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In Topic: Warlocks in WoD

17 September 2014 - 09:27 PM

I did about 5 hours of skirmishes yesterday as affliction. All games were 2v2 because 3v3 skirmishes a joke without having an actual team because you get stuck with retards against a set team.

Healthstone + Healstone Glyph + Dark Regen: This combination is a joke ..  Blizz either needs to buff healthstone (which won't happen) or replace dark regen with something else. This used to be a nice defensive cooldown, in WoD I could only see dark regen being used to help your healer put bigger heals on you when you're about to die and the healer isn't cc'd .. worthless :-/

Drain Life + Drain Life Talent + Drain Life Glyph: In 2v2 atleast this is king. You can easily self heal your self to full anytime you know wont get interrupted or if you can fake a kick. The tradeoff is if you're healing yourself with drain life, you'll lose pressure from having your dots roll off. Make sure you refresh your agony stacks if possible so you don't lose all pressure. I'm assuming this will be good in 3v3 as well.

Haven't played against any shaman yet, but if we need to kill totems it will have to be with pet or wand (or both with a mouseover /petattack /attack macro).

Comp wise: It's hard to judge because it's skirmishes on a realm where almost no one knows how to play, but I did a long string of games with some russian ww monk i met in skirmishes and we only lost like 3 games out of about 25 due to me dying to double melee cleaves Glad Stance Warrior + DK. I also did a bunch of games with a gnome rogue that went really good as well by sapping dps and opening on the healer. Seemed like all my other partners were trash. Skirmishes are nice because once you find someone good you can use the "requeue as team" option.

Rotation wise: I found myself soulburn/soul swapping initial dots, then soulburn/haunt onto the kill target then focusing on keeping the off-target cc'd. With real partners I'm sure you could hard cast the initial dots, but 90% of the games I was the kill target so it's a little harder to get initial casts off with out help.

Teleport usages is the same.

Gateway has changed a lot. I'm still trying to figure out how to best place it since it's range got nerfed hard.
.. In Ruins, I was just pushing out slightly past the doorway and casting it toward the tomb.
.. In Blade's Edge, I there's a couple different places to put it on the bottom. From the bottom of the ramp to one of the other pillars/ramps.
.. In Nagrand, I'm not sure about yet. You can place it from a pillar to mid to use as a second teleport to get out of mid. You can put it from behind one of your pillars, to the other one of your pillars to gate/pillar hump. I think if you put it from your pillar to their pillar you need to push out a little or it only goes 2/3rds of the way.
.. In Shado-Pan, I've been placing from behind my pillar to one of the side ramps. Don't remember if it reaches pillar to pillar.

Glyph wise: I've been using Drain Life + UA + Eternal Resolve (10% static dmg reduc), but I want to play around with other glyphs to see what it feels liek without eternal resolve.

That's my 2 cents so far. I'm casual 1750 player, so take take what I said however you want. Would also like to add that I've been having a lot of fun so far playing on beta. Hopefully the build they're pushing out tonight will balance things more .. though I believe it will mostly be the healing balance pass they were talking about (bye bye drain life?).

In Topic: Warlock, Mage or Warrior?

03 June 2014 - 05:35 AM

I know the OP posted this over a month ago, but i'm sure others will read this so I'll add my limited input as well.

They're all 3 very viable in current pvp, but there's a few things you will want to consider past being melee vs caster.

Some foresight into my opinions, I main a warlock, but have warrior and mage as alts that i play casually.

Warlock: When you start an arena match, you will need alot of help from your team mates to setup your gateway. If you don't get a gateway up your team will be extremely hindered until you do so. If you want to rush the enemy at the start of every arena match, don't play warlock. Learning to kite properly (with gateway, teleport, blood horror, curse of exhaustion) and staying alive against melee is a pain in the ass when you start playing the class, but once you learn to do that the class becomes very powerful and fun to play. You'll rot the hell out of the opposing team everytime you toss out proc-trinketed demon soul dots. In my opinion the class isn't very noob friendly. Ps..you will hate doing 2s with this class.

Warrior: Warriors are very fun to play and very easy to pick up and do decent with. At low ratings you can easily kill by accident simply mashing buttons. At higher ratings though the class becomes a little more squishy and harder to play (wizards hard swapping onto you while youre in battle stance) and you will need to do things preemptively to avoid dying. You'll mostly be playing in defensive stance which makes you tanky as hell, but you'll need to know when its ok to swap into battle stance (ex: when a mage can't swap to you and kill you in a deep). Heroic leap is very fun as it allows you to have very high uptime on most classes, but learn to use it defensively as well to hop to your healer to stop scatter->ice trap combos, and to hop to a pillar to pillar hump against ranged classes while youre in danger (specially if your healer is CC'd). The biggest downside to this class is it's very easy to get tunnel vision and die because you weren't paying attention what's going on elsewhere around you. Basically, it's a very strong class that anyone can play decently, but has a high skill cap if you want to achieve high ratings. Personally I would suggest this class to anyone new to the game.

