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#3791804 Holy Pally RBG Healing

Posted Athlete on 17 October 2012 - 12:34 AM

you're doing a lot more healing than you think.  Absorbs such as Illuminated Healing and Sacred Shield don't show up on the scoreboard.  Illuminated Healing is always my top heal and is usually about 20-22% of my total healing, where Sacred Shield is 7-10% depending on how well I keep it up.  Check recount after your games and see how well you're doing compared to other healers on your team.

Paladins aren't very good at "quickly healing a low amount of damage" while conserving mana.  Holy Light is a slow cast and is very easy to lock out but its still nice to cast it if you don't think you'll be locked out.  Druids, shamans and monks are all a lot better at padding meters when there isn't much damage going out.  What I do personally, when there isn't really any damage going out, is try to max out my holy power bar by over healing with Holy Shock and using Crusader Strike on random people, pets, or totems.

Hope this helped!

#3835132 Bombs (specifically NT) breaking CC

Posted AcerMVP on 14 January 2013 - 08:35 PM

I don't think mages should not have poly morph, but if bombs isn't able to break poly, then make poly have a cast time no matter what. Take it out of the pom tree and give it like a 50% less cast time proc or something rather than an instant cast, because like I said before, force the healer to trinket, and just instant poly and the game is over. Especially if you're running with a warrior and/or sp, it will be pretty ridiculous.

And with the magnitude of kids that don't know how to dispel yet or just aren't quick enough, we'll have a huge crowd of QQ'ers about how mages are op once again because they can instant cast a poly and shit on a kid within those 8 seconds.


They can do what they did with rogues, we have a glyph the removes all bleeds when blinded. Maybe throw in a spell for mages that do the same. Rather than what I am preaching above, lol.