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07 August 2015 - 12:40 PM

  • As an example of class changes, the Survival Hunter 'spear' Artifact was brought up. In Legion, Survival Hunters will be a melee spec that utilizes a pet. To differentiate specializations, the developers will try to de-homogenize the classes. Further to this, Beast Mastery Hunters will fight at range with a pet, while Marksmanship Hunters will fight at range with NO PET.
This was just posted on Icyveins earlier, in an interview with one of the Legion developers.

I for one could NOT be happier with this change! Hunter has been the same class for seemingly forever to me, and I feel like now we are finally getting the big overhaul people playing, and people fighting hunters have been asking for.

What do some of the other fellow hunters have to say about this?

Would like some opinions on a gearing dilemma.

28 February 2015 - 10:45 PM

Hello everyone, right now I was curious how some of the other BM hunters out there felt about some new changes to 6.1.

I see many hunters, now using the 4 set that were not Pre 6.1. Why is this?  Maybe i'm missing it, but it just doesn't seem that great to me. Most games my pet is on our target generating frenzy stacks for me, and is not anywhere by me. Could anyone who DOES like this set bonus maybe shed some light on examples where it could be very useful, and worth losing the extra mastery from wearing only the 2 set, and better itemized pieces?

My other question was regarding trinkets, which ones are you using? Right now i'm currently running 2 on use dps trinkets so for each one of my bestial wrath's I will have a damage boost. I see the majority of hunters still using the Proc insignia however, why is this? If you are using two on use trinkets please also specify if you are using 2 agility ones, 2 mastery ones, or perhaps one of each. Would like to hear some thoughts and opinions regarding these topics. Thanks!