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In Topic: Incoming legacy servers!

26 April 2016 - 11:57 PM

View PostWoundman, on 26 April 2016 - 10:49 PM, said:

Title is pretty misleading tbh. There is such a small chance blizzard is going to bring legacy servers back. Why? Undermines all their current hard work. They want everyone playing the same expansion. Splitting the community up playing different expansions isn't a good thing, especially with how dead WoW is right now.

People have been asking for legacy servers forever... Why is it such a big deal now? WoW is in a horrible state, that's why... I'm not gonna cross my fingers and hope for legacy servers, because honestly I don't care about them. I love WoW for it's progression and community. I'd rather Blizzard focus on improving the current WoW, especially if it's so difficult for Blizzard to run legacy servers like they said in the OP.
On splitting the community...this wouldn't happen, at least not to a detrimental affect.

WoW is already down to at most > 5 million subs, most of which dislike the state of the game and where it is going. Id say the community is already dead and gone. The argument that there would be some "splitting" is ridiculous for a few reasons.

1. Those who would exclusively play legacy servers are likely not playing now, if they are there is no reason to believe they wouldnt play new content in addition to legacy.

2. Hundreds of thousands to millions of new players would resub. This would result in a few things. One, a large percentage of these returning players would likely play the current content, and why not? If they are playing WoW anyways this would assuredly bring new players to live. To further ensure and motivate this, simply make legacy servers accessible only to players who have the most current expansion. Two, this would also mean that the community would be revitalized, think about how popular WoW would be on twitch if players were allowed to stream it. That resurgence of popularity would in turn bring even more players and relevancy to WoW.

Case and point Runescape 2007 server, which did almost exactly to that game which I stated above.

The idea of "Id rather Blizzard focus on making new content better" is a nice one, but at this point I think that is a lost cause. Expansion after expansion the playerbase has grown more and more dissappointed with Blizzard and the more out of touch they have become. If the game is going to continue being in a poor state, AT LEAST give us legitimate access to the expansions players DID LIKE.

I explained this all more eloquintly in my detailed and concise video if anyone is interested:

In Topic: Mongery R1 Ddoser and Botter

26 April 2016 - 12:04 AM

Everyone who uses a DX Racer chair deserves to drive off a cliff

In Topic: Legion Gladiator Mount Revealed

23 April 2016 - 02:36 AM

Yeah it looks ok but I mean at the end of the day there is going to be a pve version that is a million times easier to get and a million times more common so the glad mount won't even look special.

In Topic: Legion Released 30th Aug

20 April 2016 - 04:26 PM

At this point there are 2 ways to make this game redeemable:

1. Make legacy/progression servers (same thing that saved runescape)

2. Somehow make people actually want to arena and make it worthwhile.

There is a petition underway for the first option, as far as anything being done ultimately, I have no idea.

In Topic: Why Non-Gameplay Twitch Streams Are Bullshit

17 April 2016 - 11:13 PM

View PostNmplol, on 17 April 2016 - 01:55 AM, said:

I don't agree with non-game play streams but in their defense they have to do something that separates them from other people. If luna was actually playing the game, PLAYING IT, the best she could no one would care. She has to add the aspect of drama and conversation to get viewers. Not bashing just calling a spade a spade.

It is what it is, the homie Mitch recently found his boom once he started questing girls. The arcane dream died and WoW is garbage so there really isnt much else to do.

There is 3 ways to get big on twitch. Collaborate (Leech), Do something no one else does, or viewbot.

At the end of the day twitch doesn't care what people do (with in reason). Its all about the dollar. Luna/ST.Peach is more profitable than say dilly's stream or something. Even though I rather watch dillys.

Pick your poison. Because queing at 3k mmr isnt going to get a new streamer any viewers.
This is all true to an extent. With WoW it is, usually actualy high rated arenas get  a few hundred viewers, but this isn't because people on twitch dont like gameplay streams, its because the state of arena is at an all time low both in terms of  interest and depth. The problem I have is that these non-gameplay streams is that there is no distinction between the section they occupy and the section "real streams" are in. It's retarded, why should this girl doing nothing in a call with mitch be competing with cdew for viewers, and winning. Its possible twitch could change as I suggested and make a new section, but that isn't my goal. I don't even really have a goal other than to incite discussion as we have here and get people to speak out about it. On that same note, for any self respecting viewers to realize how easily tgey are getting played.

For the record, I don't view networking and having connections as leeching. That's a lot of how you make it in this world, yeah certain people got big because of their connections, but that's life. What's important is the content and the character of people and what they are doing. Compare someone like luna and hafu, both female streamers, both had connections with bigger streamers to am extent, yet hafu is an excellent streamer focused on gameplay and gets more viewers.

The real shame is that WoW arena is in such a pathetic state that someone like Luna can instantly surpass everyone streaming it. I made a really in-depth video on that too, but basically arena has potential that Blizzard gives 0 fucks about, which is why we need a spinoff game in the same way league was a spinoff of dota, and I believe arena can replicate that success.