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#3852862 Flubbah 3

Posted flubbah on 23 February 2013 - 11:51 PM

Hey guys,

This is my 3rd movie, this video includes some RPS/WLS clips & even some paladin clips with top players such as Dakkroth, Azael or even Taku.

Have fun watching !

Here's the link :

You can also find my stream here : http://fr.twitch.tv/flubbah

Tracklist : Hans Zimmer - Mombasa
Fracture Design - Reach For The Stars
Brick + Mortar - Move To The Ocean (Baauer Remix)
Apollo Brown - Warm Rain
The Flubbah Song

#3849040 Balance is not the biggest problem, systems are

Posted Thaya on 14 February 2013 - 04:33 PM

Foreword: please read the entire post before commenting. I was a little bit too quick to post it, and as a result of adding ideas and thoughts to it, it's now a little hard to follow: I start with an example before explaining the main problem (inductive reasoning). All the important stuff is at the end.

Ever since WotLK ended, I've had the opinion that the problem of WoW PvP is not balance, but the systems. In fact, the things I'm going to talk about have always been in place, I just didn't notice them because I enjoyed random battlegrounds, skirmishes and 2v2 up until Cataclysm. I don't want to make this a nostalgia thread or a rant on bringing back skirmishes, but a few words have to be said about skirmish: reintroducing skirmish arenas, with the way the game has evolved since they were last active, would be a stupid decision. Back in WotLK individual skill was a much bigger factor than it is today - this is both due to developer decisions and players getting much better in these 4 years - arena is all about team synergy now, individual skill doesn't even fascinate anybody anymore. A single player just won't be able to make enough of a difference on his own to make it fun in the slightest, perhaps with the exception of one or two specs, and I'm not even going to talk about the obvious problem of team compositions and how predictable it will be. If they are reintroduced in the original implementation, people will play them for a short while, and then it will just be another dead area of the game.

Let's forget about the other PvP modes for now and focus only on arenas - it is a little game of its own, there's nothing that feels or plays quite like it, and it has a community of its own.

A huge problem with the arena system is that there is only one, ranked, mode. I believe it applies to everybody, or at least the vast majority, that you're not always in the mood to play serious, to play to win. And I believe every arena player has been in a situation where you wanted to try playing with some other people or your friends - just for fun - but couldn't due to being locked to their "serious" team. The real reason people want skirmishes back is because arena players simply don't have anything to do when they're not in the mood to play serious, or when their team mates are offline, or whatever other reasons not to play ranked. Ever noticed how many people buy Arena Pass just to be able to mess around without putting their live ratings in danger? it's always a very short sparkle of interest, because AP isn't really that good of a solution, but it's a good example of what people want.

And so, why not do the obvious thing, the thing that exists in several other super popular games?

Unranked mode.

Give it a a matchmaking system to match equal teams, but no ladder and no statistic tracking at all. No need for teams too, just let any party of 3 queue for it, even cross realm parties. Characters will still have MMR attached to them, and the average of that MMR will be used for the party - imagine it as if a temporary arena team is created. It just won't matter, it won't give rewards, it won't be displayed on the UI, the matchmaking system will extend its search range a lot quicker (aim for 2-3 min queues tops, even at the cost of equal matchups), and there will be no competition based around it. An organized skirmish, that's exactly what it should feel like.

Firstly, this will be a less serious environment to play in for the veterans, a polygon to run new teams or just play for fun, something you can queue any time of the day carelessly, something you don't have to commit to. And secondly, this would be a wonderful thing for new PvP players. It's just like the real thing, but without the pain of losing; I know people who tried arena, sucked due to being new, and never touched it again because they just kept losing. WoW arena has a very steep learning curve at least due to the amount of information you need to memorize and get used to before you really feel like you understand what's going on, being put straight into a competitive environment makes it that much harder; on top of that, gear is a much bigger factor than it's ever been, but let's discuss this another time.

