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#3475799 Ziqo1 preview clip

Posted Jamiepaladin on 08 September 2011 - 01:05 AM

View PostAdden, on 07 September 2011 - 11:26 PM, said:

don't hold that cigarette dangerously close to Heatons expensive coat m8
Real HeatoN?

#3475555 Alzu II

Posted Razorx on 07 September 2011 - 09:18 PM

Hi, im Max, Bye.

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#3473739 Alzu II

Posted Jamiepaladin on 06 September 2011 - 07:37 PM


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#3463037 Current state of wow arena/GMS caring about arena

Posted Jamiepaladin on 30 August 2011 - 07:31 PM

View PostLickerztoo, on 30 August 2011 - 07:26 PM, said:

i guess its only retards in eu that still make insults about this awful game no one cares about
i guess its only retards in US that still pretend to not care about this game when they still play it religiously.

#3419193 European Battle.net Invitational!

Posted Opix on 06 August 2011 - 10:58 PM

would smash

Posted Image

#3363416 Migz & Lewisyo Storming the bracket

Posted ezils1 on 12 July 2011 - 09:06 PM

hi all just wanted to let misery know theres a new MLS town it consists of

Vicious Gladiator Lewisyo Posted Image

Vicious Gladiator Migzyo Posted Image

Posted Image


#3363127 Conquest Point and PR changed?

Posted Enimos on 12 July 2011 - 06:58 PM


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#3360025 Replace instant cyclone.

Posted ezils1 on 11 July 2011 - 02:10 PM

youre the biggest retard on this forum

#3335135 r1

Posted Xandyn on 30 June 2011 - 02:47 PM


#3334414 LSD 3.0?

Posted Filovirus on 30 June 2011 - 07:04 AM

can someone make a sticky thread saying the following:

- demo is not viable
- destro is not viable
- no demo is shit in every comp
- no destro is shit in every comp
- stop making threads about it
- affliction is the best in every situation

#3044154 About how much do valor boots sell?

Posted Alexek on 05 February 2011 - 08:09 PM

wat. its diff per realm


#2361404 Removing Model Edit

Posted Xxlegolasxxz on 03 July 2010 - 12:24 AM

Does it really matter how reliable it is? Backup your current mpqs, copy your macs over, if it fucks up WoW, delete it and place your backup MPQs in again.

#2173029 Beligerentz

Posted Thakeelol on 11 May 2010 - 10:44 PM



Spies over roleplaying servers have communicated me of recent activity from beligerent on roleplaying servers.

One of my secret sources informated me that he had his first date with a girl ( gz beli ), it was a night elf female, it was in the stormwind pub, and they took some whines and such.

Near sources to beligerentz had confirmated that he stated after the date: LMAO DUDE I ALMOST LOST MY VIRGINITY YAW, YE SHE WAS SO CLOSE OF BEING CONVINCED BUT MEH, FINALLY SHE WENT HOME, GG NO RE.

Days later, a gnome male appeared BELIGERENT JUNIOR. The birth happened at stormwind cathedral, and beligerentz discovered it was his son days after the happening ( in his try to lose his virginity, he drank of the same cup as the girl, making the girl get instantly pregnant lmao don't ask me how. )

So when Daddy belig visited his son the gnome, he was like:
IS IT MALE OR FEMALE? her mother: Are you retard btw?
belig: lmao sry, so used to 5v5, I mean, is he warrior or mage?
mother: mage! he'll be a great polymorpher and such.

belig: LMAO A HARRY POTTER ROOOFL SCRUB, so sad you're my son lmao im relentless badiator son, back when I was young in war we had to stay near a pilar and fakecast and such but now lamo with this new technology armor we can camp midfield NP. (Btw wizzcleaves r scrub but i so love to wizzcleave variant in 5v5 im so pro though ).

Later on, the mother of beli junior suicided obviously (lmao imagine the tragedy the poor girl'd suffer). On the funeral there were level 60 year old grandpas, talking: LMAO WHEN I WAS YOUNG WE WERE MUCH TOUGHER, WE DIDN'T DIE AS EASY. LOL JK ON LVL 60 EVERYTHING WAS 2SHOT.

anyways when B.J. got high , and beligerent dad did changue his hairstyle to white ( BTW LMAO THE GNOMES NEVER RLY GET HIGH AT ALL ) they decided duel to test their skills, but when B.J. defeated D.B.(dragon ball? nah not rly, daddy belig ) HE GOT SO ANNOYED that he kicked his son out of his house.

Then B.J. took another caster friend kill D.B. , and this was the creation of WIZZARD CLEAVES.

That was it for the chapter of today, on tomorrow I'll explain: HOW TO CAMP MIDFIELD LIKE A BAWSS AND STILL SUCCESS IN 5V5, LOL JK I'LL TELL U WHAT SETUP TO FACEROLL WITH.

edit: new source ( new the information that i got nto the source itslf ), beligerentz said in party chat: FERALS ARE SO SIMILAR TO GIRLS LMAO, THEY'RE ALWAYS BLEEDING IN WRONG MOMENT, LMAO JK NEVER HAD SUCH EXPERIENCE.

Trying to find any sense to this WOT? WOT? aka wall of text W.O.T., can be punished by lawp, L.A.W.p, law anti wall-of-text police-carebears.

Good night.

#1570634 [2v2] :warlock: and :shaman:

Posted Moonies on 05 December 2009 - 09:39 PM

small bump but the way to beat warrior druids as affliction/resto
is to play a game of mana with the druid

(and hope they dont go for you)

#1593604 Rolling Corruptions no longer use the initial haste value indefinitely

Posted Barburas on 11 December 2009 - 09:52 AM

"Rolling Corruptions no longer use the initial haste value indefinitely. This is really more of a bug fix than a nerf. The problem here was that players could inflate the initial cast of Corruption and have the spell tick for that damage indefinitely as long as it was refreshed. This resulted in some "jaw dropping" damage. Technically this was a tricky one to fix but we wanted to keep the Glyph of Quick Decay and were able to ultimately find a solution. When this fix goes live, the hasted Corruption should correct itself to your current haste within a tick or two of the spell being refreshed.

Ideally, we'd rather make changes while we're still in PTR before a patch goes live, but in the end we'd rather make changes than allow something imbalanced to continue just because we didn't change it pre-patch. To the community's credit, some players predicted these issues might become a problem. We appreciate the feedback as always, even if we don't always immediately make changes suggested by the community.

I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread, but only because it covers three different topics and not because we're trying to limit any response or feedback to this announcement."

Didn't see a post about it yet.