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In Topic: Suomensnutz 3?!?

Today, 05:01 PM

View PostNoxnoxnox, on 27 March 2015 - 09:36 AM, said:

Blame apple not him...

I jest of course.

Good vid, still not sold on the UI myself though :P

In Topic: Suomensnutz 3?!?

Yesterday, 11:08 PM

0/10, cannot watch on iPhone.

In Topic: Affliction stat priority?

Yesterday, 11:06 PM

I have definitely had a multi strike proc give 2 shards before from nightfall, 99% certain that is what has caused it.

As for the probability of it happening, if nightfall is a 6% chance, and you have about 12% multi strike (which gives two 12% chances to proc) then you're looking at it being around 1% or so.

So it shouldn't actually be that uncommon, like you'd expect a couple per game I guess.

In Topic: Affliction stat priority?

Yesterday, 09:18 PM

View PostAtosy, on 26 March 2015 - 03:41 PM, said:

Well, nowadays i've seen a lot of warlocks using 2 on use trinkets, even the top warlocks (Chanimal,Maldiva,Arkazia etc). So my question is, are 2 on use  trinkets better than on use+ proc?

I assume it's good for demo. I probably wouldn't use it as affliction personally.

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Yesterday, 09:16 PM


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