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In Topic: There is a bugged realm that might cause rating cutoff to go up

Today, 08:01 PM

Just put Elune as the filter.

They have a Druid at 2800 as their highest rated player. Conspiracy over.

In Topic: Ret on Beta

Yesterday, 06:49 PM

Our PvE DPS doesn't look that well though, and I can hit a DK among others all day without him getting close to dying.

In Topic: Ret on Beta

Yesterday, 02:20 AM

Yeah DP can be pretty clutch Glonglon, but you have to remember that it is highly unpredictable, works better with more haste/up time (more holy power to spend) and can not burst as hard as HA. It's fairly situational. Not completly rubbish, probably fun in RBGs but not something I can see someone go into as Ret.

The reason why you pick selfless healer is for healing your partner, not yourself (all thought it is obviously decent as a free heal combined with WoG).

In Topic: Ret on Beta

Yesterday, 12:26 AM

No it's just the fact that you and Crono are suggesting some terrible things, and some people might pick up on it.

You have valid points too, but some of it is just plain dumb

In Topic: Ret on Beta

23 October 2014 - 04:01 PM

One guy who gets the general idea ^^