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#4082653 Viable kill targets with Ret

Posted Luminant on 18 March 2014 - 06:46 PM

Against lsd, I run purity and prioritize shaman for the kill if we don't stop gateway. Against LSD tunneling will not work for a variety of reasons so, swapping between the dps and covering traps with silencing shot on the shaman is the best choice. I never press wings until I'm fully DR'd on CC and we have CC up.

Versus RMD/P, It's a different game everytime and you have to adjust quick. If they open on ret, I usually aura(if they garrote first global)+wall+petsac the opener and I shouldn't have to bubble with current gear. If they go your healer, hand of sac and pet sac the opener as quick as possible and he should live(unless he's confident without it). If they go hunter, he's probably going to have to deter but, I try to offheal anyways not really a big deal though.

Outside of the opener, I don't like popping wings before the first block because if we didn't pop any major defensives on the opener we should be ahead and the mage might have blocked. Communicate trinkets to eachother and never get caught in a smokebomb without a trinket or bop/bubble. If the mage plays too defensive, kill the rogue in a hoj with wings up.