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Serennia is the bad boy of wow pvp and now hes gone show some respect you peasants.

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Today, 07:29 AM

Game is 10 years old, its PvE oriented, no one in his position could fix things, they don't have the jurisdiction and blizzard doesnt give a fuck.

You guys are actually retarded thinking GC or Holinka can have any significant impact on arena and pvp.

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Yesterday, 05:35 AM


Trap Mastery Reduces the cooldown of all traps and Black Arrow by 6 sec, and provides additional benefits on Provides benefits to each Trap: Ice Trap and Freezing Trap - Increases duration by 30%. Explosive Trap and Black Arrow - Increases damage over time done by 30%. Snake Trap - Increases number of snakes summoned by 4. Hunter - Survival Spec.

Am I reading that right or did SV just get buffed with 10.4 second traps?

And still only a 20 second cooldown??

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22 January 2015 - 10:29 PM

Flannelsoff is a cool guy