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WW PVP Set Bonuses

20 November 2014 - 12:48 PM

Anyone else realize how shitty the ww set bonuses are compared to other classes? even by themselves the set bonuses are complete garbage

2 set: Jab Energy cost reduced by 30 for 3 seconds after rolling

with how hard it is to stay on a target as ww now this set bonus prety much does nothing, most of the time after rolling you are still trying to run at your target when it is a hunter/mage/druid/paladin

4 set: increases tigereye brew duration by 3 seconds

the 4 set was actually pretty decent when it was 7 seconds but 3 seconds feels like nothing compared to what it used to be

warriors and dks have very similar 2 piece bonuses but unlike ww their bonuses last until they use the ability instead of a 3 second duration buff.

other classes get bonus stats on abilities from their 2 set, like shadow priests and demo locks get versatility when they use defensive abilities (1300 versatility is alot)

hunters gain resources when they cc for their 2 piece, bm hunters share dr with their pets and survival hunters get a flat damage buff for their 4 piece

arcane mages get to cast while moving when their cooldowns are up

feral 2 piece resets the cooldown of one of their damage cooldowns when they land a kick (land kick on a 15 second cooldown resets a 30 second cooldown ability????) Balance 4 piece gives them aura mastery when they use thier instant cast ability on top of getting instant cast procs when they take melee damage (they dont even need the aura mastery because they dont cast at all)

sub 4 piece gives them 900 versatility attached to their spammable shield wall ability

ret 2 piece makes them take 50% duration of cc effects when they have cooldowns up and they get a flat damage buff for their 4 piece

ele shamans get aura mastery during ascendence as their 2 piece, enhance takes 50% reduced cc durations when feral spirits are active (30 seconds)

the ww set bonuses need to be changed, imo make the 4 piece increase touch of karma shield to 75% of max health and make the 2 piece so roll makes the next jab have no energy cost, because compared to all of these set bonuses ww's are complete dogshit, especially seeing as the 2 set bonuses that we had in mop are now glyphs and we cant even take both of them because of 2 mandatory glyphs we have had to use since 5.0

Anyone else get these yet?

03 November 2014 - 12:30 PM

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420% movement speed with ya blazing wings riding a blazing drake

actually so annoying got to like 45 rings 3 times to have some douche pop in and ninja the one I was going for :(

(6.0.0) Windwalker Monk Guide/WoD WW Changes

21 October 2014 - 06:40 AM

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A guide on the Warlords of Draenor Windwalker Changes and general ability overview

1.0 - Introduction
1.1 - Warlords of Draenor Ability Prune and big class changes
1.2 - General Abilities/Spells
1.3 - Warlords of Draenor Empowered Abilities
1.4 - Glyphs
1.5 - Talents
1.6 - Stat Priority
1.7 - Enchants
1.8 - Comps
1.9 - Addons
2.0 - Macros
2.1 - Monk Streamers

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My name is Marshmellowz a.k.a Tornadotom, I have been playing Windwalker since the beginning of MoP 5.0, I have never taken arena too seriously as I just play mostly for something to kill time, I got my first ever 2200 playing ww in s12 (at the time there was only a handful of monks above 2200 (was a pve hero from early bc until the middle of Cataclysm), but since this class has come out I've made sure to know everything about it as I can as it is the class I play 90% of the time that I play wow.

Posted Image

To get started let's go over what abilities and spells we have lost post-MoP.
1.Spinning Fire Blossom
3.Grapple Weapon
4.Swift Reflexes
5.The biggest change to the class coming into WoD was the removal of Healing Spheres, for Windwalker, Healing Spheres were replaced with Surging Mist which is a casted heal with a 30 Energy cost.

