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effects of skirmishes on rated play

22 April 2014 - 09:49 PM

What effects do you guys think skirmishes will have on the rated bracket? So far it seems like we will be getting decent rewards for random queueing. Will this lower the player base .. as the "10 wins a week just to cap" people might not have to even touch the rated bracket anymore?

If conquest or conquest gear is given as a reward, I would hope that the amount is low enough to deter people from "only" doing skirmishes.

Either way i'm personally happy skirmishes will be back. My partners quit WoW this season so they could focusin on playing some pokemon game so this would have given me something to do to stay in the swing of things.

Ps.. did anyone else notice the nagrand style arena on ashran island?

Budget gaming laptop / headset

06 February 2014 - 07:10 PM

I'm looking to buy a better laptop to do arenas on. I'm currently using an HP G60-630US which was made in 1863 by some cowboys to pawn off for hookers and booze. It was good for what I wanted at the time as at that point I vowed to not play any games ever again, but now that I'm playing wow again I think I would have been better off with the hookers and booze. It's great running around the shrine at 2fps, with the occasional 7fps spike if I face a wall. Anyways I need some advice before I blow all my coke money.

I've been looking at these two. They're slightly over my budget, but I suppose I don't mind if they'll last me a while. Are they worth it? Can I get something else that fits my needs better?



I have questions about what some of the specifications mean.

(1) What the fuck does "1TB HDD + 8GB Hybrid SSHD" and "1TB+24GB SSD" mean? Specifically what does SSD and SSHD mean?

(2) The cheaper one has 8 gigs of ram and the second has 16 gigs. Is 16 gigs overkill?? Would I be perfectly fine using 8 gigs? I'm currently using 3 gigs, which is shared with the shitty-ass "intel media graphics accelerator" in my HP so ANYTHING is an upgrade...

(3) Is "heat" going to be an issue in these laptops? They're both using 2x gfx cards (SLI) and I'm assuming the cpu is overclocked "6MB L3 Cache Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz"

(4) They don't have disk drives...The only time I've used a disk on this comp was to install WoW. I don't plan on playing any other games .. If I find the need I can get an external one ... BUT ... can I install MoP (and WoD when it comes out) through download? If I do "need" one now, should I just consider a different laptop?

Does anyone suggest getting something else instead? Some keynotes as to what exactly I plan on doing with the laptop...

(1) Arena -- I could care less about RBGS
(2) Record what I'm doing while I'm playing arenas
(3) Don't currently plan on streaming, but it's possible I may in the future
(4) Raiding - For pugging SoO when I'm bored and there's no one to arena with.
(5) Webcam hookers ... since I traded my real ones for this shitty-ass HP
(6) I can't build a desktop because traveling around the world with one isn't practical...
(7) I plan to play plugged in with battery removed (so it doesn't get toasted in a year), and don't mind plugging in the ethernet cable either so good wi-fi isn't a must.
(8) I can't think of anything else to put for #8 so i guess I'll take to moment tell you all that ramen noodles absolutely disgust me.

Also...can someone suggest a headset off newegg for under $40? I don't mind goign "slightly" over that amount if I can get something significantly better. The current $20 headset from walmart that i'm using picks up EVERYTHING. People bitch because they can hear themselves talk through it. Also, every time I roll a cigarette ... they think I'm wrapping my face with tinfoil. *sigh*

And I don't care about mice. I'm perfectly fine using my $8 logitech. Every time I've bought a decent mouse in the past, I hated it...AND it broke within a few months...happened like 5 times. Oh yeah, I'll never forget the days of TBC doing some intense 40 minute arena battle, almost winning, then giggle giggle hey dude I can't help you do ANYTHING because my wireless mouse battery died. There was also the time I couldn't trinket something really important because one of my thumb buttons broke....so eff that nonsense!!

[I would like to make my purchase with in the next 3 days]