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#4567341 GCD Europe Pro League - Spring - Tournament #1

Posted Jinngo on 23 February 2016 - 09:42 PM

View PostDmachine, on 23 February 2016 - 09:35 PM, said:

pride ourselves on our administration (Clutter OP)
We will continue our work to broadcast some games :D
And you should! Really professional and great in every aspect, couldn't thank you enough for what these tournaments actually due for the scene, and it is much needed.

#4567284 GCD Europe Pro League - Spring - Tournament #1

Posted Jinngo on 23 February 2016 - 04:57 PM

Hopefully the next tournament will be just as good in terms of production value and no delays :-) Really fantastic what GCD does for the community.

#4540686 R1 Warr PoV: R.I.P. "Turbo Dream"?

Posted Jinngo on 17 November 2015 - 10:46 PM

View Postpharrelle, on 17 November 2015 - 08:32 PM, said:

I'm usually standing to what you're saying.
But I can tell you with 100% certainty that he isn't.

I know him irl and the most shadiest thing about him is that he's some 15 yo kid that instead of partying and fucking girls like teenage boy should he stays home on the weekend to play world of warcraft.


I can't say what happened in these vids but accusing someone to DDOS because you had an disconnect in one of multiple games like you said yourself is quite a stretch. Accusations like these can ruin the reputation of a player even if they aren't true.

People are quick to hop on the bandwagon, maybe you should take a minute to think if that's the right way of approaching this especially doing it publicly and without any evidence. A video of you having an disconnect doesnt qualify as such.
Litteraly 10+ teams dced against them, just saying

#4539996 How to get r1

Posted Jinngo on 16 November 2015 - 08:26 PM

fuck ddossers

#4539906 6.2.3 Patch Notes

Posted Jinngo on 16 November 2015 - 05:44 PM

View PostBestpriestjkk, on 16 November 2015 - 11:18 AM, said:

As if you understand the meta of a game as an 11 year old in cata playing double blood dk at 1100 in 2s
First of all you have no clue about how bad or good I was in cata, second it still isn't relevant for the point Feddx made. If you can't see that you are truly stupid.

#4539552 6.2.3 Patch Notes

Posted Jinngo on 15 November 2015 - 06:32 PM

View PostBestpriestjkk, on 15 November 2015 - 04:19 PM, said:

talking like you experienced previous season metas, top kek
You are so smart :mellow:

#4539195 6.2.3 Patch Notes

Posted Jinngo on 14 November 2015 - 03:59 PM

View PostKnaittiz, on 14 November 2015 - 03:37 PM, said:

Posted Image

I'm sure you will have an awful time...
Playing something OP is not equal to having fun...

#4535181 Blizzcon

Posted Jinngo on 06 November 2015 - 11:29 PM

View Postkrypticxx, on 06 November 2015 - 11:21 PM, said:

lol what? turbo vs combat rmd best game...?
How was that not a entertaining game? And what game was better?

#4534932 Blizzcon

Posted Jinngo on 06 November 2015 - 09:50 PM

why is swiftys channel being shown on the stream....Such a joke...

#4524954 ww/dk/hpal

Posted Jinngo on 20 October 2015 - 08:30 PM

View PostXonika, on 20 October 2015 - 08:26 PM, said:

2 red helmets now niceeeee
Only scrubs have blue helmets :duckers: :duckers: :duckers: :deathknight: :deathknight: :deathknight: :deathknight: :deathknight: :deathknight: :deathknight: :deathknight: :deathknight: :duckers: :duckers: :duckers:

#4524936 ww/dk/hpal

Posted Jinngo on 20 October 2015 - 08:12 PM

Xonika stopped gatekeeping.


#4515489 How to play WW/DK/Pally

Posted Jinngo on 06 October 2015 - 07:16 PM

View PostBalanceRexxar, on 06 October 2015 - 06:57 PM, said:

jungle: not sure, everything seems to work half the time, clones seem good to use on dps while monk goes sham while dk goes dps depending on who they attack

and that sums up 99% of wow 3v3 comps in arena this season
IF rsham SMOrc the healer. If Hpal Jungle go healer and if one of your dps is having a hard time he hits the feral inbetween goes / plays passive.

#4512642 EU Regionals bois

Posted Jinngo on 03 October 2015 - 01:35 PM

Posted Image

#4512531 EU Regionals bois

Posted Jinngo on 03 October 2015 - 01:10 PM

They got to replay all games cus of the DQ of nolifer.

#4504728 Sub requires skill

Posted Jinngo on 21 September 2015 - 07:53 PM

View PostNicholaes92, on 21 September 2015 - 07:39 PM, said:

Yeah I know these kids get rating and then think are something special or something idk.  They play Hundreds and hundreds of  games a season per character.  Then talk as though as they are gods.  Please.
Yeah fuck people for being happy about something they accomplished, everyone should be miserable.