 seconds cd. You should avoid being both stunned by fists.
  • You should hex the priest every time you have hex off cooldown. If you can land a capacitor and stun the priest, it would force him use trinket or defensive. DK does a lot of damage, while monk has only one defensive cooldown – karma of touch with 1.5 min cooldown. Karma was nerfed and now it absorbs only 50% of the HP, that’s why if for example priest is in a full hex, monk is 10% hp and uses karma, DK can continue killing him, as you can dispel the karma debuff from yourself after DK hits for 75k, thus you will receive only half of the damage. You can also use spirit link if needed.
  • Watch when monk uses the stacks of “Tigereye brew” and use your defensives.
Purge the shields! It’s highly important. If DK uses purge, he loses damage. You can’t live forever under the monk while priest is purging. You need to win as fast as possible as the monk can die fast too.

I guess I’ve covered all teams with Priest which are playable now. Now I’ll try to cover the most important points how to play against other healers, but I won’t provide detailed description of every setup, as it’s very time-consuming:

Druids: Druids are much more vulnerable than priests and they are good targets. Their strong side is that it’s not that easy to hex them. I often ask my DK to stun a druid without travel form, so I can land a hex.
Enemy partner will try to prevent you from doing it when DK uses asphyx, that’s why it’s important to choose such angle behind the pillar so you can cast the hex while the enemy can’t hinder you.
There are not as many comps with druids as with priest, so I’ll cover the most important one:

Druid/Survival Hunter Difficulty: 10/10

Glyphs: Hex/Purge/Capacitor (if with projection) or Grounding or Spiritwalker's Aegis

I think that it is one of the hardest comps for you if they play well. Some days ago we played against such comp with 2800 MMR in 2s, and I felt like we are helpless, but it is still possible to win if you do the following:
First of all: DK should play with Necrotic Plague (this will give him RP to heal himself with Conversion) instead of the Sindragosa.
The problem of this comp is that the shaman gets insanely CCed by the enemy team. The chain is as follows (order can be different): Bash 5s, Trap 8s, Cyclone 6s, Cyclone 3s, Trap 4s, Binding shot + you should fake the countershot. After they CC you, they will cyclone the DK, so you can’t heal him and repeat CC on you again. The problem is that it’s difficult for DK to stop them from CCing you. They can start the combo from the trap, bash, cylone or binding shot, they don’t care. They don’t even give you a window to drop the grounding.
DK should steal cyclones with dark simulacrum and stun the hunter in-between the control so he can’t land a trap. You should try to hex the druid. Either with capacitor stun or with DK’s stun. If you do, give freedom to DK and pop u cooldowns. You need to force the druid to trinket. It will be difficult since the hunter has deterrence, but it’s still possible. If druid trinkets, you can try to burst him with your cooldowns later. Hex the hunter (you can even use your trinket as an offensive move to break the trap and go for a hex), stun the druid and assist DK after stun with purges. If there is fatigue debuff, you can easily kill a druid.
There is also one tactic which is really difficult to implement. But I’ll try to explain to you guys, because it’s the Shaman Diary and I have to tell you all the super-duper confidential secrets and tricks. It’s a very good tactic because it saves a lot of time and when you do it you feel really happy because you don’t die. I call it “god tactic”, because at the beginning of the arena you should type “/turnongodmode”, the message like there is no such command will show up, don’t pay attention to it, because now they can’t kill you. Then you have to make a special macro, which I call “Spit macro”, the text is as follows:
#showtooltip Spit
When arena starts, use your best mount like Mechanostrider to get closer to the enemy team, DK should use the “spit macro” targeting the hunter, while the shaman should use it at the druid. Now you should click “leave arena” and type “/dance”.

Druid/any melee

DK should just kill the druid. It’s an easy target if you assist your teammate with purges. Use the tips from the upper “priest + _____” section. They are also applicable here. Druid doesn’t have purge, it’s amazing and easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Against monk healers it is very important to purge enveloping mist. When I say that it’s very important I mean that you must do it even if the enemy DD is going to demolish you.  Life cacoon has 100 sec cooldown now and is a very strong defensive. DK should switch the target even if it’s very low when cacoon is up.
Always watch your position and run away from, so you don’t have to fake both of the enemies.
As soon as the monk doesn’t have purge, it is also easy breazy.
Warrior/Monk 6/10
Glyphs: Purge or Capacitor/Wolf/ Spiritwalker's Aegis or Capacitor
DK can kill both of them. You can also win the mana fight.
As there is no purge from monk, I suggest that DK goes for monk. You can survive from the warrior without peels, kiting him away from the monk and freezing with your frost shock (use frozen powers talent). You don’t have to fake both of them and you also won’t get double 5 sec stun from monk. When DK is going to burst, come and help him. Purge, freeze, kick the monk.
It’s also possible to kill the warrior. Hex/stun then monk. Purge warrior, kick the surging mist.


