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Burden of Guilt - Reasonable uptime?

20 September 2013 - 07:14 AM

Are any other Paladins finding Burden of Guilt's 2 second slow acceptable uptime for running Seal of Truth permanently instead of Seal of Justice?

Trinket Choice 5.4

20 September 2013 - 01:18 AM

With the introduction of the 2set bonus for pvp trinkets I am interested to hear what people are finding is the best option for trinkets in pvp.

Current obvious options appear to be:
Human Engineer [survival] = Chance-on-hit pvp str trink + battlemaster trinket
Human non-engineer = chance-on-hit pvp str trink + on-use str pvp trink
non-human Engineer = medallion + chance-on-hit pvp str trink
non-human non-engineer = medallion + on-use pvp trink

Human Engineer [non-survival] = ???
has anyone tested any of the new pve trinkets?

Full Tyr 1800 exp retpal LF pvp guild - Alliance Frostmourne

01 August 2013 - 03:33 AM

title says it all. just left barth after having some small success in RBG's to 1850 and some casual arena. have returned my paladin to frostmourne and am seeking a guild likely to respond to "pushing rating in arena, LF more" or "forming RBG/LF RBG rating push" in gchat.

want some serious ratings, done with the mid-range.