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In Topic: [Affliction] Grimoire of ???

29 July 2015 - 02:58 AM

View Postrelegladhero, on 28 July 2015 - 11:59 PM, said:

There are like 500 threads like this on these boards already...

People post on this forum at a speed were you will not miss anything. Allow others to post freely; it makes the forums more active which is always postive.

Keep in mind when your checking other players profiles that they always run with a healer because they gear/spec for 3s and run dps/dps/healer.

This is my take on the 3 talents just so you have another opinion.

Supremacy: This is good if you want consistant damage over time. Also for Demo Locks it provides more HP via Sacrificial Pact. It is also one less button if you don't like cluttered bars or don't care to "think" about the tier for newer Locks.

Sacrifice: This is good if you want the control of all your damage in your hands and not half with a pet. Also good if you dislike pets or your pet dies allot or is targeted by teams/CC'd by teams. Also good for extra healing if running Drain life spec. Also good if running Charred Remains Destro spec for extra damage on Choas Bolts.

Service: This will basically allow your pet damage to be double the damage output for 25 seconds in the form of two pets. So it's a great cooldown to link with your other cooldowns when bursting. It also provides a instant stun, CC, or Silence like you said. It's also good if running Demonic Servitude for the double Doomguard.

That is a breakdown from more of a BG hero perspective but hope it helps.

In Topic: 6.2 Warlock

12 July 2015 - 04:23 PM

View PostFizion, on 10 July 2015 - 07:44 PM, said:

Imagine that - more spells and more options is more fun?

I miss changing armor and putting up curses (tongues, weakness, exhaustion, elements).  Do I recast dots, shadow bolt, or drain mana/life?  Should I cast Searing Pain so they kick the wrong school?  Are they below 20% for drain soul?  Now it's just throw up three dots and drain soul with no penalty on whether they are above 20%.  Don't get kicked unless you need some free time to tab out and look at the internet (def not the BG forums from old AJ).

I miss that state of the game very much. Now we have to be creative with a very small toolkit to do so. Using uncommon pets with GOSac people laughing at us just to get a fun play-style and competitive play-style.

In Topic: Warlock 6.2 Gear

09 July 2015 - 05:31 PM

View PostShayne, on 09 July 2015 - 05:16 PM, said:

I think the set bonuses really suck for afflic locks. I am wondering just what 500 or 1500 pvp power even does.

The 4 piece bonus allows you to port a melee then fire off a beefed Haunt/Dots with the bonus. You are right though, it is generally thought of as terrible and it's one of the rare times when you don't actually need your 4 piece. The crappy 4 piece gives you gear options as you don't need it compared to other 4 pieces in the past.

In Topic: Human Trinket Question

09 July 2015 - 04:44 PM

View Postxogen, on 09 July 2015 - 04:08 PM, said:

Well if you use your brain you will realise the static haste will help you more than the little versa every minute,,,,

I don't understand why you would put energy into upsetting someone. Your sentence could have been "The static haste will help you more than the little versa every minute". It serves no one to add negativity into your comments, in fact it discourages people from wanting to post.

You would actually save energy and time by being more humble.

In Topic: Testing a new style of Destro

09 July 2015 - 03:14 PM

View PostGavgaroth, on 09 July 2015 - 08:06 AM, said:


Had a blast with this build last night. I played Destro lock since I started playing in MoP, and I fukn hate what WoD has done to it.
This build you've suggested has helped move back towards that style of play a little bit.

I do feel like the spell lock is missing though, which is a tricky one when fighting Mages and C-bolt spamming Warlocks (ironically!).

I feel like this build would be great for defending nodes in BGs. I share your enjoyment for BGs over 3s btw.

Thank you for giving it a try Gavgarot, I feel it brings the old school style back as well. Finally Warlocks are fun to play again!

When I fight Mages and Warlocks I just cycle my interrupts and save my Embers for Ember Taps while killing them with the higher damaged Conflagrates and Incinerates with a few Bolts to finish. Sacrificial Pact can eat an entire burst cool-down sequence when Abyssal is used for the massive 350k shield. How you do your damage is no longer just Chaos Bolts, you can kill without throwing a single Bolt with this spec if needed. With the lower cool-down on Conflagrate and the +50% damage on Incinerate you do some good damage with them both. Believe it or not often my Conflagrate does more damage than my Shadowburn in fights. On top of that is takes on average 50 Ember taps in a random battleground to equal the amount Sacrificial Pact shields me for. Even with 50 Taps my Sacrificial Pact still shows 50% of healing.

Playing with a on call counter spell for so long does make it seem like a requirement. So far the huge benefits I get from fighting melee is worth missing a cast prevention. Generally speaking with our other spells we would be able to stop the cast anyhow but we are speaking as if everything else is on cool-down. Even though Meteor Strike is powerful, it is a 1 minute cool-down.

In the current game Casters do not give me issues unless they catch me without cool-downs and low HP. Currently melee such a Ferals, DKs, Rogues, and Ret Paladins give me issues. Some used to be able to kill me regardless but not with this play-style. I'm actually not afraid to encounter anyone with this play-style and feel confident in beating them. I will admit I grimace when I see DKs all roided  up on cool-downs because they can tear my shield down in seconds.

The good news about Abyssal instead of a counter-spell is if you use GoSac you won't have a pet to beat on the Mage or Lock as they CC you. Abyssal does some serious damage, like a BM Hunter pet so you can really hurt someone with your pet alone. If you go with Observer instead of GoSac he will die incredibly fast. Abyssal's extra HP and Burning Presence for the +10% dodge and perry and all damage reduced by -20% means they are not killing Abyssal. If they try to kill Abyssal it will take the length of time needed for you to have Flames of Xoroth to re-summon him instantly. In the event he dies with Flames of Xoroth not ready you can just piller play with KJ Cunning to summon another while kiting.