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#3872353 Hunter Question About Focus Fire

Posted NickyEU on 08 April 2013 - 07:24 AM

Zionsfall's playstyle is very reliant on pet damage and instant cast, He plays without powershot and his main way of killing is instant burst with an instant cc here and there.

I do not suggest ONLY not using it, as higher pressure can be achieved through effectively using CC while doing maximum damage throughout that entire period. Being able to quickly regenerate focus through faster cobra/steady shots and utilizing power shot for very hard bursts/utility knockbacks.is extremely useful when handled well.

In most "all out scenarios" we have way to much focus to spend, so using it during your cooldowns is not very viable - but there comes 2.5 min afterwards where you will be starving! ^^

Consider it a choice of playstyle - if you play with capable players and your tactics are set for killing in small burst windows then do go with Zionsfall playstyle. He found a tactic that worked with his partner and his composition - and for his specific situation not using Focus Fire is optimal decision as a lot of his damage comes from the pet.

There are other variables such as enemy team with a lot of AoE CC, those can interrupt pet damage and thus having focus fire would be more effective.