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#3832986 Unholy DK questions

Posted McMick1137 on 09 January 2013 - 10:01 AM

Haste is the obvious go-to stat for an Unholy DK after Resi/Str/PvPpower, the extra runic power you get + death/ice runes means you dont ever find yourself RP/Rune starved and always have something to do, the dmg itself isnt your most important role as an unholy DK, its the constant purging magic effects, gripping/stunning/kicking/silencing heals and crazy uptime thatll score the kills. Unholy hasnt been a burst class since S5, you have to wear down a healer and abuse the fact that you can glue to anything you want for 30sec+.
Wasnt very in-depth but im in a hurry, hope it helped anyway.
Ps: curious about the whole "does PvPpower apply to the absorb on NS" too, i just go with PvP power in blue, str in red, resi/power in yellow.