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Ret on Beta

07 July 2014 - 01:10 PM

So, I've got into Beta.

First thing I know is that a lot of people have lots of questions and really want to test (myself included) so I'm making this a open place for people to ask me to test anything.

So far, I feel the gameplay more fluid with less CC and too simple without Inquisition.

I miss Blinding Light for the last CC for the kill or for peels mostly.

30s Forbearance don't seem like a big deal, but on 2s it can be a life saver...

And HoW is up for much longer, increasing our ranged pressure.

Damage on numbers (just made the math for lvl90 so far) is about the same as with Inq up on MoP. We have more Mastery but less Haste. I really miss addons.

The biggest thing I think it's that with less CC and 90s Hand of Sac, we're a huge dispel powerhouse. Not to mention the Hand of Freedom Glyphs (one to reduce it's CD to 25s and the other to reduce CC duration by 25%).

Ret can really keep the team avaliable for healing and DPSing - I think this was suposed to be the design for MoP.

Still feels like damage and healing is weak on lvl 100, but I'll do the math and compare the % damage and healing we do on max lvl pvp gear.

So, anything you want me to test, calc, want to ask - please do so. I know it's still fairly early Beta but I'm avaliable for you guys ;D