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In Topic: US - RUIN - 3V3 (S15)

19 August 2014 - 03:35 PM

if any nigs wanna get r1 when i get full gear add peacesign#1329

In Topic: US - RUIN - 3V3 (S15)

06 August 2014 - 03:23 PM

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In Topic: US - RUIN - 3V3 (S15)

11 July 2014 - 02:00 PM

Anyone wanna pay for my sub?

In Topic: US - RUIN - 3V3 (S15)

01 July 2014 - 01:38 PM

View PostPradafiend, on 29 June 2014 - 12:42 AM, said:

Played WoW today ! Much fun ! So much PvP !

dude that's good

In Topic: Incredible amount of crying

29 June 2014 - 09:35 PM

View PostEsiwdeer, on 29 June 2014 - 09:33 PM, said:

Speaking as someone who hasn't been relevant in a long time,

the game has never been good. It isn't a PvP game. At level 70, there was Decursive - basically you pressed one button and it would instantly dispel your teammate if he needed it, and did nothing if he didn't. Oh yeah, you could get sheeped for like, ever basically - people just weren't good enough to exploit things.

There has never been a "good" season where everything was balanced. Go ahead, name a season and I'll tell you what was bullshit. Never has been, never will be, can't ever be a PvP game.

fuk you reedwise