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Druid State and Specs, Comps

07 November 2013 - 12:17 AM

So my main is my Druid, but I have been in this constant dilema the entire season:

Should I go Boomkin,Feral or Resto !?

I allready have like 17k stored Conquest Points (just capping each week and getting refounds for the bought griev. gear) because I just can´t seem to make up my mind. I enjoy all of them a lot.

So seeking advice from experience players on top tiers.

So main question: What is doing better this season ? What would YOU roll if you had a 90 Druid ready to roll in.

And in Rated BGs, which is more desirable?

Is feral still good even though we lost instant Cyclone? Is boomkin good even though we literally can´t cast? Is resto doing good with the amount of burst going on and the hard switchs?

And which would do better on Arena with a Mage and a Lock (2s an 3s), which rating would be top for triple DPS with a Lock and Mage? And with Resto Druid + Lock and Mage ?

(Please, if you name a comp like LSD2, please tell me each spec, I´m not verry familiar with all these comps terminology)