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[Holy] Paladin vs. [Mistweaver] monk (General PvP Healing)

12 May 2015 - 06:11 PM

Hello arena junkies,

So I have decided to take a foray into healing for the end of this season and going into the next season as well and I think I have narrowed down my class choice to the two classes listed above in the header. But before I make my final decision I wanted to ask for some advice to make sure I do not pick the wrong class in the long run,

1. For arena why does paladin outclass monk? I understand that paladin has a lot more team (outs) than monk does given that paladin has freedom/cleanse/sacrifice and hand of protection but I feel like paladin mobility is very bad and I could get trained a lot easier by a heavy CC team than I could on my monk.

2. I also feel like paladin healing in the long run feels weaker than monk healing, I don't know what it is but channeling and doing the instant cast healing feels more powerful than flash of light and shock especially since it only feels like paladin heals hit hard with wings up.

Am I over thinking things or missing something, because all of the information points to monk playing second or even third fiddle to paladin and druid but I feel like the only thing paladin has over monk is solid team wide abilities that the monk lacks but makes up for in crazy mobility.

Thanks for any help that I can get and I appreciate any responses.