Posted Image

We have kept most of our general spells

Chi Builders:
  • Jab - Main chi builder - Generates 2 chi, no cooldown. The Energy cost of Jab was increased from 40 to 45 going into WoD
  • Expel Harm - Secondary chi builder/heal - Generates 2 chi and heals for a small amount with a 15 second cooldown. Energy cost still 40
Chi Spenders:
  • Blackout Kick- One of our main chi dumps, used to deal damage when Rising Sun Kick and Fists of Fury are on cooldown. Costs 2 chi to use. This ability pretty much stayed the same coming into WoD.
  • Rising Sun Kick- Our second main chi dump, but more important than Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick not only hits harder than Blackout Kick but it also applies a debuff to the target that reduces healing taken by 25% and applies a secondary debuff to the target and enemies within 8 yards of the target that increases the damage of all your abilities on the affected targets by 20% for 15 seconds. Costs 2 chi to use and should be used on cooldown whenever possible. This ability pretty much stayed the same coming into WoD although it doesn't hit for ridiculous amounts like in MoP.
  • Tiger Palm- This ability spends 1 chi to allow all of your attacks to ignore 30% of the target's armor for 20 seconds, this buff should be maintained as much as possible.
  • Fists of Fury- This ability received a few changes coming into WoD, The damage of FoF was increased by 100% and now the damage does not split between targets that it hits, and it also no longer re-stuns the target. FoF is one of our highest damaging abilities and can be used to either do significant damage to multiple targets or as just an AoE stun to peel. Costs 3 chi.
Non chi related abilities:
  • Flying Serpent Kick- This ability is pretty much the same as it was in MoP, it shoots you very far in the aimed direction and can be prematurely stopped by pressing the ability again to deal damage and slow all targets within 8 yards by  70%. 25 Second cooldown. This spell received no changes coming into WoD.
  • Energizing Brew- Our energy replenishing ability, when used it gives us 10 energy every second for 6 seconds. Use this whenever you are low on energy and think you won't be cc'd for at least 6 seconds. 1 Minute cooldown. this ability got a little something extra added to it that I will go over in another section.
  • Touch of Karma- Our main defensive ability, When used it makes all of the damage you take transfer to the target as nature damage. Coming into WoD the damage threshold changed from 100% of our maximum health to 50% which was a substantial reduction. It is also off the global cooldown now which is a nice quality of life change. 1.5 Minute cooldown.
  • Touch of Death- When used, this ability finishes off any player target below 10% health instantly killing them. In WoD this ability no longer requires the 4 piece bonus from our pvp gear to be used on players. Costs 3 chi without the glyph and has a 3 minute cooldown.
  • Fortifying Brew- One of our few defensive cooldowns, It increases our maximum health by 20% on top of giving us a 20% damage reduction for 15 Seconds. 3 Minute Cooldown. Good to use when Touch of Karma and other defensives are on cooldown. This spell received no changes coming into WoD.
  • 9. Transcendence - Our "Port" ability, when used in conjunction with Transcendence: Transfer it teleports you to wherever you placed your spirit with "Transcendence." The spirit portion of the spell has a 10 Second cooldown while the Transfer portion has a 25 Second cooldown. There was a change to this spell in WoD that will be covered in another section.
  • Detox- This ability dispels all poison and disease effects from the target when used. 8 Second cooldown. 20 Energy cost. This is a great ability that can be used to dispel Devouring Plague, Wyvern Sting, Death Knight diseases and Rogue Poisons. This spell received no changes coming into WoD.
  • Zen Meditation- This ability reduces all damage taken by 90% for the time channeled (8 Seconds) but breaks on any melee hit. This ability took a huge hit coming into WoD and no longer works as a "Grounding" Effect. It is purely a self defensive ability now.
  • Legacy of the White Tiger- Our "Buff" ability, one really nice quality of life change was the merging of our 2 buffs into one buff. Lotwt now increases the targets and Party's/Raid's critical strike chance by 5% and Agility, Strength, and Intellect by 5% for 1 hour. 20 Energy Cost.
  • Tigereye Brew- This ability stayed the same going into WoD, still increases our damage and healing by 6% per stack consumed (up to 10 stacks max for 60% damage+healing buff), every 4 chi spent builds a stack of Tigereye Brew. This is our main ability that is used when we deal burst damage or it can be used defensively to heal teammates for large amounts.
  • Storm Earth and Fire- This ability received some damage tweaks coming into WoD to make sure that we can't kill an entire 3s team by ourselves anymore, it was also taken off of the Global Cooldown and had its energy cost removed.
  • Crackling Jade Lighting- A channeled ability that deals a small amount of damage and knocks back melee attackers a short distance. This ability no longer generates Chi going into WoD. 15 Energy per second channeled.
  • Tiger Strikes- This is a passive ability but it did receive a pretty large change. Instead of granting haste and bonus auto attacks on procs it now increases your multistrike chance by 25% for 8 seconds on procs.
Crowd Control Related Abilities:
  • Paralysis- One of our primary CC abilities, Incapacitates the target for 4 seconds, breaks on any damage. Costs 20 Energy. 15 second cooldown. This ability was changed coming into WoD and no longer gives a bonus 2 seconds added to the duration for being used behind the target, it is always a 4 second cc now, unless used on a target that is on Diminishing Return. Alot of the Diminishing Return Categories changed going into WoD to lower the amount of cc in the game, Paralysis now shares DR with -
  • ‚ÄčDruid- Incapacitating Roar
  • Hunter- Freezing Trap and Wyvern Sting
  • Mage- Dragon's Breath, Polymorph and Ring of Frost
  • Monk- Ring of Peace
  • Paladin- Repentance
  • Priest- Dominate Mind, Holy Word: Chastise and Psychic Horror
  • Rogue- Gouge and Sap
  • Shaman- Hex
  • Warlock- Banish, Blood Horror and Mortal Coil
  • And also the Pandaren racial Quaking Palm.
  • Disable- This ability was changed in a small way, it still applies a slow for 50% and a 3 second root when used on snared targets, but instead of auto refreshing on targets within 8 yards it auto refreshes on auto attacks. Costs 15 Energy. The root portion shares DR with every other root in the game except Warrior's Charge Root.

