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In Topic: How to be aware of what abilities are available

07 March 2014 - 01:57 AM

I actually have all of my non-cooldown spells (only CD being the GCD) hidden.  I use Bartender and the only spells that I can see are the ones that actually have cooldowns and I use omni CC to track the exact time of the cooldown.

In Topic: soul of the forest + cyclone

06 March 2014 - 11:44 PM

View PostHiddenstalke, on 06 March 2014 - 09:41 PM, said:

Welcome to priest life.

Well, that's why Priests are regarded as one of the worst healers atm (next to Paladins).  Outside of MD, they aren't very strong.

In Topic: soul of the forest + cyclone

06 March 2014 - 09:33 PM

Although I agree Symbiosis really does limit the options a druid has in terms of comp selection, in MOP, Druids really need either a good Symbiosis or a class that can break fears/sleeps for them (tremor totem).  Ice Block, for example, gives Druids an out to fears/sleeps outside of trinket on a very long cooldown.  Without it, after the Druid's trinket is gone, he'll literally sit entire CC chains with no other way to break it (unlike other healing classes who have breaks WHILE CC'd such as tremor, nimble and bubble).  Druid shift can be argued against sheeps, but we're unable to break them in the case we're stunned out of form or POM sheeped, so once we get CC'd, unless our team stops follow ups, we'll be CC'd for days.