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In Topic: Interesting warlock nerfs

29 July 2013 - 10:00 AM

next time you try to make a point, just use some sort of evidence or example; try to talk like a human being, not a chimp, so people will respect you back.

you're clueless, annoying and complete garbage at the game

we can only pray for the double Dark Soul to yet again carry us, mechanics are still retarded, warlocks still won't be fun at all. you're just absolutely dumb.

Duskfall, master of logic.  

In Topic: So how about them ele shams

02 July 2013 - 09:41 AM

It sure is a shame, once people let anger win in a serious discussion regarding game balance, that it ruins the actual truth. Nobody here has  less than 350k HP. The chance of you casting a Lava Burst, gaining the Lava Surge proc while casting the Lava Burst, both lava bursts benefiting from elemental overload and echo of the elements is 0,06%. There's your "oneshot" that you say can potentially end the match 150 times in a game. or "per lavaburst" that some of you like to say. I love that quote "Every lavaburst is a potential game-ender" <- Big lolz

Elemental burst IS overpowered, it is random, it's instant and it's hard to control and to protect yourself against. But it is FAR from as overpowered as some here present it to be. Get your facts straight.

And while we have this problematic situation going on, play as best as you can to prevent dying to these 1800-rated Elemental Shamans globaling you. Dispels, shocking, locking, some of you might even have heard of los?

And big lols on the "Shamans have great survivability". There's a huge difference between surviving against spellcleaves and f.i hunter / dk. Find a good BM, find a good DK, and see how "good" the "survivability" is.

Initial spell can proc Elemental Overload.
Initial spell can proc Echo of the Elements.
Elemental Overload can proc Echo of the Elements.

Those are definates (i've seen/comfirmed them happening in game) so you can get a spell that looks like this:

Lavaburst hits for 50k (Initial)
Lavaburst hits for 50k (Echo of initial)
Lavaburst hits for 37.5k (overload)
Lavaburst hits for 37.5k (Echo of overload)

Thats a 0.06*0.33*0.06 chance of happening, so just over a 1 in a thousand chance.

-  KorzĂșl

So this is what happens to everyone of you every single game you play? Seems legit.

Come on, discuss, go on. But don't exaggerate.