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#3808895 Some 5.2 updated addons (AAV, SpellAlerter, Icicle, SpellLock, PAB, Interrupt...

Posted Draakex on 21 November 2012 - 03:18 PM

For those who are interested - i fixed some old addons for 5.2 and wrote small ones for myself:

AAV (Atrox Arena Viewer)
- records and plays arena-matches
(currently bugged when viewing matches with deathknights - freezes your wow)

PAB (Party Ability Bar)
- shows cooldowns of your party-members
(if you have the blizzard raidframes enabled, you need to set "Sort By:" to "Role" and mustn't select any role)

- shows Interrupt (can't differ cooldowns from real counterspell-interrupt or just blanket)

- like InterruptBar but able to show multiple cooldowns of the same interrupt-spell and only shows possible interrupts by the specific classes

- shows notifications on the screen if certain spells/buffs are casted

- tracks spell school lockouts on enemy player targets by you or members of your party

- shows a 5sec (+- delay-time) timer for the exact time of when you drop out of combat

- colors the background of the unitframes by class

- shows stopwatch when focus active and counts the interrupt-cooldowns (plays "click"-sound when ready)

- shows enemy cooldowns over the NamePlates

- disables the leave-confirmation when leaving arena

If any of the links are not working for you or you need mirrors, just tell me and i'll upload it elsewhere.

If you have any other wishes for addons, you need to be fixed for the current patch, please let me know and i'll try.

+rep would be very appreciated

If you notice any .lua-Errors please let me know (and make screenshots of them, so it's easier to find the error-source).

#3823854 The current RBG ladder

Posted Djandawg on 19 December 2012 - 04:13 AM

View PostBloobungle, on 18 December 2012 - 09:56 PM, said:

What's wrong with enjoying team-based competition? Have you ever played a team sport that's epic to the final minute? You know that feeling you get when you win?

Nothing wrong with that. The thing is, If arena is NBA, rbg is curling(women's). It's imaginable that people can watch curling on the edge of their seat. It's just preference


Watch some of the Kollektiv vs. Bailamost series.
I did watch Kollektiv's stream, they kept saying fuck RBGs and can you replace me?


I can only assume that people who 'hate' RBG's are unable to play with or tolerate others. Please... explain to me:
What do you dislike about them? How can Blizzard cater to your special needs?
-The queues are too long,
-The games are too long,
-Objectives are fucking dumb,
-You(as a player) have very little control over the outcome of the game.
-I enjoy the combat aspect of the game. I like the fact that every time I outplay an opponent, it gets my team closer to victory. Rbg is just one big cluster fuck where the combat revolves around who does most damage, who heals most, who solar beam / vortex's more etc. It's closer to a pve fight.

And because of that, I don't think RBGs represent the pvp aspect of this game and should not be on this site.
Hope this helps.