  • Spear Hand Strike- Our "Kick" ability, when used to interrupt a spell it prevents the target from casting from the locked out school for 4 seconds. 15 Second cooldown. This ability lost its "Blanket Silence" going into WoD.

  • Nimble Brew- This is our class "Trinket" ability, when used it removes all Root, Stun, Fear and Horror effects and reduces the duration of such effects by 50% for 6 seconds. 2 Minute cooldown. This spell received no changes coming into WoD.

  • Provoke- This may be the most underrated monk ability, there are many uses for it, my favorite is the fact that you can use it to break cc on yourself, with the help of a hunter per, a water elemental, a druid treant or a warlock pet you can use a Provoke macro (in the macro link below) to taunt the pets right before you get cc'd almost like Shadow Word: Death, Ideally the taunted pet should run towards you (because provoke provides the target with a 50% sprint) and break whatever (breakable) cc you are put into I.E Polymorph, Wyvern Sting, Freezing Trap...

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Some of the monk spells receive enhancements at certain levels from 90-100 all of these are permanent and passive buffs.
  • Empowered Transcendence- Both portions of this ability become instant cast, have shorter cooldowns and had their energy cost removed.
  • Empowered Chi- Grants +1 Chi at all times
  • Empowered Spinning Crane Kick- Spinning Crane Kick deals damage twice as fast but its duration is reduced by 50% (Does not affect Rushing Jade Wind)
  • Empowered Energizing Brew- Energizing Brew grants 15% increased multistrike chance while active.
  • Empowered Roll- Your roll ability now travels the same distance but 25% faster.
  • Battle Trance- You gain 5% more of the multistrike stat from all sources.
  • Windflurry- Grants all nearby party and raid members 5% multistrike chance.
  • Stance of the Fierce Tiger- now grants all nearby party and raid members 10% increased movement speed.