Now, since I've touched the subject of new players... Let's go back to the real world where PvP isn't just arenas. The general consensus on AJ is "who cares about random BGs", but it is so much more important for the game overall than people think. Random BGs is the first place people unfamiliar with PvP go to, not only because of gear, but because it's the only type of PvP you can queue solo for. This is where they get their opinions about the PvP side of the game, and do you honestly think it's a good one if every second active poster here is botting, and some of you even actively support it? If I continue this subject I'll have to repeat myself a lot from an earlier thread about honor and battlegrounds, but key points were: the honor grind must be shortened A LOT, it's totally wrong that getting starter PvP gear takes so long; winning/losing shouldn't be as important as it is (random is random); and botting should be at least risky and more complex to use than it is today.

Another problem with the systems is how weird the matchmaking system is. Why do you sometimes not get a high rated team from your realm that you KNOW is queueing, and instead get 10 min queues into a team 700 rating below you? Why do you sometimes experience the opposite and get the same team 3-5 times in a row when you KNOW there's other teams queueing, and you even have to sit and wait for them to finish their game when they bump into somebody else? Why do battlegroups still exist even though it's been many years since it's possible for cross battlegroup matchups? all battlegroups do now is slow down queues for everybody and give out free rank 1 titles from 5v5 shares. Why does it take years to fix an exploit in the RBG MMR system, an exploit that people made thousands of euro on, and even humiliated Blizzard by making 5000 rated level 1 characters for the purpose of advertising? Why do RBGs have a much, much better effort:reward ratio in a game that's based entirely around character/gear progression? RBG is easier for the individual player and gives everything that arena does plus more (higher cap), that's wrong on so many levels. Imagine how all of this mess looks like to new players.

It is the oldest and ugliest system in the game by far, it's had so many things built on top of it and patched that it's just an archaic abomination.

There's so many great ideas out there. It doesn't even have to be unranked mode - that's just my take on it and an idea I haven't seen discussed before. Think about weekly challenges/tournaments with rewards - regular 100k gold tournaments would be intense. Introduce observing, at least in ghost mode like on a certain private server, but preferably more like the 5.2 Brawl (can keep it tournament-only). Introduce a best-of-3 mode for it, and allow it to be used in wargames.

Think about getting rid of end of season rewards completely. End of season rewards only promote cheating and boosting by now, and their value as an achievement of skill diminished to the point they're almost irrelevant. You could replace them with the aforementioned tournaments, or do other things like temporary per-season achievements that turn into FoS (f.ex. a new Arena Master per season, Flawless Victor, 2.2/2.4/2.7 per season). You know how fun it is for new players to get a RBG achievement every 100 rating they advance? Imagine if Arena had something similar, and you got Gladiator at say 2.5k, Duelist at 2.2, etc. And the seasons are really short so it doesn't get stale - you don't NEED TO introduce a new title and set of gear every single season.

Think about reintroducing 2v2 in some shape or form (f.ex. with a healing debuff, because right now healer/dps vs healer/dps is impossible), with rewards or achievements to it, especially something for the newer and less experienced players - 2v2 is actually one of the greatest and easiest ways to learn other classes as well as a great way to pass time when bored, it solves nearly every problem I mentioned here.

The way PvP works right now doesn't allow new players to enjoy the game. This is my entire point with this post. The biggest and most important reason that arena activity is dying is that old players are quitting, but no new players are picking up WoW PvP because it sucks to play with randoms and tank down to 1k rating on your first session. There is no "entry level" in WoW PvP, you're thrown straight into ranked 3v3 where you get crushed by people fully geared and most likely with years of experience because WoW PvP hasn't really attracted players for years. THIS is what needs fixing, and it's much more important than balance.

I'm not saying that balance is irrelevant, but no matter how good and balanced the game will be, it will never attract new players if the systems stay the way it is. There's a couple of very good changes in the patch - they fixed gear progression, which was the reason S12 had half the active teams compared to S11 (despite being a fresh expansion), and they also listened to our complaints about rating decay - we haven't even fully acknowledged how huge that change will be. Ultimately I'm making this thread in hopes to motivate them to work the PvP systems more, I imagine it's an easier task than balancing and is more useful at the same time.

Most of these won't even require too much developer work hours, and they won't affect PvE or other parts of the game. You can stick with temporary title rewards or gold and it'll be just fine for us, don't waste your precious developer time on tabards/mounts/pets. We just need a bit of your programmers work hours. Please make PvP fun again.

