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In Topic: Crystal nerf

Yesterday, 09:57 PM

View PostCharred, on 18 December 2014 - 08:06 PM, said:

Nobody is asking for wizard cleaves, im asking for my 2second casted spell to hit for more than 2-3% of my opponent's healthpool.

And I agreed to that :) ? I was talking in general to people moaning a bit too fast. I'm trying to ask people to be less biased, and actually recall how it was 2 months ago (like a Warlock claiming they never had a good season).

I'm the first one there to tell you that Ret's should not be able to dispel with sacrifice (they should make it undispellable though)

In Topic: Crystal nerf

Yesterday, 08:03 PM

View Postjaimex, on 18 December 2014 - 12:53 PM, said:

you do not know frustration until you die 100-0 through 2 min cooldown wall ironbark and full hots to combat RMD

Guess it's the same as dying to an elemental blast in MoP in 1 second, with no cooldowns up vs. LSD (because you didn't see the 4 procs of lavaburst either) :huh: .

People are so biased it's unbelievable. Not just talking about you Jamie, we all know you are.

Crystal is honestly pretty stupid, and Mages do have an option to control the game a lot and still do some nice setups, so why not nerf it a bit? Sure frostbolt could be buffed, but take one thing at a time, no? Did everyone forget about Mages solo'ing a healer from a deep->blanket or going through a Paladin with 40% magic dmg reduction up? Melee's are strong, but it's the same circus each expansion. Don't worry, I'm sure after this season you'll only be able to see wizards for the rest of the expansion, and then everything will be completely fine.

Honestly the best change would be to tone down hybrid healing, and a lot. Then look where the game needs balancing. It's too hard with hybrids being able to offheal.

In Topic: Reasoning behind Ret stat priority

Yesterday, 07:19 PM

Some pretty shitty answers in here, I must say.

First of all, Vanguards just updated his 6.0 guide as far as I know, it needs a major revamp (I'm not doing it). Secondly of all, PvP dps can actually be simulated by using the options provided within the simcraft tool to simulate a single target fight with lots of movement involved and probably a lower skill level (to account for clunky rotations and cc).

Secondly, most answers here are super retarded (not trying to offend anyone but it took forever to actually get a semi decent answer). Claiming haste does more damage during wings because you get more globals over mastery is pointless. Mastery increases your damage in general, so the 1 hit you might end up losing won't matter, because your other attacks hit for 5% more in general (made the numbers up, don't take it literally).

Thirdly, mastery is our best offensive stat by far for damage output. If you feel like you're a mong and have trouble spending your globals right, empowered seals would be recommended. Going from 5% haste to 10% haste won't fix that lag in your brain. You want to go mastery every place possible, for cleaving and for pressure (also when wings are not up, we can actually do damage this expansion off cds -  I don't use HA for example, and getting 3xprocs back to back with DP is absolutely destroying people with FV).

Fourthly, haste is only comparable somewhat to mastery until you hit the 15% raidbuffed mark (10% if you play with a partner that provides haste), after that there is simply no discussion what to go with.

Fifthly, don't break 4set. The damage increase is probably worth 10-20 iLvl's across and the CC reduction can be used together with freedom to avoid CC proactively. Pair this with any talent except SW and it's a flat damage increase, which is up honestly quite often when you're on your target.

Lastly, versatility might be a decent stat for survivability (it acts like resilience) but it is absolutely dog for damage. Crit and multistrike are already behind mastery and haste (until 15%) and are nerfed even further in PvP (1,5xcrit modifier and only 1 roll on multristrike). Get versatility where you can, but go for mastery.

In Topic: Obtaining conquest gear

17 December 2014 - 11:00 PM

I can wait a few weeks honestly. In a month it will all be the same anyway, stop crying over nothing.

What matters is balancing the game properly, lets hope they try to do some mid-season fixing this time. Also enjoy that your alts can gear up relatively fast, strongboxes are a godsend for farming honor.

In Topic: Buff Frost Dks Heals

16 December 2014 - 09:09 PM

I feel like quoting myself again.

But why not just kill the Warrior? So what if he was prot :D