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Shadowform is coming back in 7.1

17 September 2016 - 10:05 PM

Posted Image Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator / Artifact Calculator / PvP Talent Calculator)
  • Shadowform has returned as a new spell for Shadow Priests:
  • Assume a Shadowform, increasing your Shadow damage dealt by 10%, and reducing your Physical damage taken by 10%.
  • You may not cast any Holy spells while in this form.
  • The shadowy visual is now tied to Shadowform.
  • Voidform now acts to intensify Shadowform. It automatically triggers Shadowform if not already active, and you gain the effects of both.
  • When Voidform ends, you return to Shadowform.
7.1 PTR

Thoughts? It seems like an easy way for them to both buff Shadow Priests and give them one of their signature spells back.

Known bug list

15 September 2016 - 01:35 PM

We should probably list all bugs we currently know of so we forward it to the dev team.

Known Bug list:


  • Cast bars sometimes permanently show as uninterruptable in Arenas / BGs. Appears related to whether or not you have an interrupt available at the time of loading into the instance.
  • Pets seem to randomly get stuck in the tubes on Dalaran Sewers.
  • RBGs are currently bugged. Doesn't record wins, doesn't give honor, and doesn't give loot. It does record rating changes though.

Death Knight

  • Wraith Walk makes crossing objects very hard to do and sometimes even impossible because of the levitate effect.
  • When your diseases erupt as Unholy, you get put into combat.
  • Rune of Razorice doesn't work in Arenas & BGs

Demon Hunter

  • Vengeful Retreat sometimes bugs out and starts functioning like a forward leap (Idk what causes this).
  • Awaken the Demon Within (lvl8 Havoc PvP talent) refreshes Metamorphosis infinitely if you keep hovering around 20% health. Unless that's intended which would be pretty ridiculous if it were.
  • Fel Rush suffers from the old heroic leap syndrome where you charge forward half an inch if there's a speck of dust in your way.
  • Fel Rush has a tendency to go airborne from the smallest of slopes, causing you to overshoot your target easily.
  • Fel Rush sometimes dcs you if you hit a rock/hill.
  • If you meta while carrying a flag, when you come out of the meta your character doesn't show the flag animations that you are carrying it (not sure if everyone can't see it or just the dh).
  • Metamorphosis grants complete immunity to damage and CC during the leap.
  • Reverse Magic doesn't apply certain abilities to the player who casted them. Example: Frost Nova won't be reflected to the Mage. Appears to be the case for AoE CC effects.
  •  If you are playing a demon hunter and have the talent the demon within (the one that pops your meta if you get below a certain %) and you pop your actual meta cd WHILE you are meta'd, you will have permanent leech for the rest of the instance.



  • Flare completely removes shadowdance.
  • Barrage sometimes cancels out of itself, supposedly from other spell effects triggering (ie. Binding Shot stun triggering while channeling barrage > barrage cancels).
  • Pet can get stuck in black rock hold higher platform as bm (think kill commands bugs it?) and the pet can't get off the platform for the rest of the game.


  • if someone lines you while you have combustion up and the damage is already in the air then it will not crit.
  • When you use your block before you die and you didnt cast it because of global, the next spell you cast makes you block even if you are in a new arena.



  • Flying Serpent Kick sometimes gets stuck and doesn't move you forward.
  • Same goes for Roll.
  • The Monk champion guy that follows you around stunning stuff stuns players for 12 seconds as well. On top of that, you cannot trinket said stun.
  • Touch of Death ignores some defensives, ie Aspect of the Turtle / Feign Death
  • You can cast soothing mist while moving with a talent, the bug is that with the honor talent you have to stand still to use enveloping/effuse even though its meant to be instant while channeling.
  • Soothing mist with the honor talent is currently kickable, this isn't meant to be the case as soothing mist is on physical school.
  • Soothing mist with honor talent stops channel at random times for no apparent reason.
  • After channeling soothing mist for around 10 seconds it stops healing the target however it still shows as healing in combat log and you are still channeling the spell but your targets HP won't receive any heals.
  • Revival doesn't seem to heal people all the time, even in range.
  • Paralysis seems to break sometimes for no reason.