Video with comments how to play mirror as Shaman/Warrior (2800 MMR)

This is my favorite section, as in shaman mirror games you can check your shaman skill, because it’s very obvious which shaman plays better:  you have the same spells; you just need to predict the other shaman’s actions and win.
If you want to hex the shaman, you can do it with the DK’s stun or you should fake him 2 times: first time he will use shear, second time he will drop grounding. Destroy grounding with the frost shock as it costs less than purge and hex him. Good shaman will los you around the pillar when his shear/grounding will be on cooldown, that’s why it’s better to hex with the help of stun or slow from the frost shock.
I prefer not to purge the first several minutes of the game, because shaman’s purge is very mana-consuming in Draenor (5k+ mana), you need to win the mana fight if the battle takes long.
If shaman has no trinket, it’s a very easy target. DK should cast asphyx and pop his cooldowns. This will force the shaman use spirit link or other defensives. Continue your aggression by purging shields/riptides, help your DK by killing totems (if there is no totemic vigor).

Some double DD comps:
Rogue/Mage: Difficulty 3/10
Glyphs: Healing stream/ Spiritwalker's Aegis /Wolf
Call of elements instead of totemic projection.
Double DD comps were always very easy for DK/Shaman because both classes have very strong defensive cooldowns.
In the beginning of the arena stay close to the pillar. DK should stay near the pillar but at the other edge. (about 3-4 yards away).
Keep earthshield, riptide on yourself and riptide on your dk. Cast healing rain. When they sap the DK, cast healing stream totem. The opener will be very strong, but you shouldn’t trinket. (if you trinket, they can vanish, and kite you until they have the second opener and kill you while CCing DK without desecrated ground) DK should cast desecrated ground, stun the rogue and pop his cooldowns to make rogue go def. Try to hex the mage. After the opener they will try to reset, heal themselves and open again, while you don't have your cooldowns. Don't let the rogue run away. Use frost shock, use windwalk totem, dispel your DK and kick/hex Mage, because he will try to spam sheeps and slows. If the rogue ran away, purge Mage and do damage to him. Since you still have your trinket you will be able to survive if the rogue opens one more time. You have 2 minutes to kill them. DK should leave the trinket for a blind.

   Section 4. Tips and tricks:

- If you are low hp and you stunned the melee, don’t heal yourself immediately. Move 2-3 yards away so if the he trinkets to kick you, you’ll have time to react.
- Unbind "S" button. You don't need the button to move back as the speed of such move is very slow. You should use your camera and strafe keys "a", "d" to run.
- Creat a stop casting macro. Just type /stopcasting in its text. This will help you to fake when you're immobilized or using spirit walker's grace.
- Hide all your totems behind the pillars when you use them.
- Use only Healing Surge with the ancestral spirit. Many shamans are using the healing wave, but when you do so, you lose the buff from the tidy waves, as it decreases the cast time while your spell will be instant. Healing surge will most likely crit and heal more.
- Make target=arena1,2,3 macroses to be able to shear any player from the enemy team.
/cast [target=arena1] wind shear
Tip: If the mage is in invisibility and he is arena3, click arena3 wind shear macro like a maniac, there is a chance you’ll kick his open with sheep or ring of frost.
-Use every second of your time as useful as possible. Try to think what you can do now to improve the situation for your team. Sometimes even the move from one pillar to another is very important. I noticed one more phenomena: when player1 CCed an enemy and player2 wants to continue CC with a (for instance) hex, there are a lot of players2 who just run around the target doing nothing and at the end of the CC they begin to cast hex. If it's a 6 second stun, such players lose 4 GCD.
- If you know that you will need to cast something important (like CC for example) in a short period of time (your DK says that he will stun the target soon and you need to cast the hex afterwards). Try to force enemies kick you. You have to just simply cast hex and juke, some of them might waste the kick, and when you need to cast it in 5 seconds you don't need to fake.
- If the enemy goes for you without popping cooldowns, if you know that you can heal yourself up, use water shield to save your mana while the fatigue debuff is low.
- always cast your ghost wolf form to move from the one place to another and if have spare GCD, never just simply run.
I will update this section as soon as I have more thoughts


I would be really happy if you were able to read the whole guide without skipping anything. I really don’t know if such guide is relevant, because it contains a lot of text. As for me, I would like to read such guides, because most of the guides contain only basic notions of how to play the class.
Comment guys, I need your feedback! If you think that the work I’ve done is useful, I will make more videos and write more descriptive tips.


#4300220 Your most hated ability ingame

Posted Knaittiz on 15 December 2014 - 02:16 PM

View PostMawky, on 15 December 2014 - 01:46 PM, said:

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whats wrong with first aid kappa

#4299764 Your most hated ability ingame

Posted jaimee on 15 December 2014 - 09:59 AM

For sure burst of autism

#4303482 The Coliseum

Posted Raak on 17 December 2014 - 08:02 AM

I just skip all these and keep telling myself I wouldn't get any loot anyways.

#4304391 A Pretty Funny Trick For The Coliseum...

Posted Forumz on 17 December 2014 - 06:25 PM

I have a pretty funny trick as well. I queue up as Blood DK.

#4285184 Scabbard of Kyanos (2200 strength on use) in arena?

