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EmpSeals makes Haste better/best stat?

23 February 2015 - 09:53 PM

Well, Empowered Seals looks a lot more interesting now and I can't stop thinking with the Haste buff, plus how we get GCD locked that Haste should be better than Mastery.

You guys think Haste could be better than Versatility? I don't think so, but I want some opinions.

If we swap to use EmpSeals mainly from now on, then maybe we should consider swapping the weapon enchant for Haste... Will you use EmpSeals or will keep at FV mostly anyway?


Just some interesting toughts about EmpSeals:

- All you have to think of is: It's a Inquisition with 2 buttons and 20s duration. Truth -> Righteousness and repeat for damage.

- The best time to set a aura to inform you of a buff that's about to drop is 8 secs. This gives you the right time - always play 8 secs ahead means you'll know what buff you'll lose if you have to swap something different on emergency. 8 secs means you know you'll judge, swap to the next seal and forget about it until the next swap.

- 20% more haste gives you a free GCD over 20s.
Think without the buff we have about 14 GCDs over 20s and with it we have 15 or 16. Since it pays for itself, this is the main buff to keep up all the time.

- 15% AP increases healing too
So if you add to the 5% from SoI, it's interesting to have this buff on top of Insight for survivability.

- Justice +20% means survivability too.
Druid it up and kite like a boss.

- Buff from Truth and Righteousness are better to have while healing up, but to have the Seal of Insight active while healing means more healing. Not to mention Insight buff for HoT, of course.

- Always keep 2 buffs up and keep 3 buffs up if you're not on melee range (because you're kiting or getting kited)

- Sometimes buffs just drop, it's not that big deal. Just priorize Righteousness Haste and go from there.

- A good combo if you're getting trained and have Haste + AP up is to swap Justice then Judge+Run behind the pillar while swapping to SoI. Then do all WoG, get LoS to Judge to get the HoT, then FoL a couple of times. We can pull this off more times than you expect. And of course, you recover 90% of your health out over 10s of a chain CC on your healer.

Ret Sacred Shield for Survivability

22 December 2014 - 09:23 PM

OK, so from the start of the expansion we got a 20% FoL nerf and SH now can be fully dispeled with a single dispel. Sum that with the fact that we're being trained 90% of the time.

It's time we take a look at Sacred Shield.

Here is my numbers:

46k self over 36s = 1,27/s 2GCDs + 6 Judge = 0
74k other over 36s = 2,05/s 2GCDs + 6 Judge = +38%
57k self over 36s = 1,58/s 1GCD = +20%

Meaning a FoL self heals 46k over 36 seconds if you Judge on CD and 74k if you heal someone else (38% more than if you self heal).

And SS absorvs 57k over 36s (6s more because a new buff mend to the old one - and you can pre-buff) - (20% more value than SS self heal).

I'm not counting on crits for this, but since every number here can crit, it's OK.

Now, the ideas:

The numbers are clear: SS is better than SH for self survivability. You can count on it even if you're not judging and it costs half as many globals. This should count since Ret get trained 90% of the time anyway.

Absorvs have the advantage of not having to be low on health to be usefull. But SS gives it's value over time, and most of the time we need instant value.

FoL and SH is great because when you burst and crit a heal, a big number saves the day. And a lucky Supplication because you killed a pet or something helps with that.

But we're trying to figure out something reliable. And maybe the fact that SH can now be fully dispeled with a single purge can turn the table.

SS main buff cannot be dispelled. Only the 6s absorv buff. This doesn't change that we can't feel the benefict of it, but sounds like a OK trade.

Say we use SS if we think we gonna get trained. We wouldn't be spending our 3 procs of SH on someone else, and we're getting purged almost all the time anyway. We spend a GCD for it, and it gives value even if we're CC'd or can't judge for whatever reason. Not to mention, FoL still heals for 23k anyway and you can SS someone else all the same.

And if we know we're not getting trained, SH is the traditional way to go.

Seems logical to me. What do you guys think?

@Party1 Macros

01 December 2014 - 05:49 PM

Hey guys, here is what's bothering me...

I'd LOVE to use @party1 and @party2 macros but everytime we enter the arena, the numbers get scrambled. So the guy who was my @party1 could become @party2 and so on... and I can't keep fixing this every arena I get.

There is any way to get arround this? And I don't want to type the name of the guy on the macros because everytime I switch partners I have to change the name on all of them and that's what I want to avoid.

Guide to Ret on WoD

04 November 2014 - 11:17 AM


This is the baseline of what we know at the time that Beta ended. Guidelines we can use to build up the knowledge of the spec from now on. It's not the guide to high end gameplay, because obvious ;P

I'd like to thank Zaul, CJ, Ciric, Animefreak/Drownlord and Avengelyne for all the support and perspective during the development.

And if someone finds something interesting that could be in this post, or some mistake of mine, please say so ;D


Overall Ret is awesome because the game is shifting away from CC gameplay. I say most specs were brought down to Ret level. Makes sense of what Blizz always said "Ret is fine" when we were not: other classes/specs were overpowered and now the game will be much more playable.

