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In Topic: Scatter Shot DR's Frost Trap on 5.3 PTR

29 April 2013 - 12:54 PM

Aye that chain is pretty invalid since it ignores some stun dr's, assumes you're carrying a weird combination of pets and uses readiness + stampede aswell, plus isn't that second trap dr'ed from the first?

In Topic: 5.2 class representation (top 50) per battlegroup

03 April 2013 - 10:30 AM

Real stats that you can actually interpret properly: http://www.worldofwa...-0-0-3-0-0.html

Keep in mind that people CAN and DO respec, or log out in specific specs/gear, so no stats can be 100% accurate.

that table seems a bit more accurate/intuitive, the difference is pretty substantial to the one in this topic though

In Topic: 5.2 class representation (top 50) per battlegroup

03 April 2013 - 10:12 AM

Priest 19,3%
Hunter 18,4%
Shaman 11,7%
Mage 11,4%
Druid 10,2%
Paladin 8,9%
Rogue 6,9%
DK 5,2%
Warrior 3,9%
Warlock 2,9%
Monk : 1,2%

Based on the first 50 teams per battlegroup, from around 2100/2200~ to the rank one team.

Ofc it's not 100% accurate but give you a pretty good idea though.
Having a low "%" doesn't mean the class is shit, for example DK and Rogue aren't that popular and they are very good.(to not say OP)

Could you share your excell/data source? a quick glance at the ladders on cyclone and misery EU suggests hunters are no where near 20%... it would mean there's around 30 of them in the top 50 (assuming 3 players per team obviously). So far I've only found around 10 of them on most bg's.