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#4112945 Camouflage no longer breaks from dealing or taking damage.

Posted zenga on 03 May 2014 - 12:47 PM

View PostLapeane, on 03 May 2014 - 12:03 PM, said:

Dunno what's all discussion is about. 1. It's not even fucking live or anything, I guess It's going to be changed million times. 2. You can say It'd be overpowered right now. But wait, they remove - scatter,silencing shot, wyvern (not sure about this). In what hunter is good now? Ehh CC? Imagine playing hunter with 8 sec CC instead of 20 right now, you wouldn't kill any hybrids shit teams. Never. Not saying about not having SS for groundings etc which is worst.. :) So basically CC is done for hunters in WoD, not entirely but done. And you complain about new Camo defensive after they remove half of shit hunter is good at right now? Seriously? Better watch Elemental, warlocks because THIS is the problem of current MoP season. LSD not having counters, the only one is dampening etc. Maybe on US not many retards play it but on EU It's fucking terrible, that's why Pojke doing 100-5 or w/e and 3k rating, thats why baten 2 seasons ago (yes 2 seasons with overpowered ferals, BM hunters etc) did 100-0 and r1 on Misery, yes 0 - he didn't lose single game in LSD. I haven't seen any nerfs for those classes, maybe don't read carefully, only 6 sec fear instead of 8. But if it all stays? I'd rather watch this, because if it stays like it is now, this stupid camouflage change won't help you at all to kill fucking elementals, warlocks with druid on top of them :) And its normal for AJ community, all (no offence) 2-2.2k players, no matter what class they play (especially wizards), they hate hunters. But if you actually know how to play, you counter them most of the times, and if not counter it's not like they should win 100% of the games.. Peace
This is about discussing a stupid mechanic, that has proven to be stupid for quite a while now. This is unrelated to hunters needing buffs/nerfs/hating hunters or how strong lsd is. It's like everyone agreeing that gateway is too strong, remove it from warlocks, and then give it to ret paladins 'cause they need some buffs'.