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#3853154 5.2 PMR Strategy

Posted Solleks on 24 February 2013 - 07:01 PM

RMP is mostly about creating '3v1' opportunities and forcing cooldowns and eventually bursting your opponent for kills.
One of the most unique comps, the amount of crowd control and on-demand burst by these 3 classes is what has kept this as a top tier comp for many seasons.

The '3v1' opportunities are created using your cc simultaneously; easy examples are
Swapping to a resto shaman with a deep freeze/any other stun, and having your priest fear the other 2 teammates

Fearing or polying the healer, so that the mage's other cc (novas/etc) stick. For instance, fear a Druid so that their warrior is cc'd by a frost nova only, or, allowing poly to not be dispelled

Any combination of novas on melee with the healer cc'd by poly, fear, or deep freeze, while the rogue is locking down a 3rd target (quite common way to play versus 'balance' comps)

Some general RMP tips I will give you;
Synergy and simultaneous swaps and cc are what make this comp powerful.
Be careful when using deep freeze/rogue stuns to avoid extreme diminishing returns.
RMP has powerful swap potential, and immediately swapping on someone who used their trinket on a non-stun cc can often land a kill

When all else fails, cheap shot bomb shadow blades dance pom ring and fear from shroud and kill the resto shaman.