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In Topic: Proper usage of Focused Rage (Maximum Burst as Arms)

01 August 2016 - 07:11 PM

The thing is, I can see Focused Rage being good in some situations, especially with Sharpened Blade. However, I feel like as Revo said, the rotation is just clunky and not fun at all to play with. It doesnt feel very, "warriorish", it feels more like ret paladin where you have to line everything up and do huge damage. The current warrior on live feels very similar to WoTLK warrior to me, not huge burst damage but a ton of good damage. I have to say I much prefer the Double Mortal Strike, not only can you apply it to more than one target, but its just a smoother rotation imo.

Yes I totally agree and that is what I said multiple times in my posts as well. It really is an awful rotation to mix it in between your dps rotation. You would def need good key bindings and a fast hand to use FR to full potential along with good rage management.

Where as for the double MS thru Mortal Combo talents, you can just spam whatever DPS ability that lits up by the priority order of CS > MS > OP > Slam or Whirlwind. Much much easier to burst as well. Just pop CD after the CS into stun.

I was just pointing out that the FR talent offers the true maximum burst potential in a short window of time for Arms warrior at the moment (unfortunate) and it will only get better when we reach lvl 110 with more honor talents and artifact weapon traits.

the way I see it and the way I have been using it in the game to make it a worthwhile talent to choose over Mortal Combo is to use it only for the burst opportunity.

I mean obviously this is not an ability to spam on every GCD. It costs a quite a bit of rage (15 rage per stack) and each stack only adds 20% more dmg in pvp to your next mortal strike. Which means you do not want to spam FR unless you are rage capped by getting trained all the time or you have Battle Cry up coupled with Deadly Calm talent. You will soon find yourself rage starved and doing no dmg at all if you were to spam FR w/o any calculation in mind.

But if you actually manage your rage and your FR stacks to use it at the right moment to burst, it will surely add to your advantage in pvp. FR is and will be the talent that offers you the maximum burst potential as arms warrior and it is only going to get better in the later game with honor talents and artifact weapon traits such as Pain Train, Sharpen Blade, Thoradin's Might, Shattered Defenses.

Right. It's just a matter of preference. Do you want the maximum burst potential with CD? Or do you want more consistent and reliable pressure?

Double MS through Mortal Combo talent can be just as good or even better depending on your play style. It's also easier to manage and to set up burst. All you need is a CS and 2 MS before you start the burst because you don't need to build up any stacks. (I'd still recommand to add hamstring into your Battle Cry burst rotation for more chance to proc Tactician.)

I've already mentioned your statement in my op and that FR is not an ability to spam or to include in your normal dps rotation. I'm only pointing out that it can be a good talent choice depending on your play style, especially for Battle Cry burst and as a rage dump when you are rage capped by getting trained.

I also think it's an awful rotation but with good key bindings and enuf practice, anyone can pull this off without much trouble.

In Topic: Proper usage of Focused Rage (Maximum Burst as Arms)

01 August 2016 - 04:58 PM

it's a great guide tbh, for example the thing with hamstring is really good advice so thanks for that

+rep, solid guide as always irub

Thanks for the positive notes.

With just the negative feedback even after explaining the whole mechanism, I thought maybe I was just wasting my time helping no one.
I was asked to do a commentary vod on this from my Youtube channel so I'll try to make one when I have the time and hopefully it's going to be short and simple.

In Topic: Proper usage of Focused Rage (Maximum Burst as Arms)

31 July 2016 - 01:57 AM

Idk the wording of this is rather confusing.

"you get 480% dmg of regular MS from two 3x FR stack MS + 150% dmg of CS + 150% dmg of Slam or OP, all within the Battle Cry duration"

Yeah... sorry about that. It was already too long of a post and I tried to make sense using too many abv.
What I meant to say was within 4 globals of Battle Cry burst, you can do 2 MS with full 3x FR stacks plus alpha if you get one Tactician proc. 1 MS will do 240% dmg of regular MS because of crit and 3x FR stacks so 2 MS add up to 480% dmg of regular MS.

In Topic: Proper usage of Focused Rage (Maximum Burst as Arms)

31 July 2016 - 12:34 AM

But it appears you do your math assuming +150% from FR?

No.... Read the post and at least watch one of the demo vod... With 3x FR stacks, your MS will do 160% dmg of regular MS. If it crits, that's 240% dmg of regular MS. During Battle Cry, with 1 Tactician proc, you can do 2 MS with full 3x FR stacks.

PS. I'm signing out for now but if you have more questions regarding the rotation, I'll try to answer when I get back.

In Topic: Proper usage of Focused Rage (Maximum Burst as Arms)

31 July 2016 - 12:20 AM

piece of advice: do ur dmg testing on a duel with a healer who keeps himself
in pvp stats change, talents/abilities too. you might want to check out how it works out that way. if you want a target dummy
on beta, lemme know ;)

You are absolutely correct on this and I alreadly know but it still doesn't change the fact in my statement regarding maximum burst potential as below.

With Mortal Combo talent, best Battle Cry burst you can get is 4x MS crit after CS where you would need two Tactician procs within the 1st three GCDs of Battle Cry duration which is less likely to happen and it only converts to a 600% dmg of regular MS because of crit. (I’m not counting Avatar/Sharpen Blade/Shattered Defense and other factors in here for simple calculation.)

On the other hand with Focused Rage talent, just with one Tactician proc, you get 480% dmg of regular MS from two 3x FR stack MS + 150% dmg of CS + 150% dmg of Slam or OP, all within the Battle Cry duration. CS and OP both hit as hard as MS for now. Not to mention you get better chance of proccing Tactician with FR talent because of the rage used for FR on each global.