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In Topic: Glinks 2 - Multi R1 Hunter PvP

31 August 2016 - 04:21 AM

constructive feedback:

the gameplay was definitely on point and really nice to watch but for some reason other than thinking "he plays really well" i didn't really feel ENTERTAINMENT. can also be the fact that realistically you showed the "same thing" more times than needed - as if i'd make a clip of sacrificing blind 10 times. twice is enough, the rest of the video can have good matches with exciting music (close games where you almost lose, or even where you lose but still played very well as a team).

keep in mind music choice will always be relevant but sadly too influenced by someone's personal taste, so there will always be a part of the audience not fully enjoying your video.

A fair criticism, and I can see where you are coming from. The mindset I had when making it was that everyone makes these long PvP videos with full games sometimes and while there are epic moments in some of the best videos, often times there are a lot of dull moments. At this point in WoW's lifespan I couldn't justify making a 30 minute video of me playing high rated arenas, even if it meant showing me beating a lot of good teams, this isn't the WotLK days where anyone truly cares about that stuff. Instead, I decided it would be more fitting to the take the very best moments and the most impressive plays I've done throughout the entire expansion and make a movie that has no filler and is just pure highlights. For better or worse there aren't many impressive or flashy things you can do in WoD, one of the coolest things though was indeed pre-kicking as a hunter (countershot has travel time and monks are incredibly hard to kick, unless you can predict when they are about to cast) and of course flashy traps, so that's 90% of the video. Anyways, maybe it could have turned out better but I'm pretty damn happy with it honestly and I thought the editing was on-point.

In Topic: Glinks 2 - Multi R1 Hunter PvP

30 August 2016 - 03:42 AM

Not normally a fan of hunter vids but this was really good - some beautiful knock traps in there.

Appreciate that man! Yeah, hunter vids can definitely be quite boring to me as well, especially when its just full games and really mundane stuff so I tried to make this as interesting and highlight worthy as possible.

In Topic: Thoughts On Blizzard's DQs

18 August 2016 - 01:52 AM

i guess there's a few things to point out:

1) seeing yourself disqualified while others ""cheat"" as much as you and still get their title is just unacceptable. not sure why the rules have to be different for each player

2) i agree that blizzard could focus on having a nicer pvp scene rather than desperately "save the integrity of their game" JUST for when tournaments come

3) point #2 is hard to sustain though as it's probably different teams within their company handling different sections of their game-management. Holinka doesn't really look after disqualifications i believe, and he's potentially the one to blame for the pvp aspect of the game being so lacking; hence why it's just a matter of policies that come from the higher ups of blizzard. they could stop disqualifying people and we could still have a shit game and ashran.

4) the most embarassing and biggest issue is how account sharing is punished far more than wintrading and flyhacking and such, especially cause it could be argued that account sharing is not exactly "cheating". i personally think that buying a boost gives you an advantage with an outside source not related to the game at all, which is your IRL currency. regardless of it being ethically wrong or even good for the game, it can't remotely be compared to flyhacking/kickbotting. I don't understand why the video Jaime posted is incriminating enough for Blizo to be disqualified, where as lord grappling posts videos of himself flying and cheating the hell out of the game, getting away with it (as far as i know - i hope to be wrong). i'm simply convinced that "stealing the spot of a duelist running for gladiator" is not really as bad as winning against anyone else just because you can fly through the arena match (theorethically the duelist could queue up and get those extra 5 points to be above cut off - however that's not going to be possible if he can't win the game because his opponents are unhittable and can fly below the ground when needed).

Great points you bring up.

Yeah I understand different people handle different parts of the game, but at the end of the day that's still "on blizzard" in the sense that their actions are always going to represent the company as a whole and should be as consistent and fair as possible.

Also a great point about how piloting is taken more serious. Truth be told, I bet the only reason Blizzard takes piloting more serious is because its the only form of cheating that hurts their bottom line directly if you think about it. If people are sharing accounts that means Blizzard makes less money since less people are needing to pay subs. It always leads right back to the money =]

Btw, I didn't know there was a video of Jaime playing with Blizo's pilot, or else I would have added that into consideration.

In Topic: Cervantes - My Death Knight PvP Feedback

17 August 2016 - 06:13 AM

To offer another perspective...

His post was well thought out and interesting, it's your loss if you don't want to read it. Credit to him for not using his concerns with balance to further his "online presence" (read: small amounts of advertising revenue on YouTube).

I doubt I'm the only person that thinks "being a streamer" is a stone's throw away from "being a beggar". At least the street beggar isn't shouting "win all duels with this one weird tip!" and masquerading as something he's not.

I didn't say his post wasn't interesting or bad. In fact I said the opposite. Not sure why you felt the need to say that. Second, its not about money at all. Unless you're a huge youtuber who gets hundreds of thousands of views per video, the money is negligable. Im simply saying he could reach more people in a more modern medium with a video and have his voice heard louder. Its just an idea anyways, Im maybe trying to open his mind to something he didn't consider. I say this because for a long time I never thought of things in this way, but now I try to view everything in a broader perspective.

In Topic: Cervantes - My Death Knight PvP Feedback

17 August 2016 - 03:26 AM

Looks like a detailed and interesting post. Well done. Just a bit of advice if you don't mind, I think nowadays its much better to make things like this in video form as opposed to text form, especially being a streamer like yourself. It's good to think in the mindset of making media content rather than something people simply read because a well made video will be easier to understand and entertaining, it will get more views generally than your post, you can illustrate your points better, and best of all you will be growing your online prescence as a content creator. For example, I don't really care to read about DKs or some thoughts on them for that long, but I'd be willing to watch a video with someone as good as you explaining how you feel about them (not firing shots just trying to show you the perspective of the audience). Just a thought ;)