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#3835358 They are considering to buff disc

Posted Lilyi on 15 January 2013 - 09:57 AM

I think you're trying to make too many direct comparisons between paladins and priests. Paladins aren't just better disc priests. You're underestimating the value of absorbs (ability to prepare for future incoming damage) and priests' ability to avoid CC (i.e. phantasm/guise/glyphed death maybe now that some glyphs are baseline/glyphed penance to channel out of LOS or range once the cast starts). Priest CC is also on different diminishing return groups, which makes a big difference for a lot of comps.

The most recent 5.2 changes are big and I could see them making disc completely viable again, depending on what the exact numbers end up being. Keep in mind that:
* Penance will heal for more
* Shields will be cheaper
* Flash heal spam will be more sustainable w/ the new 4pc bonus (-50% flash heal cost during sshell), although you will lose some burst throughput from the old 4pc (penance buff should offset this, depending on numbers)
* More flash heal sustainability allows you to shield more often due to the Strength of Soul passive
* Divine insight might actually be a strong talent without just OOMing you twice as fast

One of my biggest problems with disc's overall design is how weak atonement is in pvp. This means that archangel also isn't very useable; disc does need a healing throughput cooldown, which archangel was supposed to provide. Archangel/Evangelism is pretty well designed, so it's a shame that it gets sidelined in pvp. I'd like to see the -50% self-healing penalty go away (seems like an outdated design; monk eminence healing doesn't do this, for example), and the amount healed ignore the enemy target's resilience (i.e. if you nuke for 1000, resil reduces that to 500 dmg, the atonement heal is still 1000).