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11 July 2014 - 08:57 PM

I wish we could have 30y range on clone like boomie/resto so I dont have to leap away from my target 5 miles away behind a pillar to be able to CC. CC is just way to punishing for a feral atm... I dont see why we wouldnt be able to have 30yards range with glyph just like a boomie or resto, the clone range for a feral atm is stupid & outdated with instant clone being removed

yes you shaman may laugh now but I really wish our dmg was more bleed based (like in cata) then CC'ing wouldnt be as punishing as it is now, bleed dmg is like 35-45% depending on target.. cata it was like 80%? (then we actually could waste time running away, shifting out of forms, cast clone, fake cast w/e) and still do some dmg

seeing hibernate+entangling getting removed is just sad... lowers skillcap even more

ps. I like the combopoint system and clone dr with fear is an AWFUL IDEA