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How to WLS?

11 April 2015 - 02:46 PM

Been playing WLS a bit with some mates the last week or so and have a few questions. Small disclaimer: First time I've played arena in over 2 years so I'm rusty as fuck, eat far too many interrupts and my overview is a bit dire atm.

Pre-6.1 I didn't really play any 3's, but I got the impression that locks were fairly tanky, and rarely tunnelled, and as such a locks ability in WLS was measured by how much damage he did. My damage is appalling some games (partly due to disclaimer above) because a rogue alone can stop me from casting for about 90% of the game vs thug and I feel like I have to save port until my healer is CC'ed. Even if I can keep SB:Haunt up, dot damage alone is pitiful.

Not to mention pets getting fucked 24/7, either from soul link damage or actively getting targeted and fucked.

Teams that tunnel shaman (mainly RMD/RMP). I actually prefer to play against this than melee/hunter/x because at least you can control the game a little... But what should be the kill target? As soon as we stop babysitting shaman to swap healer the shaman gets fucked up.

Since every team is now hunter/(rogue/feral/warr)/healer, RM/healer, Turbo or Godcomp how the fuck is WLS supposed to be a good ladder comp? Am I bad - are all these teams easily beatable?!

Mate's band just released a track - Have a listen.

01 April 2015 - 08:55 PM

http://hypem.com/tra...e In - Eighteen

I expect some people to dislike the vocals. I like it. I also 100% dig the summery 80's vibe.

If you do like it, then click the heart to the right of the track title and help them out. You'll need to make an account, but there's no verification and it takes only as long as you take to type your email address, user name and password into the window.

Cheers and lots of love.

Ele/Lock/Pala (and a couple general questions)

17 March 2015 - 01:24 AM

Been messing about with some pala in 2's and he seems decent, asked if I wanted to play some 3's with an ele. I'm all up for giving it a go, and I know LSD is viable. A few questions:

- Demo or Affly? Concerned that pala will die before dampening is high enough to kill as Affly, however a decent co-ordinated burst as demo, with pala helping out, could be good.

- What comps are we going to struggle with? Any strats to beat them?

- Double on-use trinket for demo? (DS + on Use for each weapon proc)

- Watching Wallirikz' stream I noticed fairly often he just goes meta, and pops immo aura and spams touch of chaos. Is this just for situations where you wouldn't get a demonbolt or 2 off due to being kited or interrupts. The damage seems a bit shit.

Demo as a spec has the potential to be very fun, but in reality tends to make me rage more than is healthy.