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Proper usage of Focused Rage (Maximum Burst as Arms)

29 July 2016 - 11:17 PM

Hey guys~ It’s irub. I was reading the post about the pre-patch warrior and I’m seeing a lot of negative comments about Focused Rage so I thought I might just throw in my two cents regarding this talent.

Personally, I’m actually liking this talent because I feel that it’s adding another skill cap to our somewhat dumbed down class in Legion. We have pretty much lost all our utility abilities with the ability pruning bs every expansion, more so in WoD and now Legion. I mean I support the idea behind it which is to bring in a new player base and make pvp easily accessible to everyone. But it’s def not fun to keep losing many of our iconic abilities and this time it’s CHARGE STUN, INTERVENE, and SPELL REFLECT unless you talent it at lvl 110. (Sorry for the cap but it shows how upset I am with these changes. :P) WOW pvp is becoming less and less of player interactive game to just “lol, I did more dmg/healing than the other guy” type of game which makes me sad.

So anyways enuf with rants and on with Focused Rage/FR… the way I see it and the way I have been using it in the game to make it a worthwhile talent to choose over Mortal Combo is to use it only for the burst opportunity.

I mean obviously this is not an ability to spam on every GCD. It costs a quite a bit of rage (15 rage per stack) and each stack only adds 20% more dmg in pvp to your next mortal strike. Which means you do not want to spam FR unless you are rage capped by getting trained all the time or you have Battle Cry up coupled with Deadly Calm talent. You will soon find yourself rage starved and doing no dmg at all if you were to spam FR w/o any calculation in mind.

But if you actually manage your rage and your FR stacks to use it at the right moment to burst, it will surely add to your advantage in pvp. FR is and will be the talent that offers you the maximum burst potential as arms warrior and it is only going to get better in the later game with honor talents and artifact weapon traits such as Pain Train, Sharpen Blade, Thoradin's Might, Shattered Defenses.

Just with one Tactician proc during the 1st three GCDs of burst rotation, you can crit 2x MS with 3 full stacks of FR, all within the battle cry duration.
Make sure you do not battle cry before the Colossus Smash but after, on the same GCD as your 1st Mortal Strike following the CS. If you want the true maximum burst potential, you do not want to pop avatar + battle cry + sharpen blade (aka one shot macro) before the CS. I’ll explain why along with my burst rotation.

My burst rotation goes like this. As I get near my battle cry CD, I try to stack 3x FR and save CS if I can. Once I have all of my CDs ready to use then my next 5 GCD will be used as below. Each number represents the GCD order. You may want to throw in a stun between CS or before CS to secure the hit.

1) Avatar -> CS -> Hamstring
All in 1 GCD since Avatar and Hamstring are off regular GCD. This is needed to do 20% more damage on my CS from Avatar. You can macro them all together but I don’t recommend doing it because it is all situational and I’m sure anyone can do this with enough practice and the right key bindings. I’ll share my key bindings at the end for those of you that might find it helpful.

2) Battle Cry + Sharpen Blade + Other Burst CD (AKA one-shot macro) into MS -> Hamstring -> Focused Rage. Again all on the same GCD. From this GCD to next 3 GCD, you will crit everything.
Reason why I’m mixing in the Hamstring and Focused Rage here is to;
1. Get another FR stack after using my 1st 3x FR stacks with this mortal strike.
2. Refresh snare and a tiny bit of extra dmg from Hamstring and another cool swing motion J
3. Most importantly for the Tactician proc. Tactician can proc off the abilities used during Deadly Calm as if they were actually costing rage. So 20 rage from MS, 10 rage from Hamstring and another 15 rage from Focused Rage, 45 rage combined equates to 29.25% additional chance to proc Tactician while using these abilities at 0 rage cost. Cool stuff!?

3) CS or OP or Slam -> Hamstring -> Focused Rage.
Here comes the priority order on what to use next depending on which proc you get. Priority order is CS > OP > Slam. Instead of Slam, you can substitute Whirlwind if it is AOE situation.
You do not want to use your Tactician procced MS here because you want to save it for the end of the burst to use it with 3x FR stacks.
You just got yourself a 2nd FR stack and another 16.25% ~ 29.25% chance to proc Tactician.

4) CS or OP or Slam -> Hamstring -> Focused Rage.
This will give you a 3rd FR stack and you now have another 3x FR stacks.

