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In Topic: Improving Ret Healing

12 April 2015 - 09:47 AM

OP asked a question. if you dont have something helpful to say, go troll another forum thread.

improving your healing heavily depends on who the target is; YOU or your ARENA PARTNER(S). In most cases, its an adjustment of a talent complimented with a glyph to suit it.
Some recommendations for self-healing:

- Eternal Flame
The HoT is increased by 50% when cast in self. combined with WoG glyph and our 4set, the trade-off in loss of dmg for the EF isnt a complete waste of time.

- Sacred Shield
This you can apply to yourself (or an ally) before combat has even begun. no wasted GCD or HP. At high levels or strength and haste the shields can be quite powerful and frequent.

- Unbreakable Spirit
Only take this talent if you are positive you will be trained. Bubble CD becomes 2.5 mins, most big dmg CD's are 2mins. Some crafty kiting might be needed for the 30 second window after burst. Combined with glyph of Divine Protection for physical teams also provides some assistance.

- Seraphim
The 1000 Versatility helps out with output as well as damage reduc. note that the Bonus Armor form Seraphim does not actually provide a benefit to ret. It only provides dmg reduc to tank specs.

- Empowered Seals
All the activated seals have defensive applications. the 10% AP from truth also increases our SP for heals and SS shields. The haste increases from righteous lowers our GCD and increases flash heal pace. more frequent SS procs too. The movement speed from justice combined with Long Arm is an excellent disconnect from melee and hiding behind cover from range. Obviously the HoT from Insight, combined with the seal's benefits itself are the closest thing we have to a tank stance.

I understand your attachment to Final Verdict, but its the only choice in that talent line with no defensive applications. You can try glyph of Divine Storm (as you have a reason to use that spell with empowered DS) but its not reliable, as you're relying on a proc to heal yourself.

Some Recommendations for Off-healing:
- Selfless Healer
for obvious reasons. you dont necessarily have to wait for 3 stacks to use this either, use it when its needed. consider using glyph of Flash of Light for spam healing, or flash heal followed with either WoG, or ES (when used as a heal, the large burst happens first, so it gains the 10% buff at the best moment)

- Clemency
This is mainly for your Hand of Sacrifice, but obviously useful for all hand spells. HoS is pretty much a blanket 30% reduc for your team mate. When glyphed it wont even transfer the damage to you.

Deciding which of these choices you will go with heavily depends what team composition you run, and what you're against. Changing talents and glyphs during the arena setup wont even consume tomes of knowledge and reset after the match, so always change talents and glyphs to compliment your composition and counter the opposition

In Topic: Vanguards Retribution Paladin PvP Guide (6.2)

12 April 2015 - 08:59 AM

[quote name='Cempa' timestamp='1426325649' post='4400362']
Tier 75 talents would be great if we could have greater insight, many have talked about HA and DP but I have not come across Sanctified Wrath views and criticism.  In a PvP environment we all see how powerful a Wings+HA on a full CC target is -so short duration high burst with the risk of yielding naught if its mitigated somehow.  

SW (Sanctified Wrath)  is over a much longer duration allowing for a wide range of options but less concentrated damage...

pros and cons?


Crono is running SW + EmpSeals at the moment and speaks highly of it. he may be able to provide more insight.

In Topic: Vanguards Retribution Paladin PvP Guide (6.2)

12 April 2015 - 08:37 AM

[quote name='Wutangrza' timestamp='1421299164' post='4359795']
+1000 bonus armor should make you tankier vs RMD burst (1000 armor is more than a shield provides).

Bonus armor provides no benefit to ret. activate seraphim and hover over the "bonus armor" section of your character screen. it doesnt  change. only the versatility provides defensive applications (or the haste/crit for heals, etc)

[quote name='Archuriel' timestamp='1424264630' post='4389530']
Far as I know it was needed because people used it in PvE and it was 100% up. As soon as you use TV\FV it resets to 6% (Bug maybe?).  Seraphim is fun but still doesn't seem to be viable, the 10yrd range, pure holy DMG, plus the big Divine storm hits make Final verdict too good to pass up most time. Only time I see Seraphim as being good is vs low armor comps like mage rogue, god comp, etc.  Maybe they'll buff it in the future.

Seraphim does increase damage contribution by 10% (according to the tooltop) however it is only for 4 seconds. this will provide some assistance with maybe your first couple of global cooldowns. This buff COULD also be overwritten if you say, opened with seraphim + HA, used HoW, then used a TV immediately after (thus applying a 6% immediately). I havent tested this.