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We still have 2 pretty much mandatory glyphs in WoD
  • Glyph of Touch of Karma- Extends the range of Touch of Karma by 20 yards.
  • Glyph of Touch of Death- Touch of Death no longer requires chi to cast but the cooldown is increased.
We still have some old glyphs as well as some new ones.
  • Glyph of Paralysis- Paralysis removes all damage over time effects from the target. This glyph is good to use when playing with heavy dot classes such as Boomkins or Affliction Warlocks to ensure 4 seconds of cc on the target.
  • Glyph of Nimble Brew- This glyph makes Nimble Brew heal us for 7% (Down from 10%) of our maximum health when used. A good glyph to use now that Windwalker lacks in the self heal department.
  • Glyph of Detox- This glyph makes your Detox ability heal the target for 4% of their maximum health when it dispels a harmful effect. Good to use against Death Knights and Shadow Priests to provide extra healing when dispelling diseases and Devouring Plague.
  • Glyph of Freedom Roll- This is a new glyph which removes all snare and slow effects when Roll and Flying Serpent Kick are used, this glyph's effect used to be a bonus from our pvp gloves.
  • Glyph of Flying Fists- This is another new glyph that increases the range of Fists of Fury by 5 Yards, this glyph's effect used to be our pvp gear 2 piece bonus.

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Level 15 Tier - Movement Buffs
1. Celerity
2. Tiger's Lust
3. Momentum

To be very brief Tiger's Lust will be your best choice a majority of the time. It can be used to remove a snare/root effect on either yourself or a party member and provides a 70% sprint effect for 6 seconds. good to use when a mage frost novas you or if you get rooted by a druid/warrior. Can be used as a nice peel for team mates with combos like Windwalk Totem + Tiger's Lust.

I have never really seen a situation where Celerity is better than Tiger's Lust, unless maybe you use Chi Torpedo, but even then, you can travel the distance of 2 rolls with the duration of Tiger's Lust.

Momentum can be used for things like flag carrying in bgs, but that's about it.

None of the talents in this tier were changed in WoD.

Level 30 Tier - Hybrid Spells
1. Chi Wave
2. Zen Sphere
3. Chi Burst

I haven't played around much with Chi Burst and Zen Sphere but from the brief time I spent playing with them it was very clear that Chi Wave is still the best choice in this tier. Since Chi Burst still has a cast time and is heavily punished by cast knockback.
None of the talents in this tier were changed in WoD. Apart from some damage/healing tweaks.

Level 45 Tier - Resource Enhancement
1. Power Stikes
2. Ascension
3. Chi Brew

The only ability that was changed in this tier was Chi Brew which got a 15 second increase to its cooldown per charge. Both Ascension and Chi Brew are good choices, Ascension got some value back because of the large reduction of CC in WoD, you no longer have to worry about being at full energy just sitting in CC for 90% of arena matches anymore, which gives you more uptime to spend energy, Chi Brew is still a great choice because it allows you to build Tigereye stacks early in arena matches.
Power Strikes still remains completely useless.

Level 60 Tier - Control
1. Ring of Peace
2. Charging Ox Wave
3. Leg Sweep

The only ability here that was changed was Ring of Peace, which instead of Silencing and Disarming all targets in the circle it Paralyzes them for 3 seconds making it very unappealing since it DRs our main cc ability.

Leg Sweep and Charging ox wave are our best choices now and the use of them is left to personal preference.

Level 75 Tier - Survival Abilities
1. Healing Elixirs
2. Dampen Harm
3. Diffuse Magic

None of the abilities in this tier were changed going into Wod, but with some playing around I found that Dampen Harm has gained some value against certain classes in WoD, classes that tend to deal gigantic hits such as destro warlocks and arms warriors, Dampen Harm can save you against Shadowburn and Execute procs that deal very large amounts of damage.

Level 90 Tier - Ability Enhancements and a tiger that likes to jump around and break every cc in the game
1. Rushing Jade Wind
2. Invoke Xuen the cc breaking Tiger
3. Chi Torpedo

None of these talents received any large changes aside from damage tweaks, Rushing Jade Wind does nowhere near as much damage as it did in MoP, which unfortunately, leaves Xuen as one of the better choices. Still left to personal preferences, RJW is still a viable choice you just have to be conservative with it now.