5) MS or OP or Slam -> Hamstring -> Focused Rage
Priority order this time is MS > OP > Slam even if you get another CS from Tactician proc. This GCD ends the 100% crit chance from Battle Cry so you want to consume your MS with 3x FR stacks here and then build up another Focus Rage stack during the Deadly Calm at 0 rage cost. Worst case scenario where you did not get any Tactician proc or OP proc within the 1st three GCDs of Battly Cry duration, you can still crit Slam and Hamstring -> Focused Rage for another 29.25% chance to proc Tactician.

6) When you don’t have your CD up, you hit abilities in this priority order, CS > MS > OP > Slam for single target or Whirlwind for multiple AOE situation. Don’t worry about building up FR unless you have CS and excess rage. I usually save some rage during this time to quickly build up my FR stacks as I near my Battle Cry CD.

With Mortal Combo talent, best Battle Cry burst you can get is 4x MS crit after CS where you would need two Tactician procs within the 1st three GCDs of Battle Cry duration which is less likely to happen and it only converts to a 600% dmg of regular MS because of crit. (I’m not counting Avatar/Sharpen Blade/Shattered Defense and other factors in here for simple calculation.)

On the other hand with Focused Rage talent, just with one Tactician proc, you get 480% dmg of regular MS from two 3x FR stack MS + 150% dmg of CS + 150% dmg of Slam or OP, all within the Battle Cry duration. CS and OP both hit as hard as MS for now. Not to mention you get better chance of proccing Tactician with FR talent because of the rage used for FR on each global.

Talents I think most ideal for the maximum burst build.

PVP Talents

Artifact Traits

My key bindings for the burst if anyone wants it. I don’t have much problem using all these abilities simultaneously using below key bindings.

MS = 2
CS = 3
OP = 4
Slam = C
Whirlwind = R
Hamstring = V
Focused Rage = B
Avatar = Shift + V
Battle Cry (One-shot macro) = Shift + B

It ended up being a long post again without intending but hopefully some of you guys might find this guide helpful for using FR talent.

I'm 40yrs old and my name is gladiator.

14 July 2016 - 05:03 PM

6x glad, r1 s4/s14, but I've never been this happy throughout my WoW career. Finally got my 2700 achievement this season thanks to the wodness and rating inflation... :P

It was really tough this season because I had to get it with lfg. Not having a main team of players you can always queue together to improve as a team really sucks...

Anyways, it may be my last pvp season that I can actually stay competitive due to the lack of game time and rl stuff but I have this feeling of fulfillment that I won't regret any of my time spent on this game in the past years. I started this game in my 20s and when I was single like many of you now. Now I have a family and two beautiful girls demanding for more and more of my time and attention. :)

I met lots of good ppl and I had a lot of fun from WoW. I've been through all and it is finally finished. Thanks to you all fellow WoW players.

One thing I wanted to say to the WoW pvp community all this time is that "Why can't we all just get along? Enough trash talk and bad-mouthing each other but really... Without each one of us, this game is just dead and boring, more so on the pvp side. You will end up having no one to play or compete with. I think we can all be little more nice toward each other.

Shout outs to darkfists and franchris for pushing 2700 with me. My only regret is that we only got to play together for one day. I wish I met you guys sooner.

Anyways, gl to you all pushing for glad this season especially my fellow warrior friends~ Peace out~

IRUB Arena VOD (War POV)

17 May 2016 - 09:45 PM


Back from 4 month long break, I'm gonna start putting up some of my arena VODs on youtube and categorize them by each match-ups so you can view them as a reference and get tips.

I'm planning to run any viable comp for warrior but I'm not going to put up too many turbo VODs cuz I know it can be boring for some of you viewers and it does kinda bore me to play it unless we're queuing into rogue/mage/x or jungle every match.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy. Good luck to all fellow warriors this season!

ps: I was still in process of setting up all my lost macros and pvp add-ons in some of these matches but let me know if you still want tips on my setting.

2600 mmr tschi vod w/ skype

11 September 2015 - 07:33 PM

Just as the title says.

I see a lot of good turbo streams on Twitch and there's also Bajheera's KFC but not a whole lot of tschi streams this season except maybe Adellah's and that's not even warrior POV so. If any of you know more of good tschi streamer this season, please share w/ the community.

Below is the link to my youtube vod and hope you guys enjoy it.

I'm open to criticism but yeah I'm pretty washed up now compared to MOP days... having to rely on add-on and still making so many mistakes :( I know I could have played better in every match and there are still many things I can improve on.

This vod is just to help beginners to average players to get an idea of how this comp should be played. Not sure if I would be able to keep this up with more games in the future but I will try if there are more demands from you guys.