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Resto Shamans now

08 January 2015 - 01:40 PM

Just wanted to start a thread on the current state of resto shamans.

My personal take is that our healing output is probably best, if not one of the best (as always), but we are the target to train(as always).

I like the tremor change, and I like the healing stream totem nerf. What do you guys think can be implemented into the game that won't over-buff us but make our survivability somewhat decent?

I feel like shamans need rets or ferals to survive, and if neither of those are on my team I get trained all the time and just die.

1) One of the changes I was thinking was for Nature's Guardian to be available for resto shamans for free (but increase the passive CD), and actually allow us to choose among a new talent, Astral Shift (toned down to 30%?), or Stone Bulwark Totem.

2) OR completely rework our level 100 talent tree.

Just an idea but something like "Totem Mastery".. which would

- Give totems a boost of HP (5% of our HP or something)
- Fortify certain major CD totems
- Increase DMG reduction in Sprit Link Totem to 20%, and allow the buff to stay up on the shaman for 6 seconds IF totem is killed (reason being I feel like right now people just train me through link, and I just die anyway)
- Increase DMG done by Fire Elemental Totem (right now a 5 min CD that hits for like 800)
- Something with Earth Elemental Totem (5min CD).

3) OR Just give Resto Shamans shamanistic rage! :D

Small changes would be key, but I would really like to see something done with our ability to survive.

What do you guys think?