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In Topic: Can anticipation compete with MfD?

Yesterday, 05:57 PM

View Postdekonig, on 24 April 2015 - 04:14 PM, said:

If I make sure to always pool 5 cp? Feels like MfD is superior in the opener but after that, so long as I maintain 5cp (evisc/snd at 10cp) shouldn't it be at least equal to MfD?

Noob rouge no hate thanks

This comes from a biased opinion as I haven't tested Anticipation like the others in that tier.

Technically your right. If you wanted you could modify your fighting style to be burst sequences instead of constant pressure. Instead of using your combo points as needed in a fight, you could pull 10 then burst and keep repeating.

I've never tested trying a style like that. For me fights are so crazy and dynamic that I never find myself being able to just sit on combo points. The points are always needed to function as a class and be effective. This means that even if Anticipation was just "given" to me for free, I personally would never get up to pulling 10. I would always use the points at 1,2,3,4 or 5. Knowing that I get MfD which has a ridiculous amount of uses as you know.

I would not call is equal or even of the same utility as MfD. They are both different in function and uses, but Anticipation requires a play-style alteration. It would be cool to test :ph34r:

In Topic: Assassination 6.2

Yesterday, 05:19 PM

View Postdekonig, on 24 April 2015 - 01:11 PM, said:

Long story short, don't mutilate with 4cp.

I just repeated what you said Ha-ha. But its worth repeating. :duckers:

In Topic: Assassination 6.2

Yesterday, 05:17 PM

View Postdekonig, on 24 April 2015 - 01:11 PM, said:

The question was not "how rare is it to get 4 cps". Thanks for the input though.

Long story short, don't mutilate with 4cp.

You are right. When I post I try not only to answer questions and be apart of discussion but also share information that has been successful for me as a x2 High Warlord x2 gladiator.

I know allot of people want to be the best Rogue so ego tells them to withhold information. I believe in free flow information and will share 100% everything I find out even if it's a bug or winning me every game.

My posts are somewhat long, but the lack of posting on this site should regard that as a positive. So little is posted that when a new post does happen people prefer to see sustenance.

In my explanation it was noted that achieving exactly 4 points on a target is rare, but in those cases you use those for a 4 point rupture. Statistically it works out were all envenoms that hit are 5 point and all ruptures going to be applied with 4 or less points.

So you would never look to mutilate a target that already has 4 points on them.

In Topic: Assassination 6.2

23 April 2015 - 08:02 PM

View Postprokillur, on 23 April 2015 - 05:20 PM, said:

lifeslayer guy is clueless /facepalm. the damage difference between 4/5cp does not make up for losing potentially 2 combo points and delaying envenom application. please go back to rogue school

It would be great to have a forum where people can give their opinions without completely disrespecting others.

It's hard not to get the a perfect none combo point wasted 5 pt max. Each time you Mutilate you have to wait and see what combo points you were given via Seal Fate. You also may have gotten a Dispatch proc. So a 30% chance each Mutilate for a free dispatch and whatever your crit chance is for free combo points via Seal Fate.

So x2 envenom and x1 dispatch = 5 pts
If you don't get a dispatch proc then x2 envenom with 1 being a crit = 5 pts
Vanish gives 5 pts, MfD gives 5 pts

This means you would only end up with 4 pts to envenom if you got very unlucky without a crit or dispatch proc. In that event you just use it on a 4 pt Rupture. Rupture is the spell that does crap regardless of combo point investment so you only apply it for Venomous Wound damage and free energy ticks. Now that Rogues have Pandemic you can use Rupture like this with few combo points and increase the time when needed so you don't have to waste points on a 5 pt rupture while always receiving the energy/VW benefits.

In Topic: Assassination 6.2

23 April 2015 - 12:12 AM

View PostMadessin, on 22 April 2015 - 08:38 PM, said:

Envenom with 4/5cps or only with 5cps? Why so?

This all depends on the situation. Ideally you want to 5pt envenom each time for the highest damage possible on envenom. Some instances occur when you would use envenom with just a few combo points. One occasion would be the execute stage "-20%" were you would envenom just for the +30% poison application and +30% damage to Mutilate and Dispatch via empowered envenom. This assists heavily with your Dispatch spam which normally is crap but this helps.