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Thunder Cleave Help

10 April 2014 - 03:37 AM

Hey all,

So I've recently started playing Thunder Cleave with a Holy Priest heals.  We're a recently formed group, so we're still working on communication, but we're only around 1700 and have hit a wall.  All of us are 1900+, but we seem to have a bit of a warlock problem.  Especially when paired with a druid, the combination of cc and damage is unbearable.  The main problem is LSD, but we struggle with pretty much any lock comp.  Any  tips on how we can improve against lock comps?

Thanks for any advice

ps. I am the warrior in the group if there's any advice specific to me

Season 15 Comp?

21 February 2014 - 05:12 PM

Hey guys, I'm looking for a comp to push rating in 3s.  Never really pushed for rating, highest was like 1900 :/ but I actually wanted to try with this new season.  However, me and my arenamates are unsure of what comp to run.  So I was hoping you guys could help me out.

Person 1 - Hpally
Person 2 - Ele Sham, Dk, Rogue
Person 3 - Ret Pally, WW monk, Frost Mage, Huntard,

Those are the classes each person plays, and there isn't really much preference as to which class they like better.  I'm pretty set on the Hpally, as it is the only heals I really feel comfortable with.  Also, most classes are imo obvious on which spec should be played, but with certain comps which Rogue/Hunter specs work best?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks guys!


20 September 2013 - 05:10 PM

Looking to do some 3s with my bro and wondering what we should look for in a third person.  I am relatively new to pvp healing, so are there any solid comps that may make my life a little easier as I learn?


06 September 2013 - 05:21 PM

Hey guys, looking to do some 3s with a couple friends and don't know what to play.  I have pretty much everything at 90, so any class will work. Well anything that isn't a hunter. Unfortunately I hate playing my hunter, and everyone says to go ret hunter. So I thought I'd ask you guys for some non hunter ideas. Don't need op free 2200, just something solid and fun to play.  Appreciate any ideas, thanks!

Looking ahead to 5.4

05 September 2013 - 02:20 AM

Me and my brother are working on starting some 3's.  Currently we both have a bunch of toons and are looking around to figure out what we want to play.  Trying kittycleave, but he also wants to play his Ret, so what would be something I could try with his ret that isn't a hunter.  I absolutely hate playing my hunter.  Any ideas?