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sad state of hpalas

22 January 2015 - 07:43 PM

hpalas are shit, and they will stay shit next season too.
make word of glory instant, buff our heals , make hand of sacrifice undispelable atleast for a few seconds
till then, our class is dogshit in my eyes.

every other healer was given things that were unique to paladins, while palas basically got nothing new.

for example:

aura mastery - any other healer as aura mastery now with much shorter cd. (aura mastery is 3 min cd now).

cleanse - was only a priest and palas thing.. everyone got it now

freedom - almost any healer can freedom now

hoj - rdruids got bash, shamans got capacitor totem, monks got aoe stun

wings - every healer in the game has some sort of healing cd now

now lets look at hpalas in previous expansion:

tbc = dogshit

wotlk = good, other healers were still better most of the time in 3v3

cata = hpalas were bad.

mop = good for the first season of mop, dogshit all the other seasons.

wod = dogshit.

hpalas are not fine and our gameplay has to be changed. we are a bad class and overall the weakest healer of all time.

my exp in WoW: (not to show off, just to show im not some random 1.7k guy)

exp as HPALA:

this season: 2.7k in 2vs2, 2.4k in 3vs3

s7 glad

s8 rank 1

AT glad (rank 2 on 3v3)

s12 rank 1

other classes:

2.7k ele sham AT wotlk

2.6k rdruid AT wotlk (solo q)

2.6k disc AT wotlk (solo q)

2.6k boomkin AT cata (solo q)

2.7k ret pala AT cata (solo q)

2.7k rsham AT cata

2.7k lock on AT wotlk