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In Topic: Borngood's Holy Paladin PvP Guide WoD and (6.0.3)

22 November 2014 - 07:24 AM

View PostGhoruz, on 22 November 2014 - 07:19 AM, said:

I find it interesting how you have such a good trackrecord in 2vs2 as hpala / unholy. I am a fucking terrible DK, it has be said, but I find the damage of unholy underwhelming compared to frost so not sure how you manage to score kills on any healer + DPS unless you wait for dampening to kick in
my dk does insane dmg all the time, it feels really op. maybe ur not full gear yet?

In Topic: Borngood's Holy Paladin PvP Guide WoD and (6.0.3)

22 November 2014 - 07:16 AM

View PostGhoruz, on 22 November 2014 - 07:09 AM, said:

@Rylex. What spec was is your DK using?

I'll be playing Boomkin / hpala / dk but can't decide whether frost or unholy would be better. Also, is he using Nercotic plague?
my dk played unholy and he actually played with breath of cindragusa .
for boomkin dk id say play unholy with nectrotic plague

In Topic: Borngood's Holy Paladin PvP Guide WoD and (6.0.3)

22 November 2014 - 07:05 AM

View PostChitorger, on 22 November 2014 - 12:06 AM, said:

1. Vs team where we need protection (Meleecleaves) I feel like Glyph of Beacon of Light is a waste, since we will probably either never swap it or swap it very few times during the game. I don't feel like 2-3 saved globals a game is worth the glyph slots right now, since Beacon is pretty much only a mana saving buff right now (the 10%+ heal are nice to have but I find the global to switch it most of the time). I feel like we're too used to the comfort the glyph provides. Switching that comfort for Merciful Wrath seems like good tradeoff to me, but maybe I'm wrong.

2.Some of your points may be valid, but if you think warriors are not strong right now, I don't think we're playing the same game. Prots do insane sustained damage and have great utility right now. The only melee i would currently rate higher would be ferals.

i agree with what you say about beacon glyph.. its not a must-have glyph and it might be worth to swap it with merciful wrath sometimes

i faced a few glad warrs and ferals  in 2s and 3s and they didnt seem to bother me that much. i basically have 100% win rate vs this classes.. maybe its just my comp or their comp? idk
dks are stronger but thats just my opinion :)

In Topic: Dk in pvp?

21 November 2014 - 08:08 PM

i played a lot recently with a dk in 2s and 3s (hpala dk and hpala sp dk) and dks feel very op atm, they literally cant die and do insane amounts of dmg. idk how nobody complained yet.

In Topic: Borngood's Holy Paladin PvP Guide WoD and (6.0.3)

21 November 2014 - 07:52 PM

i played a lot recently as hpala and faced many Prideful glads and glads so i thought ill share my thoughts
-best comp for hpal in 2s is hpala dk
i play with a dk in 2s and our score is around 80-0 (srs)
i have no idea how no one complains about dks - they do insane dmg, they literally cant die and got ashypxiate every 30 sec which is rly op

-in 3s i played hpala sp dk and hpal sp lock, both feel really strong and won many prideful glads with this comps.
i feel like hpala dk might be the new rsham lock , any caster works with hpal/dk/ x .
im pretty sure one of the best comps atm is hpala boomkin dk (boomkins are very strong and i think blizzard should nerf their silence and give it a cast time)
- glyph of denounce with the gear bonus is great
-saved by the light is great
-glyph of merciful wrath is good but not as great as you guys make it. most games dont last enough time atm and we really need glyph of divine protection vs most comps..
-the only time i see glyph of hand of freedom being useful is vs something like rmp
-choosing the blinding light talent over fist of justice vs rmp might be rly good
-i feel like the only talent changes you need to make are between unbreakable spirit / clemency and vs sp lock maybe hand of purity
-pursuit of justice is nice because we dont use are holy power instantly now, but i still feel like the sprint is better vs most comps.
-you should get a /cast !Hand of Sacrifice macro so you dont waste 2 charges of hand of sac in 1 sac when you spam it (hand of sac is not on gcd now)
-any paladin should go dwarf atm especially with disc priests having silence
-melee cleaves are not as op as we thought they will be. warrs are pretty bad too .. Melee caster healer is probably the strongest now..