  • MW cant seem to use chi torpedo when under the effect of chains of ice


  • MW Talent "Song of Chi-Ji" regularly doesn't work.


  • Blessing of Spellwarding clears all spell debuffs, not just Magic effects. Ambiguous wording on the spell as well making it unclear whether this is intended or not.
  • Divine steed, if used too close to a wall, "dismount" you, as any other mount in the game. (Even more if you play draenei or tauren)
  • Hand of Sacrifice is sometimes instantly removed from the target. The spell goes on cooldown, but nothing happens.


  • holy ward for hpriest sometimes doesn't get off cd after it is used so you sometimes only get 1 use out of it in an arena match
  • Priest fear randomly doesn't work, so it simply doesn't fear the target.Tested it with another priest, Literally stood ontop of eachother and took turns fearing eachother. About every 5th fear didn't land for who knows what reason.
  • The Disc honor level 37 talent Purified Resolve doesn't apply the shield to partners, but works only on self.
  • Penance activates GCD even if it is unable to heal the target due to LoS/Facing, making every other ability unusable during the GCD (extremely annoying)
  • When you have the penance proc but you havent used yet, if an enemy priest uses his penance on you, it will consume your proc.


  • Players can still get sapped at times when they are clearly in combat. Appears to be unrelated to the Night Elf-specific bug.
  • Sometimes activating shadowdance doesn't show the buff in the UI for some reason, however all stealth abilities are usable.
  • Activating Shadow Dance while standing in a Hunter's Flare will consume the charge but not grant you the buff.
  • When rogue vanishes pets will follow and be able to hit the rogue.


  • Grounding totem prevents harmful effects that occur from dispelling a target (for example UA silence+damage).
  • Totems often get the ''no path found'' bug when trying to place them.
  • Gust of Wind DCs you when you use it immediately after Death Grip or Gateway.
  • Sometimes you can't cast Flametongue in arena. It will say "Target is friendly" despite them being hostile. Don't know if it only happens to players of same faction.
  • Ele Shaman honor talent 'Traveling Storms' makes Thunderstorm unusable while stunned despite the tooltip claiming you can.


  • Affliction artifact talents Sweet souls is inconsistent and doesn't work all the time.
  • Affliction artifact talent Harvester of Souls puts you in combat up to 40 seconds after your last cast.
  • The Infernal summon initial stun doesn't DR with other stuns.


  • You sometimes dont crit with battle cry up which is supposed to give you 100% crit chance.

Glide-hop [Demon Hunter techniques thread?]

11 August 2016 - 05:43 PM

Because this forum is pretty empty as it stands right now.

I don't know what else I'd call it. This is the most accurate name I can think of for this technique. It involves the use of the Glide ability, as the name would suggest.

Posted Image

You may have noticed you gain a bit of speed when you activate Glide. This speed increase is what's interesting to us. If you can trigger the speed increase without having to be airborne, that would be really useful for sticking to our targets.

While it says you activate it with the jump key, that's not the only way. You can also keybind it like a normal ability. You have to be falling to use it. This is where I found a (presumably) unintended use of the ability.


So on the left you can see the normal walking speed, and on the right I'm using Glide-hops. Clearly, the one on the right is faster. By about a second, actually. A pretty significant speed increase for the short distance.

How does this work?
It only requires a bit of timing on your end. When you jump, you will ''fall'' for a moment. For whatever reason, this ''falling'' state doesn't end right as you hit the ground, but persists for a few frames after landing. If you toggle Glide at this precise moment, your character will hop forward at a higher speed than normal.

This can be useful if you want to move around fast without using your Fel Rush or Vengeful Retreat charges (or if you simply don't have any!). The direction of the Glide-hop is determined by your camera position. Use it to quickly hop out of LoS with pillars, Out of AoE effects or Ground-targeted CCs, or simply to catch up to your target!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to post your own insights on this or other DH abilities!