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EmpSeals makes Haste better/best stat?

23 February 2015 - 09:53 PM

Well, Empowered Seals looks a lot more interesting now and I can't stop thinking with the Haste buff, plus how we get GCD locked that Haste should be better than Mastery.

You guys think Haste could be better than Versatility? I don't think so, but I want some opinions.

If we swap to use EmpSeals mainly from now on, then maybe we should consider swapping the weapon enchant for Haste... Will you use EmpSeals or will keep at FV mostly anyway?


Just some interesting toughts about EmpSeals:

- All you have to think of is: It's a Inquisition with 2 buttons and 20s duration. Truth -> Righteousness and repeat for damage.

- The best time to set a aura to inform you of a buff that's about to drop is 8 secs. This gives you the right time - always play 8 secs ahead means you'll know what buff you'll lose if you have to swap something different on emergency. 8 secs means you know you'll judge, swap to the next seal and forget about it until the next swap.

- 20% more haste gives you a free GCD over 20s.
Think without the buff we have about 14 GCDs over 20s and with it we have 15 or 16. Since it pays for itself, this is the main buff to keep up all the time.

- 15% AP increases healing too
So if you add to the 5% from SoI, it's interesting to have this buff on top of Insight for survivability.

- Justice +20% means survivability too.
Druid it up and kite like a boss.

- Buff from Truth and Righteousness are better to have while healing up, but to have the Seal of Insight active while healing means more healing. Not to mention Insight buff for HoT, of course.

- Always keep 2 buffs up and keep 3 buffs up if you're not on melee range (because you're kiting or getting kited)

- Sometimes buffs just drop, it's not that big deal. Just priorize Righteousness Haste and go from there.

- A good combo if you're getting trained and have Haste + AP up is to swap Justice then Judge+Run behind the pillar while swapping to SoI. Then do all WoG, get LoS to Judge to get the HoT, then FoL a couple of times. We can pull this off more times than you expect. And of course, you recover 90% of your health out over 10s of a chain CC on your healer.

Ret Sacred Shield for Survivability

22 December 2014 - 09:23 PM

OK, so from the start of the expansion we got a 20% FoL nerf and SH now can be fully dispeled with a single dispel. Sum that with the fact that we're being trained 90% of the time.

It's time we take a look at Sacred Shield.

Here is my numbers:

46k self  over 36s = 1,27/s 2GCDs + 6 Judge = 0
74k other over 36s = 2,05/s 2GCDs + 6 Judge = +38%
57k self  over 36s = 1,58/s 1GCD            = +20%

Meaning a FoL self heals 46k over 36 seconds if you Judge on CD and 74k if you heal someone else (38% more than if you self heal).

And SS absorvs 57k over 36s (6s more because a new buff mend to the old one - and you can pre-buff) - (20% more value than SS self heal).

I'm not counting on crits for this, but since every number here can crit, it's OK.

Now, the ideas:

The numbers are clear: SS is better than SH for self survivability. You can count on it even if you're not judging and it costs half as many globals. This should count since Ret get trained 90% of the time anyway.

Absorvs have the advantage of not having to be low on health to be usefull. But SS gives it's value over time, and most of the time we need instant value.

FoL and SH is great because when you burst and crit a heal, a big number saves the day. And a lucky Supplication because you killed a pet or something helps with that.

But we're trying to figure out something reliable. And maybe the fact that SH can now be fully dispeled with a single purge can turn the table.

SS main buff cannot be dispelled. Only the 6s absorv buff. This doesn't change that we can't feel the benefict of it, but sounds like a OK trade.

Say we use SS if we think we gonna get trained. We wouldn't be spending our 3 procs of SH on someone else, and we're getting purged almost all the time anyway. We spend a GCD for it, and it gives value even if we're CC'd or can't judge for whatever reason. Not to mention, FoL still heals for 23k anyway and you can SS someone else all the same.

And if we know we're not getting trained, SH is the traditional way to go.

Seems logical to me. What do you guys think?

@Party1 Macros

01 December 2014 - 05:49 PM

Hey guys, here is what's bothering me...

I'd LOVE to use @party1 and @party2 macros but everytime we enter the arena, the numbers get scrambled. So the guy who was my @party1 could become @party2 and so on... and I can't keep fixing this every arena I get.

There is any way to get arround this? And I don't want to type the name of the guy on the macros because everytime I switch partners I have to change the name on all of them and that's what I want to avoid.