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#4413048 Assassination 6.2

Posted Lifeslayer on 21 April 2015 - 07:19 PM

View PostLloix, on 21 April 2015 - 12:58 PM, said:

Just having stun > MFD DFA > vanish garrote/CS > envenom is good burst on 4 globals. And it's on a 1 minute CD. And I run prey so get at me.

That is a great combo, but let me compare it to another I recommend you try out.

1. stun > MFD DFA > vanish garrote/CS > envenom
2. Vendetta/MfD macro > envenom > vanish > envenom

The advantages of #2 are as follows:
*you do not waste the enemys stun DR or put your kidney on DR.
*you x2 envenom directly out of stealth, so very burst oriented.
*you do not waste 85 energy or the 3 combo points given in combo #1 when you are already point capped from vanish.
*Vendetta/MfD macro is clicked pregame so this burst is 3 globals instead of 7.

#2 would require Nightstalker to make each envenom hit as hard as a DFA but with this both envenoms will be a 100% crit instead of just one. It's also fast movements so you can squeeze as much damage in as possible during the shortest timeframe.

I hope this assists in you owning people :ph34r: :rogue:

PS: Prey on the Weak is good if you have a great partner and coordinate properly. A higher skill cap is needed In order for it to be as effective as Internal Bleeding. Internal Bleeding gives you one of your strongest dots plus it's free damage that can be applied in any dynamic situation, so its environment friendly.

Prey on the Weak also requires you to use abilities like Vanish to get a CS or the use of your kidney to activate. This leads to a style of pulling energy so you can burst into a stunned foe. I feel Internal Bleeding helps you manipulate the battle field better as it compliments the natural flow of battle.

Some examples of this would be:
*Using kidney to pin and beat on the kill target while recovering the energy you just used with Burst of Speed to get to him/her in kited scenarios.
*after a vanish being able to go directly into the 5 point envenom instead of CS > envenom. Not only the wasted 40 energy but the time and globals needed is huge.

*In a fight were you use kidney for a peel or CC you don't waste the Prey on the Weak effect. Instead you turn it into a possible kill. You always get enough dagger hits off to apply Deadly or Wound poison when you kidney. When you kidney use the +25 energy from Relentless Strikes to apply a Rupture. Rupture is crap damage but Venomous Wound is solid. This means that when you jump back on the main target and all eyes are on that target whoever you used kidney on is going to be rotting with Venomous Wounds, Internal Bleeding, Rupture, and Deadly Poison if you run it. This leads to a PERFECT hard swap out of knowwhere in a smokebomb as they can get to -75% without even realizing it. People watch their health bar when lock dots are on them, against a Rogue unless the Rogue is on them they never think to check health because statistically they don't need too. :duckers:

When you watch streams and see "HOW THE F@CK DID I DIE?!" shenanigans like this is normally the culprit.

#4411650 Assassination 6.2

Posted Lifeslayer on 18 April 2015 - 03:50 PM

View PostVaneesh, on 18 April 2015 - 05:17 AM, said:

assassination's sustained damage is quite high but sustained damage alone doesn't kill competent players in arena

when comes the time to kill stuff, vendetta is very restricting and predictable. also, dispatch is the shitiest execute in the game :/

Mut is the perfect RBG spec considering our role but unless they change poisons or vendetta, no reason to play it over Combat for Arenas

I 100% agree with all of this aside from Combat beating Assassination in all areas. As Combat if I build red buff I can get really sick burst. As Assassination I can actually burst even harder but directly out of stealth from the beginning. This leads to a very strict game of chess. With a solid partner like a Hunter you can push unbearable numbers to fight through forcing defence. If you keep the pressure it takes a single mistake in a high paced game for the enemy to just die.

I can burst harder with Assassination than Sub or Combat. You just have to choose the right modifiers and and change your opener.

Another pro about using Vandetta at the start with the macro I posted earlier in the tread is if the player bulks up on cooldowns you can just vanish and reset with a smart partner. From that you only lose Vandetta in exchange for their cooldowns popped. MfD and Vanish will reset in 1 minute.

You will still have plenty of burst with Nightstalker Vanish Envenom and your other cooldowns. Remember Death from Above applies a single Nightstalker buff to a normal Envenom, it just makes you jump in the air for it so if you like DfA crits you get those all day with Nightstalker. Every Envenom you get while stealthed is like a DfA but you will still be in melee of your target so all melee,poison, etc keep hitting.

When I can I like to run Nightstalker and DfA. This makes almost every Envenom I pump out +50% damage modifier.

#4411299 Assassination 6.2

Posted Lifeslayer on 17 April 2015 - 05:46 PM

View Postmikebazowski, on 17 April 2015 - 07:50 AM, said:

I stoped reading after nightstalker

This is a forum for logical discussion. Posting negativety over a talent because it's not familiar to you or you do not use it is not welcomed.

You are able to switch talents prior to each fight. You should be switching your talents and playstyle based off the opponants you get each match. My post is another tool in your toolbox. You would not run this tool if your objective is to kill a Mage. You would run this tool if your objective is to kill a Shaman. In matches were a fast kill is wanted this is going to be the fastest kill you can achieve with Assassination.

If I find a better one I'll share it with the AJ crew ;)

#4410792 Assassination 6.2

Posted Lifeslayer on 16 April 2015 - 07:10 PM

As assassination I use the following two macros for a very powerful bursty opener.

Talents needed for optimal results: Nightstalker, Internal Bleeding, Marked for Death

#showtooltip Vendetta
/cast Marked for Death
/cast Vendetta

#showtooltip Vanish
/use Primal Gladiator's Badge of Conquest
/cast Vanish

First macro > 5pt Envenom > Second macro > 5pt Envenom > Preperation > Second macro > 5pt Envenom > x2Mut > Kidney

This runs out x3 100% Crit 5pt Envenoms in around 3 seconds and saves DR for a full following Kidney with Internal Bleeding. With Nightstalker and the other modifiers I get 60-80k for all 3 which drops almost everyone's HP in half. Then you can skill the rest out.

If you run Shadow Reflection you can place it in the first macro and trust me it will be the nastiest SR you've ever used.