Ret got it's gameplay simplified and some HUGE buffs for it's dispel toolkit (even losing Aura Mastery/Devotion Aura). Not to mention some healing buffs to fix survivabiltiy, because Battle Fatigue has been reduced to 20%. Should be gone. We complained a lot about it. But it's OK as long as this don't change (and we know it will =/)

On top of it, Ret got much more options/flexibility. So Ret can play combinations of Sustained/Burst/Single Target/Cleave/Mobility and Healing gameplay. It's up to you to customize that.

I tried to get as many facts as I can here. The builds specifics will sink in as the meta game develops so I'll just leave Vanguards to take that foward.

Let's go to the info.


1) Inquisition removed
2) Guardian of Ancient Kings removed
3) Devo Aura removed
4) Blind became a talent
5) Hand of Sacrifice off GCD
6) Perks: Empowered Divine Storm, Hand of Sacrifice, Hammer of Wrath and Forbearance
7) Passives: Righteous Vengeance = 5% extra Mastery / Sanctity Aura = raid +3% versatility.
8) Many of our old passives have been made innate (Art of War)


Where is 2 main gameplay options: Single Target, as we always did and Cleave that it's worth for making area damage pressure when there is 2+ targets at reach. This should be usefull for RBGs mainly.

Long Arm of the Law
Fist of Justice or Blinding Light
Selfless Healer or Sacred Shield (for Cleave gameplay)
Clemency or Umbreakable (for Cleave gameplay)
Holy Avenger or Divine Purpose (for Cleave gameplay)
Execution Sentence or Prism (for Cleave gameplay)


Templar’s Verdict (basic)
Divine Protection (when physical damage)
Hand of Freedom (when there is a lot of CC)
Divine Storm (survivability when cleave)
BoG (when you're getting kited hard)
Divine Shield (when your DS is getting dispeled instant)
WoG (read below)

Glyph of WoG stack with our PVP Gear Bonus so with it we get 18% extra damage after using it. Now stack it with AW, HA and Seraph and you can oneshot people. Just be sure to use when there is a boat arround or you'll drown on people's tears when this happens.


Str > Versatility > Mastery > Haste > Multistrike = Crit

Why versatility? Because the survivability and healing it brings compensate for the not so good DPS. Since we're the ones always trained and healing is a big part of our gameplay, Versatility brings more to the table.

We're going to have only 5 Slots to Enchant and no Gems, plus no Hit/Expertise/PVPPower/Resil on the table so this will be much more simple.


We all know there is no rotation for PVP, but there is priorities so here we go.

Damage numbers are more balanced for melee. From MoP to WoD they reduced about 20% ranged damage (Exo, Judge) and increased melee to compensate.

Seal damage has doubled so this increases SoJ value by a LOT. SoT still does more damage on stationary target, but if SoJ makes you stay on melee range (not get kited) for a couple of GCDs it's already worth using. SoT should be still usefull against melees that won't kite you or stealthies.

SoR is worth swapping when there is 2 stationary targets but I'd just use it for 5s or RBGs. Same for all the Cleave I mention here.

1 target : SoJ > ES > HoW > EDS=FV^ > FV5 > CS > J > FV > Exo
2 targets: SoR > HoW > EDS=FV^ > FV/DS5 > CS > J > Prism > FV>DS > Exo

Just Save HoPo when it's about 7s before the CD ends so you have 5 when it's up. And align with CDs for best performance/burst, of course.

Empowered Seals:
SoR > ES > J > SoT > CS > Exo> J > HoW > TV
No priority seal -> you can DPS with whatever you have on
Priority buff = Truth
Change to SoR if Truth is 10s+ duration and Right is 10s- duration

2 targets: SoR instead of SoT
2 targets: EDS instead of EDS=FV^
3 targets: DS instead of TV


SoR = Seal of Righteousness
SoJ = Seal of Justice
SoT = Seal of Truth
ES = Execution Sentence
HoW = Hammer of Wrath
FV = Final Verdict
TV = Templar's Veredict
CS = Crusader's Strike
J = Judgment
Exo = Exorcism
HotR = Hammer of the Righteouss
Prism = Holy Prism
DS = Divine Storm
EDS = Empowered Divine Storm
EDS=FV^ = Empowered Divine Storm buffed by FV
FV5 = Final Verdict with 5 Holy Power
DS5 = Divine Storm with 5 Holy Power
FV>DS = Alternate between FV and DS to get the FV buff


Empowered Seals Happy Macro:

Single button swap between SoR and SoT and if you use it with Shift you SoI and with Alt you SoJ. Flexibility on demand.

/cast [mod:shift] Seal of Insight; [mod:alt] Seal of Justice; [stance:1] Seal of Righteousness; [stance:2][nostance] Seal of Truth; [stance:3][nostance] Seal of Truth; [stance:4][nostance] Seal of Truth;

The rest is all the same we already have.

You realise EMFH = Blood Fury?

26 August 2014 - 01:34 PM

I see endless people complaining about EMFH extra trinket. I can swim on rivers of tears of people saying EMFH is OP.

Those people know Orcs have a racial that does almost the same thing?

PVP Power difference goes to on the basic trinket, so it's the same. And PVP Power should be gone in WoD.

Just tell me if people complaining know this.

Prideful Gladiator's Badge of Victory
+2,506 PvP Power
Increases Strenght by 4,765 for 20 sec.

Blood Fury - Orc Racial
Increases your melee attack power by 4514 and your spell power by 2257. Lasts 15 sec.