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5v5 Arena Master Push - read inside

10 March 2015 - 12:33 PM

LF People to fill my friendlist with potential 5v5 partners :P

pref warr/feral/r.sham/heal comp but i dont really care

you NEED to have ATLEAST 2k cr in 5v5 / 2.2k in 3v3 / 2.4k exp

that's minimum because I was taking a lot of people under 2k cr or with 2.2k achiev in 3s but 1900 CR with 500 games played this season... and because this ive got stucked on 2k for few weeks and want finally push 2.2k so i dont have to play this bracket anymore

also have full/almost full gear, skype or ts, 0-noise microphone, time


if u are interested write your btag below or add me ingame - shadowko#2277 but if u are low i will delete you, im sorry