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In Topic: We are going back to vanilla bois

12 November 2017 - 01:21 AM

For what i read on multiples forum, they are indeed the true Vanilla community. One part with candid people who really wants to see how it goes, and another one with elitists piece of shit like Alexensual or Kungen, spreading lies to influence the candid part.

The best example is about transmog, they don't want it on the vanilla server (Which is okay, there was no transmog back then, so, pure experience) but the reason is not the authenticity of the server, no no. The main reason is i quote "So i can see which player is a trash or not".

Nice example of the friendship of the Vanilla realms.
But props to them, this was exactly my experience.

Have you tried playing a young casual sp pvp back then?
People spitted on you all the time when it comes for PvE.


I started playing WoW in WotLK, but being able to walk around and see people in raiding gear and know they are better than me is what got me addicted to WoW. I liked the fact that they would spit on me for being a noob, it gave me something to strive towards, which is where the addiction to the game came to being. It is human nature after all to strive to be better than other people. I like Asmongold's analogy to describe this most, he says why does anyone by a Lamborghini? To be able to drive hella fast? No, it is a status thing. Transmog has taken away this status. I also think LFR has taken away the status of being able to say you have completed a raid that majority of players aren't able to complete.


I hope they don't touch the games code except to fix bugs that crash the game or server. I want them to keep the game as close to Vanilla as possible not so I can experience it, but so the new generation of neckbeards can have the experience of an MMO I once had. I am probably going to be way too busy irl to be able to play vanilla like a neckbeard I use to. I will certainly be playing Vanilla to experience it, but probably won't have the time to be able to neckbeard it. 

In Topic: Regionals Drama starting early this season.

22 August 2017 - 06:08 AM

Poor guy seems to be fighting some demons. Hopefully, his mental state gets better and he finds himself.

In Topic: What happens when a wow gladiator enters real life?

22 August 2017 - 03:59 AM

Jw how do you plan on starting an isp if you aren't born into money and in a "rat league". Starting an isp isn't just an average loan for a business. I'm talking millions in some areas

It actually isn't as expensive as you would think the way I am trying to do it. To clarify I am trying to start a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), which if you have a look at Ubiquiti Wireless equipment isn't expensive at all. You would use the Ubiquiti Wireless equipment instead of laying down Fiber of course, which is why it isn't that expensive. You install a Ubiquiti Sector Antenna/Radio on a telecommunications tower that is connected to a Router at the base of the tower. From that Router at the base of the tower you can purchase IP Transit from Tier 3 Providers where you would share BGP information with them routing your traffic around the world. The customers of your network would be connected to your Ubiquiti Sector Antenna/Radio by installing an Ubiquiti Antenna/Radio on the roof of the customers house. There you go you have an ISP that is totally separate from the other ISPs that are usually sharing the same ADSL2 lines or whatever lines you have in the part of your world. The telecommunication tower provider is asking for way too much to have my Sector Antenna/Radio installed so it probably won't come to life :(

In Topic: What happens when a wow gladiator enters real life?

21 August 2017 - 02:59 PM

At first you are unemployed. Eventually you get challenger title. After a couple years you get rival title. After a few more years you may get duelist, but don't ever think you will get to the top 0.5%, rank 1 happens at birth.

I disagree. Sure some IRL Gladiators (Billionaires) are born into it, but there certainly are self made IRL Gladiators (Billionaires) out there.


Personally, I am trying to get my IRL Gladiator title and won't be born into it. Right now trying to get the IRL Gladiator title is pure aids since I am in the mega rat league, but will eventually out grind all of the other rats. There does seem to be this king rat (Government) in IRL that keeps getting in my way trying to start my own ISP. Keep the grind going even outside of World of Warcraft boys!

In Topic: The King has Fallen

04 February 2017 - 09:35 AM

A beautiful exit