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Honor Capped recruiting for WPvP/PvP!

20 April 2014 - 05:48 PM

Honor Capped has been around for 3 years on Outland EU Alliance and we have battled nearly every pvp guild that takes part in WPvP and some of the guilds we have battled have moved server because they were defeated by us. Outland EU is one of the best realms to take part in WPvP both Horde and Alliance.
HC has never gone for a break and our constant activity for WPvP has become our strong point!We have one hell of a fun community on outland that takes part in WPvP not to mention our cross realm relations with other guilds who sometimes need us for there events also.

We have always dominated Outlands PvP scene and we dominate other servers who take part in WPvP

WoD is on its way and with hundreds of members we are set to take over the new "World PvP Zones". There are some old faces from Cataclysm and WotLK that have already made plans to return for the new expansion. Meanwhile we are still very much active with WPvP and fun events each week.
If you are looking for a dedicated World PvP/Active PvP guild then we are the one for you! It's been three years of constant activity, with a great social aspect throughout. Not to mention you can be a part of our epic PvP raids/movies!

Outland News Channel,each week we have a new channel that will show progress of the guilds on Outland EU in WPVP,so far we have topped the views for most active WPvP server.

We are looking for dedicated World PvPers for:
- Server events
- RBG's
- Arena
- City Raids
- Bg premades
- Planned (20v20)(40v40)
- Open combat
- Fun events
- Ganking
- Tournaments
- Death matches
- Old PvE raids for transmog
- Also to be a part of our outstanding PvP videos

Although HC is a WPvP guild, we are currently progressing in PvE 10 man Siege of Orgrimmar. We require tanks, healers, but also dps too. As we progress through the PvE content, we will be aiming to push through as much current and old tier content as possible.

All we require from you is:
- Teamspeak 3 (With a mic)
- Take part in discussions and be social on TS3
- Outstanding PvP standards
- Attend calendar events
- Be aged 16 and over. You must be mature and respect others
- Listen when Guild leader and also the Officers
- Be able to think for yourself, and come up with suggestions
- Full tyrannical gear with gems and enchants for your class and spec

So if you are interested in Outlands best World PvP guild contact our officer team, or guild master for more info.We will look forward to seeing some of you contact us thanks for your time and remember WPvP isn't dead on outland EU!

Guild master: Destinite/Outcontrol

- Elis/Rackior
- Sonie
- Moxr
- Riofea
- Anârchy
- Tripziz
- Humaínrogué
- Hyperfoxx
- Mortezz

Thanks for reading, kind regards Destinite.