#3850243 Afflication became so unplayable with MoP

Posted Wallirik on 17 February 2013 - 05:32 AM

Well I don't think I could imagine a talent more fun than kil'jaeden's cunning.

#3849872 Afflication became so unplayable with MoP

Posted Jontex on 16 February 2013 - 12:00 PM

Crazy dmg, crazy surivability and good cc, great synergy with shamans, affliction or warlocks in general arent in a bad state, just that spriest overlord class is better than every caster in general.

#3849108 Glyph of Shamanistic Rage

Posted Jinngo on 14 February 2013 - 06:37 PM

View Postsikemu, on 14 February 2013 - 05:48 PM, said:

Judging by your post and grammar, it's probably safe to assume that your name suits you and your play style very well.
Maybe he isnt from a english speaking country, retard.

#3845126 Nerfed AGAIN !!

Posted tiifa on 05 February 2013 - 05:54 PM

good nerfs i hate this faggot class

#3838473 Yaspresent Results

Posted Helia on 21 January 2013 - 08:57 AM

As everyone said : awesome tournament to watch.

Commentators made it so easy to understand even if you're a low-rated player, as usual. The Conrad / Azael duo is definitely the best pair of commentators the WoW scene has ever had.

Thanks alot to Yaspresents to promote and organize such tournaments, I think they diserve even more than 13k viewers for putting out such an effort. Ofc several things went wrong but as someone mentionned before, it was worth waiting.

Also, gratz to every team involved in the tournament, even if they could'nt make it through the qualifiers. Big shout out to Flubbah, more of an awesome player, he's also someone awesome when it comes to debating about other kind of stuff ;)
And last but not least, props to Colard's team, making it through the qualifiers then the group to end up in 4th place must be such a disappointment :( But look back at the long path you took, all three of you.

The final round (sunday) was so sick, most of the games went back and forth all along. Some of the best games I've ever watched live.


#3839110 SP Mass Dispeling CC.. Too good?

Posted Guest on 22 January 2013 - 12:42 PM

Said it before: defensive MD is too strong right now and will be stronger next patch. Spriests are a top spec and will be among the top 3 next patch. By ONLY taking away MD spriests will be a fair fight and be more fun to play against. Void Shift is fine. People generally complain about Void Shift not because it's unfair, but because it's annoying and they wanted their target dead and oh no he didn't die. It is a necessary spell to have. Especially now that MD removes everything off your party, it doesn't have a good spot in PvP. I feel like it's clunky for healy Priests to use defensively as well, but they need that for raiding so whatever.

#3839074 SP Mass Dispeling CC.. Too good?

Posted Hiddenstalke on 22 January 2013 - 11:22 AM

Just remove the glyph and have it baseline for disc/holy.Something like wotlk when it was talent on disc tree to reduce cast.
This way disc priest won't have to choose between Death or MD vs mages(since they use PS/Innerfocus glyphs already)

#3832018 Yaspresents Online 3v3 Tournament Qualifier Brackets

Posted Vanguards on 07 January 2013 - 05:45 AM

Posted Image

Complete Roster
Tournament Information
Stream Link

Group A (12th January 6:00 - 11:30pm CET)

Nuevos no somos eh: Blukstack/Methodx/Akane (Warlock/Paladin/Warrior)
Fanclub Zeyns: Enteyjin/Astaraya/Summi (Death Knight/Druid/Paladin)
Major League Soccer: Sai/Adden/Wallirikz (Mage/Shaman/Warlock)
Kurts Crew: Exerion/Hexur/Evleh (Druid/Shaman/Priest)
Toxic Youth: Boetar/Swapxy/Linkx (Warrior/Shaman/Paladin)
Shes Asian: Redx/Oldogstyle/Trollsweed (Shaman/Warrior/Priest)

Group B (13th January 6:00 - 11:30pm CET)

Xero Practice: Salv/Ruddy/Forteh (Druid/Hunter/Paladin)
Alors la: Emelys/Shivz /Drat (Druid/Shaman/Priest)
Honor Capped: Colard/Saffie/Teebow (Warrior/Warlock/Shaman)
Prestige Gaming: Fritterus/Anberlin/Kekepopa (Druid/Shaman/Warrior)
Rat League Queuers: Shouri/Nadagast/Hoodrych (Druid/Warlock/Warrior)
Toaster Toasting Toasts:Yipz/Dakkroth/Chromix (Druid/Shaman/Priest)

#3833586 5.2 Warlock changes

Posted saffie on 10 January 2013 - 06:56 PM

I think we should be happy with what we are getting, passive dmg reduction was the thing we needed the most. I'm glad they actually listened and put it up. We should try to see how affli does in arena before saying we need more things.

