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Testing a new style of Destro

08 July 2015 - 01:39 AM

Hello and thank you for reading. I have been testing a Destruction spec using Abyssal since 6.2 release and it has been going so well I thought I would share for others to try.

The spec addresses the current survivability concern by using Grim of Sup and Demonic Servitude for Abyssal. Abyssal actually has more HP than any other pet giving you a whopping 350k shield with Sacrificial Pact.

Abyssal also gives you a AOE 3 second stun that can do 25000 damage on it's own. This is used perfectly for a Chaos Bolt in the face or stunning a heal. Used along with Blood Horror gives x2 uninterrupted Chaos Bolts to melee which is who we need breathing room against the most.

His Blaze Magic can be placed on auto to burn away valuable buffs. It can also be on keybind and targeted to get people out of magic stun, fear, polymorph, or silence effects.

Right now Abyssal is looking really good but you are thinking "Demonic Servitude=no Charred Remains" which means no more Ember spam or Bolt spam :(

I really felt that was going to be the reason I had to stay Charred Remains, but with the new Destro PvP 4 piece I was wrong! I am throwing out 35k crit conflagrates and 30k Incinerates. This doesn't sound like much at first when your used to 150k Chaos Bolts. This is because we are used to both conflagrate and Incinerate doing crap damage just for embers. When Incinerates hit for 30k you can really hurt people and force cool-downs with Incinerate alone.

I find this spec easier to kill melee as well. When you are being trained heavy by someone this makes sure you get in damage as you are ember tapping. With charred Remains you are doing nothing unless a Bolt is flying but with this spec every spell you use does decent damage.

The spec feels more practical for the type of tempo the game is in right now. For me I can't just stand and spam Bolts, it seems everyone favors targeting the lock. Using this spec I survive swaps and I actually feel I deal more damage than Charred Remains. On top of the great Incinerates and Conflagrates Abyssal also does great damage almost like a Hunter pet.

When you throw x2 Chaos Bolts into someone's face and they run away at 4%HP to somehow recover now you can conflagrate kill them like old times ;)

The spec I use: 1 Searing Flames 2 Shadowfury 3 Sacrificial Pact 4 Blood Horror 5 Grim of Supremacy 6 KJ Cunning 7 Demonic Servitude.

I'm sharing this because I feel some people will very much like the spec the way I do. It feels kind of old school Drakedog but upgraded. Instead of seducing into Bolts you are Meteor Striking into Bolts which is a even stronger effect while stripping buffs at the same time or holding back to counter a incoming predicted CC.

Once you play with the specs style for a while you will start finding slick moves. Using Meteor Strike and Shadowfury in combination to lock down entire teams grouped up. It is also good for locking down both the kill target and the Havoc target to really guarantee those x2 Chaos Bolts with Glyph of Havoc. Using KJ Cunning to fear piller humpers or fear people while still kiting. Another is lining up Blood Horror into Shadowfury into Meteor Strike into fear for heavy CC.

Abyssal also remembers your HP as when you summon him. From this I like to get the pvp health trinket and use it then summon Abyssal. Once he is summoned I will put my standard pvp trinket on but doing this gives my Abyssal more HP thus giving my Sacrificial Pact an extra 35k to absorb :) If you die you will have to repeat this, but we are bad asrses that don't really die now so it's no worry.

If anyone tries the spec please comment and share your thoughts. I find it not only interesting and fun but also powerful. That is a rare combination now days. It seems you are ether the flavor of the month or some horribly boring spec.

Top players using Glaive Toss

07 May 2015 - 02:01 AM

I see allot of top players are using Glaive Toss. Can someone explain why because Barrage is so good.

Binding Shot issues

05 May 2015 - 04:28 PM

Has anyone started noticing certain issues with Binding Shot not going off? I feel almost forced to play Intimidation right now for how unreliable Blinding Shot has been for me.

I have classes just walking right through it all the time, warriors charging through it, etc. If anyone else has had issues please voice them.

Shuriken Toss for Combat discussion

13 April 2015 - 01:06 AM

Marked for Death has always been the clear winner for the L90 talents. As combat I usually use  Mfd in a couple key senarios.

1. To get a 5pt Kidney from 0 combo points
2. For a 5 pt Evis after a vanish or natural 5 pt Evis.
3. While in stealth at low hp for a full Recup.

I would like to hear some thoughts about using Shuriken Toss instead. I've been toying with it recently and the benefits are interesting. From my experiance I've noticed:

1. As a Combat Rogue you now have 100% uptime on your Melee, Main Gauche, and Poison, plus the Shuriken Toss itself hits a little harder than your normal melee hit so each is like an extra melee.
2. You can prefuel 5pt kidney shots and Eviscerates before you reach a target almost every time.
3. You can keep everyone in combat if needed.
4. It has exelant synergy with Death from Above, Deadly Throw, and Recuperate.
5. You can stand in your Smoke Bomb and kill Casters from range. After a rough battle with every cooldown exhausted, you low and the Mage at -50% you can bomb spam ST and kill him/her at a decent speed. Most do not see it coming.
6. Something interesting is you introduce a new dynamic of play to many classes melee oriented. Warriors, Dks, Paladins and other Rogues can be killed almost effortlessly it's kinda funny. Classes like DK go from very hard to enjoyble to kill.

I always run Combat Readiness but if you run Deadly Throw you can lock out casters all night and just crap on melee by comboing it with Shuriken Toss.

In the end it feels like I'm just losing a free 5pt Evis which could be the difference in the kill. In almost every other way though Shuriken Toss has felt suprior.

Your thoughts please?