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In Topic: Holy/Arms vs Disc (or hpal) / Combat and any DK team

28 May 2015 - 11:25 PM

Haven't been playing much lately since my Warrior partner is working on finals, but I'm geeked to say we finally beat a legit Rogue / Priest team :)

My Warrior Partner used Warbringer (charge stun) and Bloodbath. I used Freedom Glyph and Speed of Light Talent.

Basically read what everyone was saying in the rsham / warrior thread here http://www.arenajunk...t-roguehealers/

Warrior trained rogue and coordinated his stuns with me so to make sure I could get a heal or two off every time storm bolt was up. Priest eventually ran out of mana and war switched to him and killed him at around 45% dampening.

Funny part was we lost against teams today that we usually farm like afflock / hpally, rdruid / bmhuntard because we were rusty as fuck from only playing a few games in the last 2 weeks. I'm just happy that we're figuring out how to beat a lot of the comps that we had trouble against before. I feel like I'm finally ready to move on into 3s with this character so hopefully we can find a decent 3rd.

A simple run down and how we usually play against certain comps:

RDruid / BM Hunter:
I pick 20% physical Divine Protection glyph in case the hunter goes me, if he does I use it when he does Murder of Crows. I also use Merciful Wrath glyph and the Denounce glyph although the denouce glyph probably isn't needed since I try to spam denouce the hunter as much as possible with the occasional denounce on the healer if I think he's going to NS (can someone confirm if this makes NS unable to crit?). I pick Speed of Light talent and Repentance.

General strat is to catch the druid in a Intimidating Shout (warrior fear) -> 1 Min HoJ -> Repentance .. Warrior should be stormbolting hunter if he has Counter Shot off CD .. however in the 1900 bracket hunters rarely try to CS my Rep. Warrior should be saving offensive CDs for when we start the CC chain. If Intimidating shout and hoj are on CD, you can still do Repentance -> Stormbolt. Warrior tries to reflect clones .. if the druid tries to Bash -> Clone me I sometimes BoP the bash off of myself and either kick the clone if he's close enough, or BoP->Speed of Light to LoS the clone.

This comp can still be really hard on certain maps following this strat. In Blade's Edge and Dalaran the hunter can knock me off the edge to insure a kill on the warrior .. or if we get close to a kill the hunter can knock off the warrior .. It's also a pain in the dick to roll out a CC chain when you have to run straight past a hunter to CC their healer :(

RDruid / Survival:
Same as above but it's way harder for some reason if the hunter tries to kill me instead of the warrior. We've only fought it like 3 times out of 300 games though since it's so easy for everyone with downs to push crows->barrage as BM.

BM Hunter / Feral Druid:
This comps scary as fuck even though we usually win. Remove your merciful wrath glyph! I usually glyph Freedom / Denounce / Flash of Light. Warrior tries to kill hunter while we CC the Feral as much as possible. You absolutely have to save wings for Incarnation / Berserk .. if you fuck up and accidentally push it before the feral pops his shit just hope and pray that he pops it right after or you may as well leave. Use every other single cooldown before wings if you have to. If you pop wings early the feral will just wait till wings goes down then pop his burst CDs and watch one of you die in 2 globals. On a good note it's usually a very fun fight!

Afflock / Hpally:
Spec into Speed of Light, Hand of Purity and Beacon of Faith. I usually glyph Freedom / Flash of Light / Merciful Wrath.

General Strat is to have Warrior train down the lock and kill the lock pet if possible. Stay as far away from the hpally as possible while lining the the lock as much as possible too. I generally try to dispel haunts off the warrior (specially during Dark Soul), but this is situational. I try to save Hand of Purity for when the lock has Dark Soul dots on both of us so I can hand of purity one of us and dispel the dots off the other .. just be aware that the UA Silence + Damage can put you in a bad spot. I only try to run out and Stun the paladin if Speed of Light is off CD and I'm 90% sure that I can get back to safety with out getting caught in a big Cc chain. This comp is really hard to fight in Ruins of Lorderan :(

Disc / Frost DK:
This is usually pretty easy. I pick pursuit of Justice / Beacon of Faith and try to keep it at max run speed while freedom kiting the DK and staying as far away from the priest as possible. I try to freedom my warrior out of priest roots as much as possible and I spam dispel the DK dots off myself. The reason I take Beacon of Faith is I generally don't have a hard time living solo against a Frost DK and the Priest will usually run with reflective shield allowing him to solo the warrior so it helps a bit with keeping him offensive. Fear off the priests Fear Ward as soon as he puts it up and roll as many stuns into the priest as possible without heavily DRing them. If the DK pops Breath on you, counter it with Divine Protection's damage reduction. If the priest is able to purge reliably purge off my freedom then it makes the fight a little bit harder, but we usually win this one without much problem.

RSham / Afflock:
Just leave and requeue!

Honestly I have no idea how to fight this .. if the warrior goes on the lock the shaman has no problem keeping him and the pet up .. if the warrior goes on the shaman, then the shaman pulls the warrior LoS of me and pulls me out into a bad spot and the game ends in a CC chain. For some reason I've only ever fought this comp on Blade's Edge which is complete BS if you ask me lol.

