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sub 2s need help

27 December 2015 - 10:58 PM

so i was trying to cap but 2s as sub in double dps turned out to be really annoying not just b/c i only qued into the most mongo specs and dps/healer even with no mmr(i legit only qued into dks/ferals/warriors + dps/healer comps) but b/c my damage outside of burst is so low that any spec with a big selfheal/realiable out or a spammable slow was annoying af to kill or just healed through most of my burst. even if i vanish all they do is eat my partner alive so if i peel that helps a bit but i still cant do enough damage outside of my burst to win.

should i just go combat/mut or am i doing something really wrong?

bearing in mind this was just cap 2s we werent using any voice com or anything but i dont remember 2s being so fking annoying on any other class ive played

Not liking DfA

26 December 2015 - 12:06 AM

ok so im newer to rogue, and still gearing it. i hear the crits can hit pretty hard but im not geared yet so all im seeing is meh dmg(all my dmg is meh atm cuz no gear) a high energy cost, and a really long animation that just doesnt make my openers feel fluid + fun. i've read a lot of the guides/pinned topics etc and seems like dfa is the preferred talent but i hate how long the animation is and it just doesnt fit how i wanna play my rogue so im wondering whether VR or SR is a better way to go.

tbh i prefer 1v1 + open world pvp, sometimes bgs if im bored, but instanced pvp is a boner killer for me so im choosing talents based on ow pvp mainly(maybe arenas/rbgs down the road but for this topic OW only).

the extra 15 energy from VR is nice but with only 5% regen consistently rolling i dont feel like it'd shine in 1v1s/ ow or just general situations where only 1 person is gonna be poisoned at a time; unless 5% is much more noticeable than i'd imagine.

leaning toward SR. i read that it only copies your abilities (afaik that means basically everything but poisons + aa damage?) so im thinkin it could be good for burst/openers.

obviously im gonna try them both out on my own but i figured there might be others who dislike dfa and can tell me which talent they replaced it with, why, and their experience with them.