One of the biggest problems blizzard has is that when they change things, they change it too much, rather than changing it slightly and seeing how it goes and hotfixing it later if not. I think after these changes casters will mostly be in the same level apart from shadow priests.

#3831113 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Guest on 04 January 2013 - 07:56 PM

View PostNightmonkey, on 04 January 2013 - 06:14 PM, said:

Mages and locks have been top classes for 11 seasons.  Warlocks have already been removed from arena apart from very specific comps.  Mages are still all over the place because they're still one of the best classes.  They need to be brought in line with everyone else.  

Not sure what game people have been playing when they confidently say things like this. There's a difference between being a viable class and being a top class. Warlocks, if any class, have always been viable. They have had their moments of being really strong, but it was always something different that was making them so strong. SL/SL, Chaos Bolt/Conflag, and Demo double Chaos wave were some of their stronger times. Frost Mages have been viable for most seasons. Yeah, they do high burst and have good survivability, but that doesn't mean they need to be nerfed. Frost has always been able to be dealt with. There have definitely been times where I die to one where I'm really frustrated because he Ice Lanced me for "X" number 3 times and I died, but every single class has annoying things like that (doesn't mean any of it needs to be changed). Case and point: Mages are not out of line. Improved Counterspell had to be dealt with, yes, but not with the removal of it. Reduce the duration of Imp CS to 3 seconds, and increase the cooldown of Counterspell to 24 seconds. Spell Lock was fine.

View PostNightmonkey, on 04 January 2013 - 06:14 PM, said:

Even with this change Mages will still be very strong because they have some of the strongest control and damage in the game.  Since blanket CS was introduced, Mages have gained at least one other tool to keep someone from casting - deep freeze.  They do not need to be able to deep into a blanket silence.  That is too much control for one class to have.  If you need to protect your frost bomb or your poly, you can still do that with deep freeze.

This is really ugly to even reply to. First of all, I don't agree with the first statement. There has been so many different control abilities added to MoP that Mages previous dominance in CC is being challenged. Druids, Mages, Priests, Paladins, Warriors, and Warlocks all bring plenty of control. I couldn't tell you which one is the strongest. Strongest damage? I mean, with Nether Tempest, their damage is consistently pretty high - sure, but I'm much more scared of other classes' damage.

It seems you're trying to say that deep-->blanket is unfair and shouldn't be possible. Yet again, where is the comparison to how other classes do things? How is Deep/blanket (both magical, mind you) any different from Warbringer-->Shockwave, Beam-->Vortex, Psychic Horror-->Silence, Garrote-->Kidney, Intimidation Stun-->Silencing Shot, Strangulate-->Gnaw Stun?

#3830944 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Thaya on 04 January 2013 - 01:18 PM

Posted Image

#3830933 Healers in the absence of silences (5.2)

Posted Saikx on 04 January 2013 - 12:46 PM

when they nerf the mongoloid gods in plate that have alone 7 rotateable interrupts and fucking jesus cats that have a cyclone procc on every global they do then maybe but only maybe any mage would consider to fakecast.

Atm its just not worth it to fakecast since you will have to outfake ~10 rotateable interrupt abilities when mongoloid plategods or jesuscats are on you, which are btw in 99% of the teams you meet now GUESS WHY

inb4 feral/warrior defending their class, cy@ faggots

edit: oh and on topic, removing silence from mages will just make the gap between them and shadows even bigger, another indirect buff to shadowpriest I mean they arent god status enough yet(why would you ever take mage now when you can have a shadowbuddha in your team?), stupid mongoloids at blizzard sometimes I really wonder if they even play their own game or if they just calculate numbers