HPally / Demo Lock:
Only fought this once, but it was the hardest comp we've faced this season. If they play it right, then you may as well just leave. Their strat against us is to have the lock build a full fury bar then Coil -> Pet stun the warrior and Hoj on me while the lock pops Dark Soul + DPS Trinket demonbolt spam / pet bladestorm into the warrior. If they do this then you have to play your CDs / Trinkets perfectly to live through the demon bolt spam. If by chance you get the lock low and his healer into a CC chain, then the lock will just use glyphed /  talented Drain Life and heal himself to full. I'm guessing the best kill target here would be the paladin .. not sure. I'm just happy that I've only faced it once.

Frost DK / Feral Druid:
Glyphs: Freedom / Flash of Light / Denounce
Talents: Pursuit of Justice

Match the Feral's Incarnation / Berserk with Wings and the DK's Breath with Divine Protection. Keep yourself freedomed when possible and dispell the dk dots off yourself if you can and kite as much as possible without LoSing your Warrior. Roll all your stuns into the feral and use Intimidating Shout as a peel so you can get some casts off. This is another fun, high incoming damage fight and you will likely die if you mess up one of your CDs.

Disc Priest / Rogue:
As stating in the beginning of this post we've only beat it once so far so read our strat up there. Prior to this, we got completely farmed by this comp and would die in the first or second Killing Spree.

Hpally / Warrior:
We generally lose against this, but the fight goes the same everytime. What they do to us is the paladin rushes me down and HoJ's me while the warrior pops CD's. I always live through this but it puts me so far behind and we're never able to really get ahead after this due to me getting spam denouced by their paladin and eventually lose .. a few times they CC'd me and went warrior at the start, but as soon as I trinket / bubble / or wings to keep my warrior alive their warrior will go on me and the match ends the same way. So this isn't a real strat, but should give you some thought process into how win a mirror match. Basically seems like who ever gets the better opener wins the match.

Rogue / Mage:
Glyphs: Freedom / Merciful Wrath / Denounce
Talents: At my rating I don't notice much difference between the different talent choices. If you think they're going to go on you then Unbreakable Spirit will probably be better, however it's extremely rare that they try to kill the paladin. If you pick Clemency then it means the mage will get 2x Freedom and 2x BoP. Hand of Purity is not worth taking at all (just figured I would mention it).

Basically they will try to run a long as CC chain on you while they destroy your warrior. We usually have the Warrior train the Mage to stop as many Polys / Frost Jaws as possible.  We typically run our Stuns on the Rogue unless we know the Mage can't Blink out of them. Remember if you can't break their CC chain then you can trinket a full Poly and / or BoP yourself out of Blind. If you have to BoP a blind off of yourself then you have to be careful until your Forbearance debuff wears off as they can swap to you with a Full Kidney / KS / Ice Nova if that happens Divine Protection the Mage's Damage and try to have Warrior peel the rogue .. at our rating I think this has only happened once though. Don't forget to keep trash debuffs up on your Warrior so you can Sac some Polys as well. If you do get caught in a long CC chain you'll likely have to pop Wings + ES out of it .. if wings are on CD and you're human then pop your On-Use Trinket + ES. We generally have a 90% win rate against this. If you know you're going to get CC'd then you can try to use a glyphed Freedom on yourself (hopefully you have trash debuffs to cover it from spellsteal) as well to hopefully lessen the length of the chain.

In Topic: What's the age of Venruki?

19 May 2015 - 03:16 AM

The Age of Venruki refers to the dates January 30th, 2007 to May 18th, 2015, when mage ruled supreme in arenas.

In Topic: Dwarf or Human for holy?

18 May 2015 - 08:14 PM

What spell school is Gift of the Naaru?

In Topic: Question about aura mastery

18 May 2015 - 04:03 PM

View PostViolatrix, on 17 May 2015 - 03:59 AM, said:

I guess you missed my commentary about the gameplay video you uploaded late last month:

No, I saw that, but I thought you trying to say something else. A misunderstanding on my part of how the spell works.

PS .. just wanted to say I gained 100 rating the other day since all the bots were banned. I can actually juke about 75% of the kicks being thrown at me. Maybe it's just coincidence, but I'm thinking that maybe those teams that I was getting kicked 95% of the time really were bots lol ... and we're also beating teams / comps that would absolutely destroy us before :)

In Topic: How to make affli locks more fun in PvP

17 May 2015 - 02:47 AM

View PostNyeshyo, on 16 May 2015 - 11:33 AM, said:

Also what would u guys think about something like this:

"Nightbringer (Passive) has been introduced - Your corruption has a 6% chance to give you the Nightbringer buff, making your next Haunt within 10 seconds instant and free of cast"

This effect would not work like the new nightfall with only one corruption mattering, but all of them. This would reward you in having multiple corruptions up and also to protect your corruptions with UA's.

Yes, the game needs more casters based around instant cast spells to compete with those mages zipping around the map at 8000% run speed :(

They need to make casting more rewarding, and missing kicks more punishing like say if you kick and get faked then 2 or 3 seconds gets added to your kick cd or the person who faked gets immunity from all  interrupts for so many seconds.