Mage:  I haven't had the chance to really play my mage yet as I just boosted it and am still gearing up, but I can still give a little insight on how it works. First, you are a glass cannon and you have the ability to kill anyone every 30 seconds if they do something wrong. The opener with this class is very fun, you invis->poly (most likely healer)->orb(onto dps)->living bomb->spam ice lance. Your burst while deep freezing someone is also very deadly and can easily kill someone out of position. You can do insane CC chains by your self Poly(8s)->poly(4s)->poly(2s)->blanket silence(3s)->deep freeze(5s) If the enemy team lets you do it. However you are squishy as hell if you let a melee sit on you. You must also constantly watch your procs, and try to create ice cicles (with frostbolt/frostfirebolt), and use alter time properly to give your self huge damage boosts during your burst attempts. Like i said earlier, I haven't had much time to play this class yet.  It did take me a few weeks of casually playing just to figure out how to play the class, setup decent keybinds, and how to figure out how all the procs and abilities work. So far, it's been a little easier to learn compared to my warlock, but that could also be because I simply have more knowledge of the game now. Can't really give a true opinion on this class....but it does have a lot of viable comps and seems to work well in all forms of pvp 2s, 3s, 5s, bgs, and rbgs. Also, almost every single arena season mage seems to have a teir 1 comp in 3s.

If i were coming back i'd boost classes in this order (1) warrior, (2) mage, (3) warlock in terms of picking up and having fun with and doing decent.

To answer your other questions:
(1) Gearing up is fairly easy, but depends on a few things. I'm alliance, so aquiring honor outside of AV/IoC weekend is very hard. I usually collect chests on timeless isle to get a full timeless set (slightly better than your boosted set), then once per day kill the honor rares (gives like 900 honor daily), if your're horde you can probably aquire honor easily through random BGs, if you're alliance I would suggest spamming heroic dungeons for the justice->honor conversion. If you have any money, or know how to aquire it easily you can  buy conquest boosts for about 200g per 2s win. At this point of the game you "can" gear up rather quickly, but will require lots of grinding or buying 2s wins. You could probably do it in a few days ... who ever told you it takes 2 months is retarded .. even if you're aquiring honor gear as an alliance character through random bgs it wont take you 2 months.

In Topic: Windwalkers need some serious nerfs to damage...

27 March 2014 - 02:59 PM

View PostPrimius, on 27 March 2014 - 02:23 PM, said:

Mistweavers need some serious damage reduction or some classes need serious damage nerfs.

Dual spec cost like 10g = no more omg my other spec is op?

On a serious note, why doesn't the WW I do arenas with ever do that much damage :confused:

In Topic: Affliction Warlock Guide (5.4.7)

17 March 2014 - 04:43 PM

A few macros that I've been using that have helped me. Maybe someone else can find use of them.

Adding the stopwatch command to my dark soul macro to track when my trinket will proc again. Proc trinket has 45 second internal cooldown. I use Snutz's script to move my soul shard bar to the bottom center of my screen and I put the stopwatch right below that. I wait for my trinket to proc, hit my DS key, then below my character it starts counting down from 45. When stop watch nears zero, I know I'll have another trinket proc soon. Way better than downloading useless trinket proc addons to clutter up my screen.

#showtooltip Dark Soul
/cast !Dark Soul: Misery
/use 14
/use 10
/cast Blood Fury
/cast Lifeblood
/stopwatch 45
/stopwatch play

Here's the script Snutz uses to move his soul shard bar. He puts it on his corruption key, but I put it on Dark Intent since It's used in the starting area every match.

/cast [@player] Dark Intent
/script ShardBarFrame:ClearAllPoints(); ShardBarFrame:SetPoint("CENTER", UIParent, "CENTER", 0, -100)

Adding assist commands to haunt. Last season was my first semi-serious season. I was having trouble keeping track of who my partner was on (lack of communication) so half of my haunts were cast on the wrong target. Now I have a key for /assist haunt (G), and another key for regular haunt (SHIFT+G). There are problems with this of course .. if your partner doesn't use /focus keys for cc, you can break something they're CCing. I was doing 2s earlier with a boomy who targeted himself to heal .. so I kept targeting him with this key .. still maybe helpful to 1500 players, not so much to experienced players. Also, if you're on the move, it will just target who ever he's targeting since you can't haunt while moving.

/assist [@partners_name, exists]
/cast Haunt;

All-in-one focus macro. If you're in arena, it focuses whoever arena1 is, otherwise it focuses who ever you're targeting. Great if you need a focus macro outside of arenas.

/focus [@arena1,exists][]

In Topic: Gateway randomly dissapearing in arena

17 March 2014 - 03:11 PM

It definitely bugs out and disappears.

Yesterday I was PvEing a warbringer in Krotchraptor Wilds ... i put a gateway down across the water and it disappeared 15 seconds later. I did not move more than 5 yards from it. PS.. before anyone asks the water is ankle deep so that had nothing to do with it.

Also, putting gateway really close to pillars seems to bug them out too via los or some shit.

I'd really like for gateway to be gone in arenas in WoD. It's stupid that our class relies on properly getting a gateway off at the start of an arena. I doubt it's an issue at high rating, but doing entry level pvp it takes me 10 matches to get who ever my brain dead partners are that they need to assist me til i get it down before they charge in like a hero. Even then they don't use the damn thing :-/