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5.4 WW

12 September 2013 - 08:30 PM

Yo fellow punchers.

So long waited 5.4 arrived and it seems to be very promising for us, however I've got a couple of concerns and just want to ask if you guys felt the same.

1. Our energy regeneration in arena. Since we still have the same gear we had, I feel that our regen is like 20% lower then it used to be with pretty much the same uptime we had. I even started to think of forging some haste out of mastery.

2. TEB+mastery .. I just dont see any of those extra procs.. I have like 35% mastery but I barely notice the extra procs .. dont know maybe its just me.

3. The new rushing jade shizle.. prolly craziest thing.. I actually dropped the tiger coz I hated it so much for the broken ccs that damn pet did! Though using the wind only viable after stacks are popped at least i think so. Not using it for chi generation, worthless BUT

Pop TEB > RJW > FoF > RSK and its a 100% cd/trinket from the opposing team. when stacks are popped the thing was criting 20-25k per sec which is pretty sick.

4. Our healing it is too fuckin OP, I dont say its bad hehe, but u'll see 2-3 weeks or next hotfix we gettin a nerf on that one.. (saw Venfuki doin 3s.. he did 9mil dmg and 5mil healing, he doubled vanguards healing, and did almost half of cdews)

All in all, our wish to get paralysis on diff DR weren't heard.. and i really wanted Fortyfying brew to be used while stunned but I think we are in a really good shape atm, might be a bit op but still :)


5.4 WW setups

23 July 2013 - 10:26 AM

Yo fellow punchers :) What kind of setups are u predicting to be actually viable for WW?

this season we litteraly had 3 at least 2.4k viable setups only

ww/sp/rshaman or druid
ww/lock/rshaman or druid

I think all of them should work in 5.4 (well maybe xept for hunter team, coz its only viable now of how bullshit hunters are) but what else? ww/ret/disc? ww/rog?