With some playing around I have come to like Chi Torpedo, it not only goes further than Roll it deals damage to targets it hits and provides a decent amount of healing to allies that you travel through. It is nice against mages because it travels about the same distance as Blink.

Level 100 Tier - New Abilities

1. Hurricane Strike- An ability similar to Combat Rogue's Killing Spree, it deals a large amount of damage split between all enemies within 12 yards and leaves the monk immune to cc effects for the 2 second duration.

2. Chi Explosion- This ability replaces Blackout kick with enhanced effects per chi spent (up to 4).
  • 1+ Chi: Deals Nature damage to an enemy
  • 2+ Chi: Deals an additional 50% damage over 6 sec.
  • 3+ Chi: Also generates a charge of Tigereye Brew.
  • 4 +Chi: The damage also hits all enemies within 8 yards of the target.
When used with any amount of chi above 1 it gains the previous effect on the list, for example when used with 4 chi it gives a stack of Tigereye Brew and applies a dot for 6 seconds. it also does more damage per chi spent.

3. Serenity- This is a nice ability that when used refills any chi spent for the next 10 seconds. Basically when you use this ability you spam Blackout Kick and Rising Sun Kick to your heart's desire.

In my time playing at level 100 I have found great situations to use all of these abilities, although I like Chi Explosion the most just because of the fact that it has a 30 yard range and is very consistent. Serenity is great to use against comps where you will most likely have 10 seconds of unhindered uptime on your kill target such as a healer or a very immobile DPS class. Hurricane Strike is a nice burst ability that is best used when you will only be hitting one target.

Posted Image

I haven't really been able to test all of the stat weights at level 100 yet, but from what I've tested It looks like

          Agility>Multistrike>Versatility>Haste=Crit>Mastery is the best stat priority.

Posted Image

Currently on the Beta there are only Enchants for Cloak, Neck, Rings, and Weapons for all of the enchants Versatility seems like the best one to use since there is only a small amount of the stat that you can receive from gear, and for Weapon slots 1 Mark of the Frostwolf and 1 Mark of the Thunderlord. Weapon Chains are no longer in the game because of the removal of all Disarm abilities.

*I will update this section when all of the enchants/gems/item enhancements are released.*

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I use a handful of addons just to make my UI look less boring, all of which are very easy to setup and use
  • Simple Chi - A customizable chi bar
  • Bartender- Action bar addon
  • Xperl - Unitframes Addon
  • Plate Buffs- Displays buffs and debuffs above nameplates
  • TellMeWhen- shows procs and cooldowns
This is a link to a screenshot of my UI so you can see what the addons look like.

Posted Image

This is a list of macros that I made a while ago and recently updated for WoD, alot of the macros in this list can be edited for your personal preference.

Posted Image

Twitch.tv/balancerexxar - Balance the monk (3k r1 ww monk)
Twitch.tv/venruki - Venfuki (r1 monk)
Twitch.tv/ssjwindgodx - Ssj (glad/r1 monk)
- Nauree (r1 monk)
Twitch.tv/Lightningww - Lightning ( r1 monk)

Twitch.tv/Tosantribe - Galaxyfist (r1 monk)
Twitch.tv/mendithemw - Mendi the mistweaver (doesn't orb bot)

Twitch.tv/marshmellowzx- follow the stream


Will clean up the guide with more info when WoD is released, this should cover enough info to get everyone started in the pre-patch/leveling to 100 ect..

If you ever have any questions you can add my bnet Marshmelolz#1619 or message me in game if I am online. I will usually either be on Tornadotom (alliance The Forgotten Coast) or Hurricanehal (Horde The Forgotten Coast)
Enjoy :D

Blizzcon Team Practice

18 October 2014 - 06:37 PM

Just been wondering how the teams competing in Blizzcon will be able to practice with the wod patch on live right now? Even if Blizzard opens up the Tournament Realm the teams still wont be getting decent practice from lack of ques.

Or is Blizzard just going to sneak in another expansion patch at Blizzcon?


28 August 2014 - 01:41 AM