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#4285188 Bow down to the ret paladin gods

Posted shunke on 04 December 2014 - 03:48 PM

View PostMoms, on 04 December 2014 - 03:34 PM, said:

The Hand abilities has been there since how many years now with the current status? It's the perk of being a Paladin, it's the one thing that makes Paladins an alternative to play with. It's just as "insane"as having a fear/sheep or cyclone without CD. It's the niche of the class.
Show me constant 50k crits outside of executional abilities versus viable opposition and not squirrels in Elwynn.
The low damage output outside wings and HA is an actual fact, therefore you'll lack the fundament of an argumentation. Therefore you blindfolded yourself and never chose to understand the synergy mentioned between HA and wings wich is the actual problem.
Aaand you can BOP versus a mage or a warlock? Everything has disadvantages and advantages.

Every other class lost half of the abilities from MoP

What rets lost? (spoil: blinding light + auramastery for healer)

These things are still in the game:

Hand of sacrifice x2 (REMOVES magic cc from healer)
Hand of freedom x2 (rREDUCES cc duration from healer)
Hand of protection x2 (REMOVES physical cc from healer)
Shield Wall low CD (Can be used while stunned, up to 40% magical damage reduction)
Rets take 10% less dmg when they target someone
Fist of Justice (6s stun DR cc for healer)
Chance to heal (best heals for your healer so enemy needs to tunnel you)
Ability to cleanse poisons (Remove DK dots and wyverng sting
Aura mastery for your healer (not avalaible anymore)

What you got for WoD that should maybe been in MoP!

+ wings reduces cc duration
+ freedom reduces cc duration

and with all this shit  you are top damage :D top healer after healers, and you say here "ret arent the preblem"

Say one class that can help so much in this game atm.