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#3848360 Warior - Tips and Tricks?

Posted ardnut on 13 February 2013 - 10:30 AM

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Started playing some pvp on a warrior.  I'm very inexperienced, my brother is letting me try it out and whatnot.  I've followed pvp very closely, yet super casually over the past few years so I'm well aware of the arena concept.

What I'm looking for is a few tips I guess as to how to improve my gameplay.  Currently I kind of just run 2s with a Rsham or KFC 3s anywhere from 1500 to as high as 1750-1800 mmr.  I'm well aware that this is a very strong comp however keep in mind I'm on some dog server and just playing with friends who also have little to no experience.

Anyways currently I am your typical warrior, go in and try to get a few defensive Cooldowns, pop skill macro and hopefully win.  Sure I am gradually improving at peeling, but only really when they go on my healer.  If they go on me I just rotate my defensive CD's here and there randomly with no thought as to which defensive CD would be best for which situation.

A couple of my questions would include:

1) What kind of situations do you use certain defensive cooldowns? Like is Rally Cry/Retal better in some situations than using wall, etc.  Pretty much the only thing I consider for these is for Retal if it's melee or not on me.

2)  What are some situations where you switch between certain talents pre-game (double charge/charge stun, Avatar/Storm Bolt, etc.)

3) I seem to be ok in 2s, depending on which friend I run with (both Rshams) we have gotten up to nearly 1650 with 1700+ mmr at times.  However in 3s I tend to get lost.  It at times feels like I'm wasting charges or that I'm really not accomplishing alot of damage.  I've been higher before in arenas on a priest as disc in Cata (2k+), but playing a ranged is quite a lot different I've found.  What are some things you do to somewhat pick a target to stay on?  I understand the concept of switching but sometimes you just need a bit of uptime with can be difficult to come by.

4) Some of these warrior macro's seem out dated on this site.  Is there a place where some of these macros are available?  *Prefer something free...

The only other thing I would note is that not only are we newer to the pvp scene, but our gear is horrendous compared to most teams we face.  I'm only about 40-50% Malevelant now so obviously this is holding us back a bit.  I'm also just gemmed for damage which I know is not the correct way to go for top tier play, but obviously I'm not in the top tier right now and I started late so I just want to really just get practice without getting into 25 minute ties all the time. but I feel like even with the gear disadvantage we should be able to get a bit higher than we are.

I'm playing resto shaman KFC.  It really helps if you and hunter can get a T2 from RBG's...but since the season is nearly over your probably haven't got time to do it.

1) I will use retal(Die by the Sword) to stay offensive.  Sometimes I will use it with my swifty one shot macro to stop another warrior or Rogue from peeling me.  Don't forget to use it vs caster cleaves also... 20% dmg reduction is nothing to be sniffed at.  Also it's very good to use it when you get to about 20% hp because then you will probably heal up to 35% HP before it's over and your healer should be able to pick you up.  I will use shield wall when I'm in a heap of trouble and my healer is CC'd and my partner cannot peel me.  Also it's better to kite/LOS the enemies then use shield wall...but if you can't get away then use it.  I will use rallying cry mostly to save my partners life.  Only if I have nothing left to save myself will I use it to save myself.

2) I never use stormbolt/bloodbath, which I probably should vs some comps.  I always use Avatar because the pressure it generates and the get out of roots is awesome.  I will sometimes switch from warbringer to juggernaut if I'm going to train a mage.  Vs GOD comp I'll use juggernaught to train the mage for the majority of the game.  Also sometimes I'll switch to staggering shout from disrupting shout for melee cleaves like TSG.

3) Make sure you are putting as much damage into your CS's as possible.  Save rage for when you have CS then dump it all into it.  Try make sure you have a TFB stack before using HS.  With out cooldowns you aren't going to hurt someone with out CC on their healer (unless they are stupidly out of LOS of their healer).  So you want to burst when their healer is CC'd.  Make sure you have a macro to intervene out of roots.  I have 4 macros... one for each of my partners, one that will intervene any target that is friendly in front of me and one that places my mocking banner and intervene it (I have seperate bind for placing demo banner but the same macro will intervene it).  Also call out for dispels when you need it.  Sometimes your healer will miss it.  Call out for freedom totem/master's call from your partners.  You having up time on targets creates pressure.  They need to understand that.  You can stick on pretty much any target with the exception of druids because they can shapeshift and get away fairly easy (unless you stun them).  Our mobility is fantastic and with the right from your partners you should have no problem.

4) http://www.veevsvaul...s-key-bindings/ - read and use these macros from veev...they really help a lot. (all the intervene macros are there)  Also read his blog and look at his addons.  I find his addon for telling me when my healer is scattered/lulabyed/stunned from a hunter invaluable to stop traps.

My advice here is mainly for 3's but some applies to 2's also.  Don't read too much into 2's because sometimes you face rank 1 glads at 1800 mmr.  People tank their rating to cap fast...no one cares about 2's.  You want to concentrate on 3's and use 2's to cap/practice a bit.

I switch from defensive stance to battle stance quite a lot.  Playing KFC you are very rarely the target (spell cleaves do go for you often though), so use battle stance for the extra rage which will turn into extra damage.

Gear is important and T2 is the most important thing u can get.  But don't let it hold you back.  You can reach 2k without the gear.  Then you will start to struggle.  We couldn't get past 2.1k without T2 weapons... we floated between 2k and 2.1k for quite a while.  We got T2 and all of a sudden our skills improved ;)