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Ret worth playing?

07 January 2014 - 01:10 AM

Better question might be is it worth maining*

Haven't played wow in a good while. Wanting to play my pally again as Ret MS but afaik Ret still isn't viable in RBGs, and from what I've seen/read ret's not great in arenas atm either. I've never been into rolling FOTM classes or rerolling whenever my class isnt the best, but I just wanna know if Ret is worth playing atm, and which 3s comp(s) it usually performs best in. All I've seen work so far is Ret/Hunter/Shaman(I'm sure there are more) and I hate having such limited viable comps to play.

Also if anyone PvEs and can fill me in on Rets viability there it's appreciated. Haven't PvE'd since WOTLK, and probably still won't, but just for a more well-rounded look at the spec.