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In Topic: Is Holinka the worst thing that happenned to WoW PvP ?

Today, 03:52 PM

CS:GO is what I'm spending my time at. Surprisingly fun and teamplay and strategy just means so much in that game. I think CS:GO had 500k viewers for Dreamhack, so I expect it to become a lot more popular than LoL.

In Topic: disc vs WLS/WLD/Scleave

Today, 02:44 PM

View PostWasselina, on 26 January 2015 - 01:32 PM, said:

Give them all a spiked club, remove all abilities except asphyx/hoj/stormbolt. Buff stormbolt to 5 sec. There. Done.

Well I mean it's not far from what they have been trying to do the last 2 expansions. I mean they probably did it for PvE reasons, so everyone could play with their best friend in LFR, but since Mythic came out and requires 20 man, I see no reason to not assume everyone has 1 Paladin 1 Druid etc. (they even stated they would balance encounters like this from now on).

It's just pathetic how they try to make every class have every toolkit, yet miss by a long shot in balancing same type of melee damage dealers.

In Topic: disc vs WLS/WLD/Scleave

Today, 12:39 PM

View PostLolflay, on 26 January 2015 - 03:48 AM, said:

Still looks kinda promising ( if double SLT change doesn't go through ), that is, if you aren't a windwalker player; if you aren't a disc player without a proper feral+mage or rogue+mage; if you aren't holy paladin.

Shadow is kinda weak as well when it comes to survival, but is heavily carried by mage+druid.

Promising? They aren't fixing half the shit that is wrong with this game. Hunters, hybrid healing, personal cooldowns, mobility and mortal strike.

I'm not even happy about Rets. They are fucking terrible if you ask me. We still have no real gap closer (remember when they gave us emancipate? Most useless talent ever) and we still have no spell steal protection. Our defensive toolkit was balanced around divine shield which has been nerfed over and over and sucks the biggest dick for a ret as possible. We do however have completely absurd burst and somehow are able to dispel partners by using sac????. We suck balls in 2s against ANY other melee and if we want to rank up we have to find a Hunter (like in Mop, like in cata, like in wotlk). How fucking hard can it be to balance 3 plate melee more or less the same?

In Topic: disc vs WLS/WLD/Scleave

Today, 02:43 AM

The amount of shit that went wrong when this expansion hit...... It looked so fucking promising.

In Topic: sad state of hpalas

Yesterday, 10:48 PM

View PostJim_Jim, on 24 January 2015 - 05:40 PM, said:

Yes, please buff Windwalkers and buff my constant healing. (I don't like wings, i hate this spell and beacon(s) of light.)
(They have less damage - yes, less damage - and less utility compared to brewmaster)

At first, when i saw the "Beacon of Insight" change, i thought : "Ok, so my target will receive 40% more healing until it reaches 90% health, yaaaay, we are saved". But then, i saw it was still limited to 1 cast.


(It bounces for every heal now, even your mate's healing spell so...)

I miss MoP. I thought i can't be more sad being cc'd 2min against a godcomp, but at least, i had good heals. Now, sometimes, i'm not controled, but i can't heal my mates.
And RMD people insult me for playing with a Brewmaster, they are funny. He doesn't have lot of choice for comps, like me.

Avenging Wrath should be renamed Metamorphosis : Druid.

EDIT : My biggest heal is Gift of the Naaru.  ._.

I know, it's a bit sad that something can be broken like this (referring to both the weakness of the class, but at the same time super mongo together with wings + brewmaster).

They really do not listen to feedback. Hand of Sacrifice is still purgeable and our large healing spells are just being nerfed every expansion (remember when holy light was a thing?)