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Are legendary rings still BiS for hpally?

01 July 2015 - 03:23 AM

Are the legendary rings still our best in slot item for arenas? Would love to skip the pve bullshit since I already have to blow fart bubbles for several hours each week on each character in ashran and rbgs just to get versatility gear (which it hasnt even given me yet lol).

PS.. Just wanted to brag that I'm #46 on the 2v2 ladder atm with my high and mighty 1650 cr lol. I even took a screenshot cause that's the only time I'll likely ever be on the boards at all. I know it won't be there in a few days lol :)

How to "do the most damage"??

01 June 2015 - 09:03 PM

When I started playing again in MoP I wanted to play holy paladin, but the class what completely different from how it was in TBC and I couldn't grasp the concept of having 439 CDs and being shit heals without them (when I wasn't in CC) so I only played about 20 games during that xpac.

When WoD came out and I leveled my hpally I enjoyed the playstyle and started healing again. I've been playing mostly Hpally / Arms Warrior 2s to get used to what to do and how to do it. Now that I'm decent at predicting what's going to happen 5 seconds from now and how to prevent it, I'm turning my attention to my Warrior partner.

My warrior generally opens up with popping all of his CDs (reck / trinket / avatar) on who ever he is going on. Also at certain times in the mid game, I notice him popping CDs (reck or avatar) when ever we don't have any CC up or can't put any CC up. I'm under the assumption that this is WRONG.

I'm assuming the proper way to do the most damage is to use offensive CDs only when you can line up a CC chain on the healer or off target. For example if say we're going against a RDruid / BM Hunter team we generally try to fear -> hoj -> repentance -> stormbolt the healer .. sometimes my warrior pops whatever CDs he has, but sometimes he doesn't have any and I feel the CC chain is wasted. I'm assuming it's a waste to pop long CDs (like 1 min hoj / fear) if no offensive CDs are available .. also doing this means we have 1 long CC chain every minute and every 30s we can only stormbolt -> repentance the druid.

Is it better to not use swifty macros as an arms warrior? Is it better to do something like open with fear -> stormbolt -> repentance on druid and pop avatar on hunter .. then wait for 2nd proc trinket (45s later) and do hoj -> repentance -> stormbolt and pop recklessness on hunter .. then on 3rd trinket proc go back to fear -> stormbolt -> repentance w/avatar on hunter again?

Granted this is just an example and we usually win 90% of our fights against hunter / rdruid even if we mess up a million things. I'm just wondering what the best way to pop offensive CDs is in conjunction with CC against any team in general. When we fight against warriors I get wrecked as the healer .. but the opposing healer never dies until deep dampening unless they're a complete retard .. so I'm assuming that my warrior isn't using his offensive CDs correctly in order to put out the most pressure and force trinkets / defensives.

I would like to be able to direct him to this thread to help him get better :)


Advice on how to increase awareness / remove gladiatorlossa

01 June 2015 - 08:36 PM

I started playing wow during either the BWL or AQ patch (which ever came first) and I played all through TBC. During TBC I did a ton of arenas and didn't have a problem reading buffs / debuffs. However, I quit when WotLK came out due to IRL reasons and didn't come back until right after MoP released.

When I came back in MoP the game was completely different. Every class had one to two million more CCs / CDs / buffs / debuffs / etc... and I had no clue wtf anything was (like blizz gave death coil to DKs and switched lock's coil to mortal coil). When I started doing arenas I DL'd GladiatorLOSsa and it helped me a ton in figuring out what CDs were being used and what exactly they did.

Fast forward a few years, now it's WoD and I know all the abilities (plus the 1.79 million that they removed) and I feel there's no need for me to use GladiatorLOSsa anymore. In a way I think it's actually worse than not using it at all. For example when I'm fighting against Feral / BM Hunter as HPally / Arms and I know that I have to save wings to match it with Berserk / Incarnation and the hunter / feral pop four hundred swifty CDs at once, you can't always "hear" that incarn is being popped and I just guess.

So now for my question:
What is the best way to increase my buff / debuff awareness? At the moment I would obviously be gimping myself by removing GladiatorLOSsa so what would be the most painless way to approach doing so?