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LSD2 Playstyle 5.4.7?

18 March 2014 - 08:01 AM

Hello all. I've decided to try and go serious with arena this season and enjoy playing Boomkin but I'm a bit stuck where it comes to playstyle for LSD2.

We currently around 1700-1800 MMR but can't get any higher. For the whole game the enemy team sits on about 50-70% but we can never land a kill and end up losing when dampening takes effect.

Currently we dot everything up and rotate cc on players and push for a kill e.g clone healer fear Dps attack remaining player but it's such a long process to score a kill against really low rated teams so I dread how it gets in higher ratings.

Do weapons increase your damage by that much to make this comp more dangerous?

We played against MW Affi Ele and at the end of the game me I had 9.7 Million damage done and the lock was on 8.3ish so it's not like the damage isn't there we just struggle to land a kill. The lack of a execute seems to be the problem.

Feral or Balance in 5.4?

25 August 2013 - 11:36 PM

I've mained boomkin this patch and haven't played a druid since season 9 or 10. Bit bored of a boomkin and seeing the nerfs to both specs im a bit confused as to what to play next patch.

Really cant be bothered with maining boomkin again. Wanted to try feral out but jesus looking at the notes they are road kill. Pretty much removed cyclone from feral all together.

Whats your thoughts?

LSD2 v Jungle/Thug/Beast cleave

06 August 2013 - 07:05 AM

Having a really hard time countering these comps right now. Seems anything with a hunter is our counter. I'm eating as many traps as possible but I still find I'm healing near enough constant. We farmed every team up until we kept facing these comps.

Any advice?

Our general strat is to abuse gate and dot the world up, kill hunter pet, force the healer trinket then blowing Dark soul and Celestial Allignment to force big pressure on them and hopefully score a kill but out of 8 games against these cleaves we won 2