Posted Messman on 04 December 2014 - 03:44 PM

Can we close this thread already please. This trinket is perfectly balanced. Anything to kill our wizard overlords quicker. It's our turn now! Looool

#4195597 X-Mog!!! Let's See'em Boysc

Posted Hyuru on 22 August 2014 - 07:44 PM

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#4269253 how does one climb up to 2.2-2.4k if starting anew?

Posted MCGSart on 19 November 2014 - 09:45 AM

Well, idk what you're still capable of, so i'll just start from zero, don't take that personal please:

What you can do yourself beforehand, is make keybinds for everything. There is no spell that you use in the arena that you should click. Get your OWN keybinds, dont copy anyone else's, and become comfortable with them. Get used to targeting via macros too, aka /target arena123, /focus arena123, /target player, /target party12, etc.it's the most efficient way to do it.

comp and classwise... It's a bit rougher. If you just want the easiest way to get the most rating per effort, pull a jaime and check what the most overpowered comp is at any given moment, reroll one of the classes in it, and find the other 2 from wherever. Playing a fotm comp is a guaranteed free 2,4k rating, but you're gonna make a joke out of yourself and most people will look down and make fun of you.

what i'd suggest is rather: choose a class, maybe a hybrid one so you can fulfill multiple roles, that you enjoy playing a lot, and stick to it. Join a guild, start to network with people and play with a lot of them, you will eventually find 2 peeps that you have a shitload of fun with, and can start building synergy and work yourself up the ladder as a team. A lot harder, and more time consuming, but also a lot more rewarding because you know it was you and your team that reached the rating. Not some doped-up balancing fail from blizzard.

#4265425 Simplified Ashran Guide

Posted Lightningx on 15 November 2014 - 10:29 PM

Just gonna make a quick guide on this coz I know how lost I was when I first got to ashran. Now I have full gear and am pretty sure I got most of what happens in Ashran. Here goes

Ashran is by far the fastest way to get gear. Don't even bother with BGs or anything just instantly come here when you hit 100 if you want pvp gear.

Step 1: queue for ashran and get every single quest. Do all the random quests at the base while you wait to get into the battle.

Step 2: Once you get in the battle you will notice a large castle to your right, this is where the pvp gear can be bought

Step 3: The battle is fought in several stages. It begins in the middle, then moves on to the path leading to the tower, then the tower, then the enemy base. During these battles you will need to stand next to a large flag to capture it. The more people in the area the faster it will cap etc

Step 4: At the final stage you will have to defeat the enemy boss. He does 2 things. If you stand near him he will do a massive AOE for about 200k damage that will oneshot, so try to not melee him. He will also throw an axe in an aoe spot that will do a huge amount of aoe dmg. move away from it. Once this boss is defeated you will get 500 honor wherever you are in the zone at the time (625 honor if you attack him and are near to the base when he is killed)

Step 5: After the boss dies, the battle restarts and you move back to the middle. It restarts in around 3 mins

Step 6: Now you know the gist of the ashran battle, be aware that the only time you recieve honor is at the end when the boss dies. So theretically you can do absolutely nothing and just hit the boss once at the end and get 625 honor.

Step 7: Around the edge of the zone are a bunch of random named "areas" go to each of these areas and you will get a "bonus quest". There are also a couple of other quests you get from the base. Do these while you wait for your team to do the small battles as they give a chunk of honor and other stuff. Just make sure you get back to the final boss for the extra honor when he is killed

Step 8: Every so often some random "events" will happen. Just go to the specified place (it will be announced in the zone) and do the task and you get 200 honor when its complete)

Recap: Do quests around the zone waiting for your group to push to the final boss, rendezvous with the group at the final boss for extra honor, go back to the base to buy gear in the 3 min downtime between battles. GG

Hope this helps, pce

#4265974 Some quick questions about DKs.

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feral doesn't seem as strong as other melee atm

#4259749 About to order a new chair - MAXNOMIC

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buying ANY razer, steelseries - ANY COMPANY THAT TARGETS GAMERS is a waste of money ALWAYS. Alienware, IBuyPower, etc - all garbage.

Fucking preach :duckers:

@Avengelyne, I use an ergonomic office chair from ergomax, I'm very happy with it and I find this design to be extremly comfortable, It doesn't have the flashy design of a DXracer chair but seriously who cares :)

Posted Image

But Tbh, I think the first thing you should replace is your desk, It seem to be very small and there is no space for your legs :(

I think you need at least a 130x70cm desk for a comfortable gaming experience. I have a 155x75cm desk because I have a strong feeling that in 2020 42 inches curved screens will be the new norm for the pc gaming master race :duckers:

My desk (Yes, I don't give a fuck about cable management) :

Posted Image

To conclude, buy a cheap ikea desk like this :

Posted Image

Optionally you can place your Tower case in this kind of furniture that goes below your desk (commonly found at ikea but forgot the name) it will reduce the fan noise, using a sound proof tower case like the coolermaster 652s could also be a good idea :

Posted Image

Also if you are single like me you should buy a back scratcher (If only I had a gf to scratch my back... :( :( :( ) :

Posted Image

Posted Image

The back scratcher can also be used to pet your cat/dog remotely :duckers:

Hope this helps,